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Domestic Violence News and information relating to domestic violence in general. Please post here if you don't see a sub-forums that fits better.

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Old 11-17-2003, 03:07 AM
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Angry From domestic violence, to murder

alright, i hope you guys do not mind that i post this in here. but i figured, it was really the best place to do it.

the town i live in, hollister (ca), is real small. pop. is maybe 50,000, we have 30 employed cops..8 employed fire fighters..2 judges...4 grocery stores, the main street is maybe 6 stoplights long, and hollister resides in san benito county...you get the point. its REAL small...there was an incident that happened back in the beg. of october i believe.

i think that what happened is a damn shame. i think the judge who allowed this, needs to be held responsible in regards to..well, its in the news article. id like to know from DV survivors..if this type of stuff has happened to YOU, or in your town..it scares me to know that something like THIS could happen. anyways, here is the news article (they have since reran the story about 5 times...cause new facts come to light..but here is just 1 of the news articles).

Judge ordered murdered mom back
Weeks after fleeing to father’s South Bay home, husband kills wife, self at her new apartment in Hollister

Pinnacle Staff Writer
Three weeks before her brutal murder, Judge Harry Tobias ordered 37-year-old Stephanie Rodriguez to re-enroll her son in a Hollister school, effectively forcing her to move from her father’s Mountain View home back near an estranged husband who she alleged had a history of abuse.
After the murder Saturday, someone removed from the couple’s court file the judge’s notes outlining how he fast-tracked the couple’s custody case.
Clad in body armor, Rodriguez’s husband barged into her apartment Saturday night with two handguns and shot his wife of 16 years in the head, police say.
Leo Rodriguez, 40, then killed himself.
“He snapped,” said Monique Rodriguez, Leo’s sister. “We mourn for her, too. She was in our lives for 16 years. We’re going to pull together, her family and our family, to bring their child love.”
Now a small shrine of yellow roses, lit candles, and a framed photo of her smiling with her boy sit by her front door – and Rodriguez’s attorney says the court is partly to blame for her death.
“The justice system certainly did not serve her well,” said Dolly Ares, Rodriguez’s attorney. “There had been a lot of domestic violence in the marriage, lots. Apparently everybody got on his bandwagon and believed him.”
The judge declined to comment for this article through court administrator Alex Calvo.
Tobias’ personal notes were returned to the court file Tuesday when a reporter told Calvo they were missing. The notes outlined, in part, how Tobias intended to dismiss a restraining order against Leo Rodriguez that had been filed with Santa Clara County courts.
“Judge Tobias keeps his notes in the file, they weren’t there, they should have been,” said Calvo. “There was some confusion about whether or not his notes should remain in the file.”
If the facts in the court file are accurate – and not everyone agrees that they are – the Rodriguez marriage was a rocky one plagued with violence, something Monique Rodriguez denies.
“The crime is not sharing the child,” she said. “The other allegations were never proven. I want to make it clear, though, that I’m not justifying what he did one bit.”
After years of alleged abuse, according to neighbors, Ares and court documents, Rodriguez fled their Hollister home with her 10-year-old boy in early August to live with her father.
She filed a restraining order in Santa Clara County against her husband, though he was never served. The restraining order came when she discovered a cache of dope needles, according to the restraining order; Leo Rodriguez was allegedly addicted to and injecting methamphetamines. Toxicology results on his body have not yet been processed by police.
He also allegedly raided their joint bank account. She smashed the needles and he threw her jewelry in the trash in retaliation, according to the restraining order.
“He’s going through mood swings and at any moment he can get angry and go into a rage,” she wrote in the request for the restraining order. “I fear for my safety.”
During their marriage, her husband had thrown her into a table, choked her and punched her in the stomach, she said in the restraining order. He was arrested in 1995 on domestic violence charges, but never completed his domestic violence classes, according to Ares.
What happened next was completely bizarre in Ares’ view.
According to Ares, Rodriguez received a phone call on the morning of Sept. 2 from a worker for San Benito County family court services, who said that she was to enter mediation with her husband that same day. When she asked why, she was told it was “an emergency.”
The emergency was that her husband had asked the court for temporary custody of their child the week before, Ares said. Rodriguez protested that she did not yet have an attorney, but feared losing custody of her son if she did not show up.
Once there, she was told that Tobias had scheduled a hearing on the motion that same afternoon, according to Ares, who had not yet been retained. Again she protested to court staff because she did not have an attorney present. The case was supposed to be heard on Sept. 16.
