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New York Prison & Jail Visitation, Phones, Packages & Mail Topics / Information relating to the New York Department of Corrections and local / county Jail visitation, phone calls, mail, inmate care packages, etc.

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Old 01-08-2004, 09:09 PM
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Default Need help with NY policy please

hey there
I have surfed and surfed but I can not find what I am looking for , I am trying to find a property list for allowable items for NY state prisoners. My guy is in the midst of transfering to NY state from another state and he is trying to find out what is allowable in NY state,
can anyone help me find a list or is there a list for NY doc as there site is not very user friendly that is for sure. his current state offers this all so easily on line LOL
thanks for any help in advance arri
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Old 01-08-2004, 09:21 PM
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Every facility has different lists as to what they allow and what they don't. Wait till he gets to were he's going, call the facility and try to get them to send you a list (he might be able to get his hands on one to send you. If he's going to a max, I heard they're not allowing packages anymore.
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Old 01-08-2004, 09:34 PM
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thank you starrzmom
i appreciate that , i was begining to think that was the case but good to know for sure. arri
Old 01-08-2004, 09:35 PM
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If you lok in some earlier posts, there is a general list of items allowed.
Or you can go to:
That list is for Albion, but it is pretty much the same for most NY correctionals, but as stated in the earlier post, each facility is different, and each has their own rules.
Call and find out, or have your loved one send you a list.
Old 01-08-2004, 10:08 PM
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ty kerch
this is a great and informative site ,, i appreciate all the help I have received here . arri
Old 01-08-2004, 10:35 PM
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Maxs not allowing packages anymore?Effective when?My hubby didn't mention that, I wonder if he's heard. I just gave him 2 packages in December.I know there was a union issue in Dec which stopped the guys from getting their 50lbs packages and they could only have the regular 35lbs.Tell me more.
Old 01-09-2004, 12:03 AM
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In case you over looked it, here is a general guide line you can go by:

NO glass container.

Except for fresh fruit and vegetables, food products must be received commercially packaged in airtight hermetically sealed containers impervious to external influences (e.g. sealed cans, heat sealed plastic jars, glue sealed paper or cardboard boxes, etc.

No health food unless approved by the Superintendent and received directly from a health food manufacturer.

No home, bakery, restaurant, or delicatessen prepared foods, unless authorized under section 11-D. No alcoholic content or ingredients.

Beverages including dried beverage mix (no plastic containers)
Bread-in sealed packages no twist ties).
Canned foods no larger than 16 oz each- that do not require cooking.
Candy- no alcohol filled must be hermetically sealed
Cheese (sliced or chunk only)
Cold Cuts (hermetically sealed only)
Dried coffee Creamer
Fruit (no coconuts)
Meats (cooked only, hermetically sealed only)
NUTS (without shells)
Raisins not to exceed 2oz package per food package.
Seafood- COOKED ONLY including smoked, no salted must be hermetically sealed.
Snacks- potatoe chips, pretzels, cheese twists, crackers, cookies and other similar items
Tea- NO loose tea (herbal) and flavored tea allowed).
Vegetables-fresh that DO NOT REQUIRE COOKING (except in facilities that permit cooking).

Bowls, plates, cups and saucers, drinking containers (NO larger than 16 oz)
Food storage containers-2 quart maximum, spoons, forks -pliable only.

Tobacco products must be in the original commercially sealed containers and MUST BEAR NEW YORK STATE TAX STAMP (NO EXCEPTIONS). Cigarettes- 5 cartons max. per month, Cigarette roller- limit 1. Cigarette papers. Cigars- MAX 200 per month. Pipes and pipe cleaners. Tobacco chewing and smoking. Tobacco pouch and snuff.

Toilet articles including cosmetics/toiletries that do not contain alcohol, received in commercially sealed non-pressurized cans or commercially sealed plastic container or if received directly from an approved store or manufacturer.
Soap- standard size.
Soap dish-plastic only.
Stick cologne-non alcohol.
Toenail clipper-3 1/2 "maximum.
Toothbrush- non-electric, non-battery,

