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Old 01-27-2010, 12:59 PM
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Default RV and Microhome living

So, who here does RV living full time? Part time? Occasionally or once a blue moon? Or lives in a microhome?

I'm curious to know some of your experiences, and tips.
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Old 01-27-2010, 01:13 PM
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My husband and I were full timers for years and still go several times a year....
Was there anything specific you needed to get more info about?

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Old 02-28-2010, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Dayton_Bada View Post
So, who here does RV living full time? Part time? Occasionally or once a blue moon? Or lives in a microhome?

I'm curious to know some of your experiences, and tips.
I was fortunate enough to have grown up in a family that RV'd for the whole summer. . .soon as school ended we left. . . & we returned day or 2 before it bagan again. . .we started out in a pop-up camper (if ya know anything about RV's. . .) & graduated to a "travel trailer" only 'cause my mom wanted her own bathrm. . .toilet & shower for my handicapped brother. . .the rest of us used the public restrooms. . .bigger & more spacious. . .I grew up in Jersey. . .we did all the states south of here. . .right down to Fla. . .if was the only way my parents could afford to take us away. . .at that time, campsites were considered expensive if they cost $15 per nite. . .I'm talkin 35 yrs ago. . .I'm 50 now!!. . .our fav place along the eastern seaboard was Myrtle Beach, SC...my dad always got ocean front site for us. . .we did TN (Grand Ol' Opry) . . .we did KY. . .Great Smokey Mts, which I believe was N Carolina. . .West Virginia. . .we visited my brother in TX via RV'ing. . .my used to belong to a trailer club & we caravaned lots of times/trips. . .it was great. . .sometimes there were over 20 of us traveling the same route to a single destination. . .as kids we loved it. . .it's what gave me my love for nature. . .even til this day, OUTSIDE is my fav place to be. . .I'm happy sitting in the backyard on a full moon nite. . .give me a campfire & I'm thrilled. . .I can sit outside til 2am easily . . .best thing bout it was we were gone for all of July & all of August & we didn't have a TV or a phone with us. . .that was the days before cell phones. . .my mom called our grandparents weekly with our itinerary (used the public phones at the campground's office) & someone or several of our relatives always had the campground's office number to call if there was an emerg back home. . .someone from the office would either come get/notify you of a call to return & if you weren't on site, they'd leave you a message to check with the office...the best part about camping was the "comraderie" ...something the young folks know nothing about today. . .oh, they think they do. ..their little gangs & stuff. . .but they don't even begin to have a clue.. .the nicest part about camping was pulling into a campground late at nite . . .esp if after the office closed. . .& you're driving around trying to locate your site. . .next thing ya know. ..all these people are up & out assisting ya. . .the men helping out my dad with pulling in/& or esp backing the trailer into a site & then hookin up the water, sewer, electric, etc.. . .the ladies coming over & bringing hot tea, coffee for my mom. . .giving us kids some snacks. . .their kids coming over to "check out" their new neighbors. . ."who's the new kid on the block. . .row!!??"...so to speak. . .everybody keeping watch over everybody else's kids...I remember I met up with & started to hang with these "not such a good influence" kids (they were smokin pot in their very early teen yrs) & this one mother saw me hangin with them & she told my mother...yada...ya know how it went down!!??!!! . . .I WASN'T ALLOWED TO HANG WITH THEM ANY LONGER!!! THANK GOD THAT OTHER LADY TOOK A CHANCE & GOT INVOLVED!!!! . . .THANK GOD MY MOTHER "HEARD" HER & DIDN'T THINK, "Oh no, not my daughter" . . .listen I'm not saying I was an angel, as anyone who knows Bible will tell ya. . .just check out who "Gomer" is. . .BUT MY CHILDHOOD WAS ONE OF MANY WONDERFULLY ENRICHING EXPERIENCES...in all their dysfunction, my parents tried to keep their dysfunction between themselves...IT WASN'T UNTIL I WAS WELL ABLE TO MAKE MY OWN CHOICES THAT I CHOSE DIFFERENT PATHS THAT COULD'VE OR WOULD'VE LED TO MY DESTRUCTION...I PRAISE MY WONDERFUL SAVIOUR FOR PICKING ME UP OUT OF THE MIRY CLAY & SETTING MY FEET ON HIGH PLACES. . .then when I got married, I turned my husband on to camping. . .we bought a pop-up camper & at one point in time, we even had a permanent, seasonal site northwest of where we lived in Jersey. . .it was on the PA/NY border . . .(I forgot what they call that were Jersey, NY & PA all kinda meet. .. I know Port Jervis, NY, is out that way) . . .our site was about 1 hr away(if no traffic) up 80 West & we used it as a 2nd home so to speak. . .it was our wkend getaway...rather than try to run all over on wkends, here, there & everywhere. . .(since my husband was a truck driver. . .car carrier. . .& by Fri eve's he wasn't exactly up to driving far!! . . .esp having to tow something!!) in order that we didn't waste more time driving to & from our destination. . .so, like I stated, we used our pop up on it's seasonal site as a vacation home. . .we had all our camping clothes, bathing suits, towels, etc., toiletries, etc., already there, so on Fri eve after work, we'd hop in the car & go to our get-away...it was situated on a site that had a stream. . .more like a small river. . .running through it. . .I used to love sitting in my lounge chair on a hot summer day with my feet in the fresh, clear, cool. . .sometimes cold!! water...we had a yellow Lab @ the time & she amused herself for hrs playin/trying to catch all the froggies in the water!!. . .my husband played on the campground softball team...he played horse shoes. . .one of the biggest events was the big horseshoe tournament on Labor Day wkend...we fished, biked. . .IT WAS JOYOUS. . .NEED I SAY ANYMORE...DID YA HAVE TO ASK THIS QUESTION!!!!
"Charm is deceptive, beauty is fleeting; BUT a WOMAN who fears the Lord is to be praised."
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Old 03-19-2010, 10:52 AM
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We have lived in an RV full time and LOVED it! My kids loved it. The convience of just "pulling up stakes" was awsome!