Tobias wanted the case heard that day; he called the Santa Clara County judge who had granted the original restraining order against her husband, Ares said. The two agreed that Tobias would dismiss the restraining order. The court reporter’s transcript of the proceeding with Tobias and the couple also was not included in the court file until Tuesday evening.
“Mom, you have this domestic violence case,” Judge Tobias said to Stephanie Rodriguez. “Let’s go off the record for a minute.”
Going off the record means that whatever Tobias said to her after that is not part of the court record.
After the court went back on the record, Tobias ordered Rodriguez to turn over the boy to her husband and have him re-enrolled in a local elementary school within two days, according to court documents. The idea was that the parents would alternate custody from week to week.
“He gets custody until she comes back, so naturally she came back,” said Ares of her client’s return to Hollister.
Tobias ordered Leo Rodriguez to stay 50 yards away from his wife unless it concerned their child, an order he apparently violated. Stephanie Rodriguez never asked during the proceeding to stop it for lack of an attorney, according to transcripts, but Tobias suggested she retain one to settle the estranged couple’s property dispute.
“I suggest you talk with a lawyer so you know what your options are,” he said. “That’s why you hire lawyers.”
After the rushed court hearings, Stephanie Rodriguez hired Ares to represent her. She and Ares appeared at court on Sept. 16, but Tobias took it off the calendar, Ares said. The husband didn’t show up.
During the court battle with her husband, Stephanie Rodriguez requested the court perform an independent investigation and test both parents for drugs.
“Nobody paid any attention to the serious allegations made by him or her,” Ares said.
Among the allegations Leo Rodriguez made in court documents against his wife was that she prevented him from having a job.
“I have lost several jobs due to her,” he wrote. “My last employer said to control my wife and I would have a job.”
He also disputed his wife’s account of his drug habit and said there was no need for an independent investigation. He mentioned several times that he was a den leader for his son’s local Boy Scouts chapter.
Members of Leo Rodriguez’ family caution that the court file does not contain an accurate picture of the facts. If what happened last Saturday evening is true, then it was completely out of character for Leo Rodriguez, they say.
The Leo Rodriguez they knew, “was a good and loving father of four children, a caring son, and a wonderful brother and the pain will be deeply felt of his loss,” said Monique Rodriguez, a family member, in a written statement. “Divorce is a messy situation and untrue things are often said about people. The court felt that it was best that the parents have joint custody. Do not take two people sharing a child to be a crime.”
Now She’s Dead
Shavon Parra, who lives next door, said Leo Rodriguez first tried stopped by the apartment earlier Saturday evening trying to get his wife to leave with him in the car by saying that their child was in the hospital. He wanted to take her there. Parra’s family advised Stephanie Rodriguez not to go with him to the hospital or anywhere else.
Later another neighbor heard screaming and a man pounding violently on Stephanie’s door. The neighbor, who was afraid to be identified, went outside and confronted Leo Rodriguez. The neighbor threatened to call the police.
“He looked at me with such a glare in his eyes and he said, ‘Go ahead,” the neighbor said.
Just a few minutes earlier the neighbor had noticed Leo Rodriguez pacing the parking lot of the apartment complex. When he started kicking in his wife’s door, the neighbor frantically called 911; in the background Stephanie Rodriguez was screaming for her life. The neighbor didn’t hear the shots, but noticed the screaming had stopped.
Hollister police responded to the scene at 1051 Sunnyslope Road around 11 p.m.
They found a chair inside the apartment propped up against the broken door, as if she was trying to barricade it to keep him out, and smelled fresh gunpowder with wafts of smoke still lingering. One police source said the apartment was covered with blood.
The estranged husband and wife were lying dead in the living room with bullet wounds to the head fired from point-blank range. Police found two pistols, one a .45-caliber handgun and the other a .40-caliber handgun, near the man’s lifeless body.
According to Capt. Bob Brooks, no one may ever know the exact motive.
“If, in fact, he is the murderer, then the police department isn’t going to do a lot of investigating into his life or her life, because the murder is solved,” Brooks said. “Obviously, people like answers, but our position is to solve the case. It’s not like we need to go to court or anything.”
She Was Trying
A wall near the apartment complex is tagged with gang graffiti in enormous red letters and Sunnyslope School is across the street. Nevertheless, Rodriguez was eager to start over, though she did complain about Tobias to neighbors.
Neighbors said Rodriguez moved into her small apartment three weeks ago. She commuted to her job at Kaiser Foundation Hospital in San Jose. The first weekend her sisters came down to help paint and redo the boy’s room.
They could have never imagined the short time he would use it.
Now neighbors feel traumatized by the incident. One left home for a few days, the others are having trouble sleeping.
“I still can’t believe what happened,” said neighbor Parra. “She seemed like a really nice person.”