Blue, black, gray or orange clothing is not permitted with the exception of the following items which are permitted in the color black: socks, winter knit watch cap, belts, gloves/mitten, bowties and earmuffs. Any shades of colors such as melon, peach, aqua, teal, ect that are not readily distinguishable from orange, blue, (ect) are not permitted. Quilted clothing is not permitted. Snorkel type hoods are not permitted. No clothing item may exceed $50.00 in value. Allowable items must not be second hand.
Athletic supporters-no metal or plastic cup.
Bathroom-solid color only.
Belts (non-elastic)- maximum 1 ½-2" wide with buckle (1 1/2X 1 ½).
Boots- 6"maximum exclusive of 2" maximum heel, NO hollow or platform heels or soles. No pumps any color. 2" width heel, no pointed toe, no spikes. No metal shanks/support or toes.
Bow ties.
Gloves and mittens wrist length-bag gloves without metal inserts.
Handkerchiefs (WHITE ONLY).
Hats- winter knit watch cap solid color only, clear transparent plastic rain hat. Jacket (outer garment intended for use during inclement weather) Fabric, ¾ length, must be solid green in color (including lining NO HOODS). Jacket military style-solid green (including lining) field jacket without hood. No military patches, insignia or decals are permitted. (Shortwaisted "IKE JACKETS are NOT PERMITTED). Neck ties-cloth, solid colors only. Pajamas-solid colors only. Rain Jacket-clear colorless, transparent plastic, hoods permitted, maximum value $20.00. Rubber galoshes and over-shoes. Sandals. Scarves-solid colors only. Shirts- solid colors except manufacturers logo (fox, alligator, turtle, etc.). No writing permitted. Includes turtleneck, mock turtleneck, and polo shirt.
Shoes-2"heel maximum. No hollow or platform heels or soles. Any color except Blue, No metal/stone or clip on decorations. No metal supports.
Shorts-gym, Bermuda- NO LOGO.
Shower shoes.
Sneakers- NO BLUE. No removable inner soles. NO pockets. NO pumps. NO hollow shoes. NO metal supports.
Socks-NO pockets, solid colors only.
Sweaters- solid colors only except the manufacturers logo (fox, alligator, turtle, etc.) NO WRITING.
Sweat shirts and sweat pants cloth only, hoods permitted. These may have multiple or solid vertical stripes(s) not to exceed two inches in width. No logos or writing T-shirts-solid colors only.
Underwear-jockey, boxer, thermal.

Baseball caps- NO blue, black, gray, or orange (NO LOGOS).
Baseball shoes with rubber cleats.
Checkerboards and checkers.
Chess sets.
Gloves-baseball, handball.
Handballs in original sealed container.
Playing cards-original pack unopened.
Tennis balls-original sealed container only.

Books, magazines and periodicals received from other than the publisher or an approved distributed maybe delayed through the package room up to six (6) days while being subject to close security inspection. All material is subject to Media Review guidelines. Newspapers may be only received from the publisher or an approved distributor, subject to Media Review guidelines.
Carbon paper.
Cassette type automatic demagnetizer.
Clip boards-commercial 9"X15" maximum) non-metal.
Composition books- NO metal spiral binding.
Drawing paper.
Headphones-received directly from manufacturer or established dealer only, 8-35 ohm type (maximum value $50.00). Local permit only. (See directive #4920 for additional stipulations).
Masking tape -1" maximum width.
Mini-calculator- Maximum value $30.00.
Musical Instruments-with case (maximum value $200.00) one local permit only. Notebook covers.
Pens-ball point or felt tip only (NO fluorescent type).
Pen holders (clip type).
Pencil sharpener/manual)
Radio NO LARGER THAN 8"X14" -received directly from the manufacturer or established dealer only. No microphone or talk switch-recording device (see Directive #4920).
Rulers-12" maximum, non-metal.
Tape player- NO larger than 8"X14" received directly from manufacturer or established dealer only.
Tapes- (cassette) commercially sealed in cellophane or similar material, received directly from a distributor, retailer, or manufacturer only. Subject to Media Review. Religious tapes may be received from a bonafide religious organization. These tapes must be in a clear packaging and be reviewed by the Chaplains Office or the Media Review Committee.
Transparent tape-1" maximum width.
Typewriter-portable, mechanical, batter operated, eelectric, electric adaptor or converter.
Memory typewriter -memory must be 7,000 bytes or less (not including built in dictionary). No discs or any other method of transferring information from one unit to another. No external memory adapter or other addition to increase memory. Typewriter with case-maximum value $200.00. Typewriters must be received though purchase from the commissary or established dealer, or brought with the inmate from another facility.
Typewriter ribbons-maximum of 6.
Typewriter correction paper.
Typewriter print wheel-only one or an exchange basis.