Due to my husbands job it worked for us. When we moved here the job was to last 1-2 years so we decided to sell the RV and move into a rental to have some space.

When the landlords sold that house we bought a 5th wheel with 2 slides and went back to FTOR...Then this amazing 4 bedroom house came on the market on 5 acres for 90k Owner carry payments of 500.00 a month..So we sold the 5er and moved into this house..

I MISS living in an RV and have decided come late spring we are putting this house on the market and moving back into a RV...Bigger this time as the appraisel on this house is 200k We will list for 145K and I already have 5 friends that want it so selling will be no problem.

as for Micro Homes...My actual dream house is a Yurt!

I have never in my life met a friendlier bunch of people than other people that RV full time. When we first started OMG we were Novice! But people were always there to jump in and give a lending hand and offer friendly advice!!!
Blessed Be,

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Old 04-03-2010, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Dayton_Bada View Post
So, who here does RV living full time? Part time? Occasionally or once a blue moon? Or lives in a microhome?

I'm curious to know some of your experiences, and tips.
I don't know if we will live full time in an RV, but right now I'm looking at getting one. I have been going camping to save money while visiting my husband and it is so good for the kids - and cheaper than most hotels. But, the tent thing is so much work with 3 kids and 1 adult.
I don't have a big truck, just a mini-van so I'm thinking either pop up or ultra lite trailer (really tiny).
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Old 04-22-2010, 01:07 PM
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I'm in the midst of losing my home due to job loss/economy. I've thought long and hard about just purchasing a travel trailer and living in it full-time. My family thinks I'm nuts and my elderly father just wants me to move in with him but I think the travel trailer would be the way to go. It just sucks because my husband has been in all this time (almost 12 1/2 years) and now, right before he comes home in October, I'm losing my house. It could be worse I guess. I just want to be free of renting and living the way that your landlord demands that you live. Plus attempting to rent a place that will allow him to live, being a convicted felon.
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Old 05-04-2010, 04:25 PM
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What you mean by microhome?I want to know about this.I heard much about this but nobody tell me about this.Please tell me about this.I will wait for your reply.
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