RIP: stephanie rodriguez xoxo
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Old 11-22-2003, 09:08 PM
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WOW! What an article! That is just so messed up! Are they going to investigate the Judge on the case? It wouldn't really surprise me if they didn't. That is the sick truth about the system, it doesn't always work and things like this end up happening. And how many times do we hear the police say "Well, Ma'am, until he actually DOES something there is nothing we can do." By then it is too late! For this Judge though to ORDER her to go back there . . . that is just rediculous!!! He sounds to me like one of those head strong fathers' righters. (They come in all forms and you would be surprised where they work and who they are!) "Doesn't matter what all dad did, dad deserves to have his kid" type.
I came close to a situation like that about 4 years ago, but it wasn't with my ex, it was my own brother. He had called my mother and told her that he was on the verge of murder/suicide. She told me to be careful . . . but he was also living with me. Well it didn't take long and he blew up. He didn't know that ma had told me what he said. So I called the cops and had him removed, within about a half hour or so he was back. Just before he came back I had found a sawed off shot gun that he had hiding between his mattress and box springs, and found the slugs to go with it. I found the slugs just as he came pounding on the door. When the cops got there, I talked to them outside of the apartment before they went in. THEY TRIED TO TELL ME I HAD TO HAVE HIM EVICTED TO HAVE HIM REMOVED! I had to beg, plead, and SERIOUSLY STRESS to them (shy of screaming!) that he threatened to kill me, my daughter, then himself, and I HAD FOUND THE GUN! Well, then that was a different story, they rushed the apartment and cuffed him. I had hid the gun and they asked me (as my brother was in front of me glaring THIS LOOK) where it was. I told them, they got it out, and come to find out it was LOADED!!! The judge was just going to give him probation!! I spoke at his hearing as the vicitm and PLEADED with the judge, telling him of my brothers history, and stressing to him (mind you my brother was cuffed and shackled like 3ft away from me, I was shaking and damn near in tears) the fact that he had always told me if I ever sent him to jail that he would kill me when he got out, and that I for one would never doubt him when it came to that. He ended up getting just a year in the county and a year in a halfway house, and 3 years probation. I can say though that he has turned around and gotten help for his bipolar depression and is a totally different person. My point, I for one know that these things do happen and Judges only see what they choose to see, as sad as it is!
If anything new comes of this please post it!? You really have my interest in this story!

* What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger *

*A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart
and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.*

Old 02-02-2005, 01:06 PM
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my name is erica zalot. if you do not know it, the woman in the story actually went by stephanie zalot-rodriguez... the couple actually had 5 kids. due to some family tension, i would have hoped went away w/ the deaths, they failed to mention me. i am stephanie's daughter, Leo, although he was not biological, raised me since i was about 6 months old and he is the only person i would ever call my father. i am 18 years old and lived with them untill age 16, when i moved to a different city. i still remained in contact untill their deaths. my 11 year old brother lived with us and the rest of the children lived with their mom from my father's previous mairrage. i still have so many questions, that i just happened to stumble apon your post while reading some articles. i lived with these 2 for sixteen years of my life. felt the ups and downs, good and bad, smiles and tears and i just wanted to say thankyou. its so wierd to hear someone who cares, people i havent even met.
Old 02-02-2005, 01:27 PM
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Welcome to PTO and I am so very sorry about your mother and step father. This must be just terrible for you to deal with. I'm sorry does not begin to touch the feelings i have hearing from you. just know that you now have a new family of people that care and will help you through this. I hope you find the peace and answers you are looking for, and in time i believe you will if you keep on looking.
again, welcome!!

