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Texas Prison and Jail Specific Discussions + Lock Down Status All discussions relating to specific Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison units, Texas State Jails & Private prisons, and County Jails.

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Old 10-20-2007, 04:27 PM
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Default Henley State jail visit - Texas State Jail - our first visit

First of all I want to thank all the people who contribute their knowledge and experiences to this site. The information on this site has helped me tremendously. I wish I had found this site 2 months ago, it would have saved me from banging my head against a wall to deal with this frustrating system.

My love spent approx. 6 weeks in the Harris County Jail before being moved to TDCJ. After my horrid experiences with the Harris County jail system, I found this site looking for information on TDCJ. After being missing for about three days I finally found her at Plane, using the TDCJ inmate locator. I received a letter from her soon after. She was transferred to Henley after 10 days and will serve her sentence there.

We stayed in contact with constant letter writting, and I wired money to her for her commissary. I received a letter from her saying that she was allowed visitors. I thought I read somewhere that they had to be in the system 30 or 90 days before they could have visits. I called the jail and inquired if she could have a visit, and the woman I spoke to said she was allowed visitors. She said I would be allowed a contact visit. No yelling through glass like at Harris County. I also told her this would be my first visit there and were there any special rules I had to abide by. She ran down the list of rules and told me to make sure I had my ID, dressed properly, and she checked her visitor list to make sure I was on it.

The Sunday I went to visit I arrived about 30 minutes before the start of visiting hours. There was a CO in the parking lot and I walked up to him and asked if I was in the right spot. I told him this was my first time here and if he could provide me with some info. He seemed to relax and went through the rules with me and told me I had to stay in my vehicle until the start of visiting hours. He was very polite, respectful, and professional. A vastly different experience than I had with Harris County.

Before I continue, I want to commend the officers I encountered at Henley. Every one of them treated me with respect, and they were very polite. When they found out this was my first visit they went out of their way to make sure that I was properly informed and directed me to where ever I needed to go. Thank You. I expected the treatment I received at the Harris County Jail, but was pleasantly surprised by their kindness.

At the appointed hour I went to the door with my I.D., 2 rolls of quarters, and my car keys in a plastic sandwich bag. I was wanded by a metal detector and let inside. I gave the officer her number and was led to the visiting room. The officer inside assigned me to a table. It was a nice day, so I asked the officer if we could sit outside. He said we could not, because they were short staff, but he would keep the door open so we had fresh air. I waited there for about a half hour before she came to the visiting room. I started to aks the officer what was taking so long, but thought I better leave well enough alone and continued to wait. We hugged and kissed, the first time we touched each other in almost 3 months. She told me as soon as she was informed she had a visitor, they had the count. That was the reason she took so long to come out.

If those vending machines were located anywhere else they would stay empty. The prices for the snacks and sodas were 30 to 100 percent more expensive than vending machines on the outside. My love is a very picky eater, so she does not eat much there. She has lost some weight, but don't we all need to lose a pound or two. She ate the snacks from the machine like I never saw her eat before. Those $20.00 in coins will go faster than you think.

We had a very nice visit and paid for a picture of us together that she took back with her. I hate that she has to be strip searched before and after visits, but that is part of the price she is paying for her offense.

The difference in visits between Harris County Jail and Henley State Jail was like they were located on two different planets. I understand that the Harris County jail is overcrowded, short staff, and the officers have to deal with some very unpleasant people. Do the families, friends, and loved ones of the inmates at H.C. jail have to be treated so inhumanly? I am not bashing the officers, they have a very tough, thankless job. I am bashing the system. This is my first experience with the criminal justice system and I have been appalled at some of the things that I had to endure. I am sorry I have gone off subject. Everytime I visited her at the H.C. jail I left angry.
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Old 10-20-2007, 06:18 PM
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I'm so happy your visit was a good one. My daughter is serving her time at Plane State Jail and I have the same experiences with the guards and staff there. I have custody of her 12 year old daughter while she is incarcerated and I have taken her to visit her mother and we have a great visit. More like a school cafeteria than a jail. I'm thankful for that as the granddaughter is not intimated when she goes to visit her mother.

Weight loss seems to be commonplace as my daughter went from 164 to 148 in the first few months. Well, she needed to drop those pounds.
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Old 08-12-2008, 03:58 AM
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Default The County Jails Of Harris County, TX - If Your Loved Ones Are Here, Be Very Scared.

