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New York General Prison Talk, Introductions & Chit Chat Topics & Discussions relating to Prison & the Criminal Justice System in New York that do not fit into any other New York sub-forum category. Please feel free to also introduce yourself to other members in the state and talk about whatever topics come to mind that may not have anything to do with prison.

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Old 08-16-2011, 06:31 AM
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99.9% of PTO folks are tremendous. Do not let .01% persuade you differently.
Momma Ann

When I was lost--I found PTO. Thank you everyone.

"Pay it forward."
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Old 07-05-2012, 04:27 PM
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I listen to some advice and then others I disregard. Its hard when ppl are judgemental and say," well you should re think being in a prison relationship sounds like your not cut out for this life." Well I've been doing it now for 9 months and I need to vent and get support, not for YOU to tell me I can't hang. I'm not giving up but thanks for trying to convince me to." (That's how I feel and think towards them). Its annoying because it unwanted and off the topic. I usually ask a question or make a statement and ppl want to ruin my relationship wtf and not even answer the question. We all have ups and downs, some more than others, we are here to support. Id say 90% is good 10% nasty and mean. I especially love when ppl put *shrug* after they make a smart a$$ comment. That burns me. Then I usually ignore there words if they post b/c they are trying to be nasty/better than others etc. In the context I've seen "shrug" its been highly annoying to me.
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Old 07-05-2012, 04:58 PM
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I have been on PTO awhile and I have come across alot of different people. Some people are very opinionated and like to force feed their opinion on others. Some people are really just trying to get others to wake up before its too late. Some is just having a bad day and taking it out on others, then you have the ones that hate you because your relationship seems to be doing just fine. There is also people that come on here and just tell there story and if it helps someone fine, if not that is fine too. I love PTO because it keeps me close to my love one as far as the community go. I have come across people that think I should agree with everything they say and I am just not going to do it. However once I see its not advice your looking for I move on. I have come across some posts and have seen some people get banned and I feel like wow so the person had no right to defend herself. Women is just catty naturally and everyone wants to believe they have the answer to a perfect relationship and the problem with that is no one's relationship is perfect for one and for two what work for one couple just might not work for another couple. People want to believe that their man is better because he didn't do a certain crime but we all are waiting for a inmate. The only difference is they are serving different times.

To the world you might just be one person, but to one person you just might be the world.
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Old 07-05-2012, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by MissBehavinn View Post
Hey guys! So has someone on PTO ever been rude to you? I won't lie, I'm not the nicest person in the world, but I try to be supportive of everyone on here. After all, this website is here to provide help and support to those who need it. Not only have people been mean to me, but I see girls writing really nasty things to other people as well. If you have nothing nice to say, just get off of here and deal with your problems on your own. Everyone on here has enough to deal with, we don't need you to come along and ruin our day even more.

When I first came to PTO, I PMed a member and said I was new to all of this. She was so rude to me and she wasn't very helpful. She was condescending and snotty. That's no way to treat someone who was polite to you and whose scared out of there mind about what's going on in their lives. I believe some people look for fights. They must think its fun to be mean to someone else.

Am I alone here? Write back if you've experienced this, but don't put anyone's names on here. I'm not trying to start more fights haha. I just think people should be nicer to each other, especially when we all need support with the situations we are in. How do you guys feel?

Great post! !! Yes I came across a few that were nasty with me and I thought we were on here for emotional support and how to cope with whats going with our lives. I had some try to be as helpful as they thought they could be.
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Old 07-05-2012, 07:30 PM
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I do have to say even tho I have had negative, I have had a lot of good things I have learned and if it didn't support me or help me learn things about how to survive this life of doing time with my man I wouldn't come back. I am very thankful for finding pto, I couldn't cope probably without it! I say thank you to everyone good or bad info. I understand too, that ppl are all going through different seasons in life, lots of variables in life effect ppls moods and responses. I hope my above post didn't sound so negative b/c I love pto
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Old 07-08-2012, 02:30 AM
Lizatwin1 Lizatwin1 is offline

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There have been what I would consider unnecessary comments posted on the site but overall I feel that most of us who participate are here with good intentions. People do not have to be graduates from a ivy-league school to be a effective communicator whether its verbal or the written word. If I am reading something that begins to translate negative or inappropriate, immediately I move ahead to the next post. For me, this site is such a valuable tool for information and support. There are those who micro-manage what is posted and will remove something offensive and obscene from the site. I don't have support nor am I able to share the wonderful moments with anyone and I can do that here. I absolutely will not allow anyone's despair, ugliness, nastiness, inconsiderate, selfishness, etc...break my spirit nor discourage me from coming back to PTO. The same individuals that behave this way here I can only assume are contributors to the many reasons why correctional facilities have the rules they have in place. So many lack civility and respect towards others in their daily lives and we should not grant them another moment of our time. In fact I encourage everyone to pray for them.
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