Old 02-01-2007, 06:54 PM

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i am soo mad !that judge is the reason this woman has lost her life!how dare he wake up every morning and still have a job over other peoples lives!!WHEN SOMEONE SAYS I FEAR FOR MY LIFE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY MEAN!im sorry love if i upset you.being a survivor of d.v.i know all too well how the system manipulates us right along with our spouses manipulations.
after our divorce my ex husband and i got joint custody which he used his to torment me.for his 6 months custody i had to go to his house everyother day to comb my daughters hair,check her homework,clean his filthy house so she would have clean clothes,sheets,dishes etc.when the chihuahua got scabies i got a vet diagnosis cuz my baby was living there-they told me she wasnt in any danger. i was in danger and she was too.he didnt have hot water for a long time-heat either,he used kerosene.when she went to school her clothes smelled like kerosene.
i did everything but sleep with him.it didnt bother him that we werent having sex as long as he felt i wsant with anyone else.in 1998 he bust down my door,beat me,and shot at my head-i was so scared i dodged the bullet!!a year after he tried to kill me i met JAMIE(1999) and fell in love with him.he protected me as much as he could.i still had to go take care of my daughter every other day.
on my 30 BD my ex husband slipped a mickey in my drink...i can still see the hatred in his eyes-i never knew if he was going to kill me or not.i made as much noice as i could to get my daughter out of there but i got no help.i even walked 120 miles to get to JOHNNY COCHRAN-60 miles to JACKSON TN,60 miles BAC HOME.his beatings gave me epilepsy(1996) cuz he would pound me in the head like MR.T did ROCKY in ROCKY3.still i wouldnt let him have my daughter.he was a mechanic-i often helped-i once let the car roll down on him but i stopped it.he hurt me so bad i am still scared of him and hes dead!this is too much...im sorry yall.
I BLAME THAT JUDGE YOU DAMM RIGHT I DO.that man needed help and instead of hearing that woman's plea for safety the judge sent her right bac there.HIS AZZ SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES!i still have all my paperwork from when i went through what my exhusband did to me.i dont even know why i still got everything.i guess so one day i can sit my girls/ladies down and shake what that man did to me,to us.

but after he got sic he wasnt really able to fight on me
my life with that man was so hellish.hes dead now and i still feel like he coming bac.he died of diabetes in 2005.
Old 02-02-2007, 01:37 AM
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Unhappy This one hit very close to home!

First of all to Erica Zalot, My heart goes out to you hun. I'm not sure if you even visit this site anymore, but I just wanted to say that. May god bless and have mercy on you and all of your siblings

This story ( except of course the deaths) sounded as if they had written about me, My ex Husband and what we had gone through In Los Angeles County.

As a DV Survivor, this story made me quite ill as the judge that we had durring our court hearings was almost the exact caliber of this Judge it sounds like. Even after I told this Judge that My ex had a history of alcholic/abusive tendancies and that the only reason I had stayed all of those years was to (in my sick mind at that time) hold my family together.

You see, my ex made good money, I had been a housewife for 8-9 years. I had worked about 4 years of it part time. But, when we were in court, he had an attorney, I did not as I could not afford one and none was appointed for me as I never finished the respondant paperwork. I just showed up in court thinking that I was the good Mama. I always did everything for those babies. I always was the good mother, showed them love and caring and that even though daddy goes into a rage every now and again, I was the light for them I thought. I didn't care that I was the one getting my face slapped, beaten, nose broken, bitten, spit upon like a dog, etc etc... etc...
I protected my babies. I was their sheild. I was the one who sang to them even though I wanted to cry. I was the one that would make them what ever they wanted to eat, don't matter what time of day or night. And they were and still are my reason to live.

The thoughts in my head were, well, the mom always wins. How can a judge award physical custody to an abuser of their Mother? How can a judge award Physical custody to a man who is an alcoholic?
This was the day that I lost all faith in JUSTICE... for me, it was non exsistant and I still to this day am not with my kids. Because I now have chosen to be out of their lives because of the pain it would cause to me, them and everyone surrounding our family because I do know, in my heart that he would have still hurt me, whether I was legally his wife or not. By leaving him, I had hurt his controling ego. I had told him, " I am not going to take it anymore, leaving him with little to no control. he had lost his own game !!! The saddest part to all of this is, he is still hurting me everyday of my life. And, worse, my Kids as they do not know their own Mother

And, even though I am re-married to a man that would stop at NOTHING to protect me from my ex, I am still scared of him, scared of his actions as I don't want/need anymore drama in my life ever again. I have had enough for 10 lifetimes!!!
Had I stayed with him ladies...... this story would have been mine! I know this like I know my name. It would have been my story and this scares me the most.

