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Now That Your Loved One Is Home... Please share stories about your loved one now they are home.

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Old Yesterday, 12:18 PM
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Default 6 Months Free

Well it’s been a few (crazy) months since I’ve posted an update, so I figured I should go ahead and post!

Big stuff: still pregnant We’re finding out what the sex of the baby is this week, and not a day too soon for my LO. He’s been trying to drag me to the ER for every ache and pain I’ve had over the past couple of weeks just on the off chance they’d do a ultrasound and tell us if it’s a boy or girl. He spends a lot of time dragging me through baby stores window shopping, so I guess it’s safe to say he’s excited.

We got engaged on Friday! He surprised me with a beautiful, absolutely perfect ring and got down on one knee on a trip back to his hometown. It was simple but perfect. We’re planning on tying the knot next year when the baby is old enough for me to feel comfortable leaving him for a while for the honeymoon.

As far as parolee type things go, supervision is going well. He hasn’t had an issues. Still has a great parole officer who I like a lot. He just got downgraded to “low risk” which means he only has to report once a year unless he gets called in for a random drug test. He only has a year and a half left of parole, so that’s gonna be awesome. We had a few travel plans (including our wedding cruise!) and his PO told him he’s basically free to travel wherever he wants (as long as they want him ) as long as he puts in the request and keeps up his parole fees, which is GREAT news for us since I’m travel crazy and staying in Texas for another year and half isn’t my idea of a good time.

As far as adjustment goes, things slowly but surely get better every day. So much of the anger and paranoia he came home with has dissipated. He told me it would, that I just had to be patient, but it was wearing on me and I started to think maybe he was just going to be that way forever. His sleep is mostly nightmare-free, unlike the earlier days when prison stabbing was a frequent theme and he barely slept. That “trust no one, everyone is out to screw me” mentality is sloooooowly fading, as his uncontrollable impulse to beat up anyone whom he feels has shown him or I disrespect (thank god! Holding a lion by the leash constantly is exhausting.)

Unfortunately he’s newly unemployed. It’s a good thing he quit, but still...money helps. He found this job through re-entry and we were grateful, but it’s turned out to be a place that capitalizes on exploiting convicts. Unsafe working conditions, nonexistent benefits, and zero regard for legalities or ethics. People quit or are fired every day and they really don’t care because they’ll just replace them tomorrow with another warm body.

My LO is one of those hard working, go-getter type people and they kept giving him more and more responsibility with all kinds of promises about how he’d be compensated once he finished his probationary period. He was never late and did his job PLUS the jobs of 2 other people, and when it came time to officially be promoted and get a raise, he was told he wouldn’t be getting any more money because he called in after he fractured and dislocated his wrist as was expected to perform all of his extra duties for no extra pay. Well, when he went to the head honcho to complain, he was told it was a non-issue because he wasn’t anywhere near off of probation with the company. Apparently they think 90 days probation means 90 WORKING days of probation, and even then, it has to be 8 full hour days. So the fact that he was often sent home early (without pay, of course) means most of his days there didn’t even count. The days when he was injured on the job and was sent home don’t count. All that was enough, but the drug use at his job has gotten out of control, so he’s off to find a better place. It served a purpose as a stepping stone, but that’s it. Re-entry actually took them off of their job referral list after we told them the ways they’ve been treating their employees.

Other than that, we’re great. He treats me like a princess and spoils me when he can. And of course I treat him like a god among men (although I’m sure he’d tell you otherwise lol.) My kiddos love him (most of the time l) and life is pretty good.
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What a great update, thanks for sharing! Also, big congratulations for your engagement

Very happy for you both that things are going so well...and what an exciting time for you with the pregnancy

I am sorry to hear about the disappointment with the job, but I am sure he will find something soon enough as he seems to be a go-getter and clearly has his head in the right place. Shame on the company he worked for, sounds like they did not even deserve him - sometimes I think things happen for a reason and so there's probably something much better for him in the horizon! Wishing you all the best going forward
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Lovely to hear you are doing so well.Many congratulations on the engagement and Hope all continues to go well with the baby. Exciting times for you both and such a positive story.
"Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again." Nelson Mandela.

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I'm so happy for you both! I am glad he's out of that screwed up job, he needs to get one where he is valued. So congrats on the up coming nup's!!!
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