Bedding- no blue, black, orange, gray or white permitted. Solid colors only. Calendar-NO larger than 18"X14" when opened.
Can open-manual only with short handle.
Coat hangers-plastic only.
Coffee pot-non-electric, 9-cup maximum, local permit only.
Extension chord 9' maximum, UL approved, one only, local permit.
Greeting cards-with envelopes. (NO electronically operated greeting cards) maximum of 50.
Hot pot-local permit only.
Hair dryer/blow dryer-local permit only.
Key ring.
Lamp-20" maximum, UL approved, non-intensity, maximum value $20.00 local permit only.
Lampshade, non-flammable.
Magnifying glass-plastic 2"X3" diameter maximum.
Matches- book only.
Needle and thread.
Pillow cases- NO BLUE, black, gray, white or orange, (solid color only)
Posters-18"X14" maximum (subject to Media Review).
Review guidelines.
Rug-solid color only, 3'X5' maximum, not braided (one only).
Not including prayer rug.
Saddle soap.
Shoe laces.
Sunglasses-standard size. NO REFLECTOR TYPE, total maximum value $25.00 (2 pairs only).
Thermos bottle- 2-quart maximum, plastic.
Tissues-eyeglasses and facial.
Towels-solid colors only, NO BLACK, gray, orange, green or white.
Washcloths-solid color only, NO BLACK, gray, orange, green or white. Watch/watchband-alarm watch permitted, maximum combined value $50.00. NO STONES. (ONE ONLY).
Watch battery-subject to one for one basis.
Wedding band-maximum value $150.00, NO STONES, NO protrusions.
Writing paper-no envelopes.
A list of articles approved by an employee designated by the Superintendent must be submitted to the package room before they may be received by an inmate. NOTE: REFERENCE GENERAL ORDER #AEI-96

Purchase, receipt or use of religious articles is subject to the provisions of directive #4204, "Religious Programs and Practices." NO COLOR RESTRICTIONS APPLY UNLESS SPECIFIED. Clothing items must not exceed $50.00 in value. Bible, Koran and other scriptural and devotional books- see directive #4202. Subject to the restrictions for other printed material covered in section IV-G of Directive #4911.
Guthra- (prayer shawl)-1 yard square.
Islamic oils six (6) vials per months must be approved by Superintendent and come from an approved source.
Kufi- a hemispheric head cap that can be cloth, knitted or crocheted, multicolored or single colored. No color prohibitions. The Kufi may have a peak on top I t must fit close to the head. No protrusions (visor, tassels, etc).
Prayer beads- see directive #4202.
Prayer rug- (one only) may be possessed in addition to rug permitted in section IV H-a, NO BLUE, black gray or orange.
Religious medal and chain $50.00 maximum value, NO STONES, maximum 2"diameter.
Robes-solid black, blue, gray, or orange not permitted.
Talit (prayer shawl), 1 yard square,
Talit Katan-fringed underwear.
Yarmulke a close fitted skullcap that can be made of cloth, knitted or crocheted, multicolored or single color. There are no color prohibitions.
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Old 01-09-2004, 11:35 AM
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hi presmom
Mu husband just told me about the no packages in the maxs. I'm not sure when that went into effect. And even if it's 100% true. He says he heard that from someone on Rikers Island. The reason being that they have tvs in their cells (makes no sense to me) I guess they would have to order stuff thru catalogs, with their commissary $ I'll ask him more about it tonite when he calls me. He also said they would be allowed 3 packages a year - Christmas is one of those time, so you might be ok, if what he says is true.
Old 01-09-2004, 11:38 AM
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sorry i got your name wrong, I've been up since 3am with a sick child. I'm lucky I know my name Again my apologies
Old 01-09-2004, 01:42 PM
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Max's with TV's are not allowed to get packages from home, just from vendors. That was always the rule, I don't know if something new has been put into effect

Old 01-09-2004, 11:40 PM
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Thnks for posting it all hre Roc
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Old 01-11-2004, 05:23 PM
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Starzzmom, no problem, hope your baby feels better.Our son is 13 years old and still acts 2 when he gets sick.Big Baby. I think JNV512 hit it on the head. I know max's with tvs can't have packages. I know my hubby's spot was talking about voting on the tv issue. We're so glad they didn't.He love the packages I bring him.
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