Rest in Peace Stephanie. may all of the Angels hold and comfort you as your death was so tragic.

May the Judge that held this hearing and made these decisions suffer the karmatic price of what happened to this woman. Karma is a bitch
~Laura ~

Old 04-25-2009, 11:25 PM
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wow...i cant believe i found this. Well i guess your wondering who this is. I am the son of stephanie zalot and leo rodriguez,also the boy who was being fought over the custody rights. It feels such a long time ago when i heard the news. I will always remember that day. When they first told me this, i was shocked yes. They told me things i never knew my parents let alone my young childhood hero/father (Leo) would do such things. But for some reason, i didnt cry. I didnt know why but i didnt. But after a couple years i discovered why i didnt it was because they would want me to move on, like they deserved better. An to this day, i am a happier, healther person . "Never let your problems be the thing that holds you down when you fall, let your problems be the thing that gets you back up again"

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Erica and brother, Im so sorry for ur loss.My thoughts and prayers r with u both and ur family.God Bless ya'll and GREAT Big HUGS to u all

~Im Missin You Again!~
Old 07-01-2009, 09:10 PM
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I'm so sorry for what happened to you (the children). That must have been horrible to have to go through. Neither of you mentioned this, but I would like to ask you, was this the first time your father had been violent towards your mother? Did he hit her, shove her, yell at her, call her names, bite her, threaten her, or anything like that? She claimed that he did, and it's extremely unlikely that he just went crazy and murdered her one day without having a past history of abuse. It can happen, but it's very rare. Your father's family was defending him and saying that he wasn't like that, but that's typically how the families of abusers act. They don't confront the abuser about his behavior (if they are even aware of it at all.) They pretend like everything is perfect. And most of all, they don't believe the wife when she says that she fears for her life. If she feared for her life, then I'm certain he was abusing her or threatening her. I would like to know if you saw any of that take place? It's possible that all of that was hidden from you. Most parents don't want their kids to see any abuse that goes on between them. But you would have probably felt the tension in the home if you were at all sensitive.

The way the judge treated the mother in this case is a travesty of justice. It makes me angry that people in the justice system have no regard at all for the welfare and safety of the mother and child. This kind of thing happens all the time and it's just sickening. Living in that kind of fear is such a horrible feeling, especially when you've already tried to get help and your concerns were disregarded.

Again, I'm very sorry for your loss. I do hope that your own life turns out to be much happier than that of your parents.

Old 06-04-2013, 03:14 PM
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Default I am so sorry, Blessings...


I am sorry to hear what happened to your family. These things are still happening in Hollister, unfortunately.


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Default Your Mother is in My Prayers, as are You...

Originally Posted by thebrother View Post
wow...i cant believe i found this. Well i guess your wondering who this is. I am the son of stephanie zalot and leo rodriguez,also the boy who was being fought over the custody rights. It feels such a long time ago when i heard the news. I will always remember that day. When they first told me this, i was shocked yes. They told me things i never knew my parents let alone my young childhood hero/father (Leo) would do such things. But for some reason, i didnt cry. I didnt know why but i didnt. But after a couple years i discovered why i didnt it was because they would want me to move on, like they deserved better. An to this day, i am a happier, healther person . "Never let your problems be the thing that holds you down when you fall, let your problems be the thing that gets you back up again"

I am so very sorry to read this story, I remember when it all happened, and was deeply saddened for your mother and father both. I have prayed for your mother a lot in these past years, even though I never met her - and for you, too. Did you ever sue San Benito County? If not, why not? Final question, and this really IS IMPORTANT for my family: Who was the 'investigator' for Family Court Services?

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Originally Posted by CentralCaliGal View Post
I am so very sorry to read this story, I remember when it all happened, and was deeply saddened for your mother and father both. I have prayed for your mother a lot in these past years, even though I never met her - and for you, too. Did you ever sue San Benito County? If not, why not? Final question, and this really IS IMPORTANT for my family: Who was the 'investigator' for Family Court Services?

I'm sorry you are going through things yourself but I wanted to point out to you that the person you directed your questions to hasn't posted or returned to PTO since 2009 so your questions may never be answered.
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