Recently my sister was arrested while visiting a friend in Texas. Before I arrived here from out of state to help her, I fully looked into Harris county on the internet to see what we were in for. I was floored. Harris county was brutal and I read one story after another about a nightmare, overcrowded system that boasted the higest incarceration rate in all of Texas. It seemed that it was an unforgiving place run by good ol' boys who wanted to jail everyone they could and play by their own rules, much like our idiot president that came from Texas as it's former governor.

When I got here I found that it was an understatement. Never before had I encountered such rude and unprofessional people. They should have been the ones behind bars. I was told by an attorney in Houston that unfortunately, mercy, which was warranted in this case, would probably not be extended as this was an election year, and that republican judges were nailing defendants to the wall to look hard on crime. As usual, everyone in public life chooses to do their jobs at the very end and all at the expense of others. It seems that "appearances" are all that matter in today's America.

He was right. She was sentenced to a year and a half in state jail for nothing. She had a great defense that nobody wanted to hear about. Her peril was that she was being judged in an election year where the republicans were loosing. What a travesty of justice and a farce of a system. Why should an unrelated election have anything to do with the outcome of a court case?

When i got to Harris county jail to see her, the guards were horrible. Rude, angry, power hungry and out to slam hard. Everyone got treated like an inmate. She called me collect crying everyday that in the Harris Country Jail, the guards always called them "Whores", "Crack Whores" and "Bitches", roughing them up and slamming them into jail walls for no reason while using the most offensive and foulest of language (which is a violation of Texas ethics set forth for prison staff to follow).

I was told that while she showered and used the bathroom that they peeped and watched through windows, and even while standing right there, (male and female guards are allowed to be present for anything), staring between her legs as they made filthy faces at her. She tried to hold it all day until she could not anymore but there always seemed to be somebody there to feast on her and the other girls while nude.

She told me that even tho there was an established set of jail rules, she found that the guards imposed their own rules that always changed according to their moods and that if one person broke a new rule that a guard decided to impose, that they were all punished, being forced to sit in chairs for hours with their hands behind their backs.

Black female guards who hated white inmates,.. white male guards who hated black inmates,.. Harris County, TX has a little something for everyone. There was no way to follow an established set of rules where you could be safe. the innocent and the guilty got it together in true Texas fashion.

I was furious. :angry: There was nothing I could do. Texas is a fake bible punching state that praises the name of God while showing none of his mercy or forgiveness. My sisters time in Harris county was something that should be investigated. Now I understand why cameras, cell phones or anything that can record is not allowed. If it were, it would make for a great news story and ruin the fun of alot of pissed off guards who use these girls to get out their frustrations.

I haven't much to say about Harris county except that it has made me loose confidence in the American judicial system. There is no "reform" to their jail. It is only punishment for the inmates and pleasure for those who live a life that requires them to hold a position that enables them to treat people like garbage. Remember that high school bully? Chances are that he or she is now a Harris County jail staff member.

While I am back in my own state of New York, Let me say Harris County , that your system is congested and overcrowded because you have no idea how to reform people. You continually shove people into cells and think that is justice. You are idiots. I hope that an investigation blows the lid off this county and that some of you who run the jail system end up inside of it.

I read on the internet that Texas has the highest rate of rape in the jail system and the poorest health care system as to be found anywhere. Bravo. I read that people die while incarcerated and that you had better not get sick while in a Texas prison. Why and how is it that people can die from curable situations while in Texas? because you keep cutting jail budgets while jailing more and more people for stupid charges.

When people enter a jail in Harris county,they cease to be people and become more like Auschwitz inmates of the past. Disposable and unimportant to the state that holds them. Texas holding on to their money is the mission and giving nothing to the inmate but misery & rotting scraps is just business as usual.

Texas is a perfect model of what is wrong with this country. Jail is a big business and the slave labor they recruit from all their petty charges helps make all of the crap they peddle out. Everyone is making money. The collect call companies, the attorneys, the state, the courts in fees, probation fees and all at the expense of many who should not even be there. Billions are being made I am sure.

I was told that most of the people in their jails are there for baseless violations of probation cases from probation officers on a power trip. fees. fees. fees!!! Texas is no different than a mob crime family.

I was told by my sister that the food they served to them at Harris county is usually rotting or bad and that they are given tiny child portions. the milk is often bad or going bad and the food unrecognizable or freezer burned badly.

You are a filthy county and I hope that the wrath of God indeed comes upon you for your injustices against the American people and the abuse of the offices for which you have been entrusted. While you wave your flags and praise the mercy of a God you do not emulate, real people are being hurt.

Did you know that on top of everything else, that Texas has the highest rate of rape in it's prisons and that I read that it is not just inmate on inmate, but staff on inmate much of the time. Texas proudly holds the record it seems on everything that is shameful and low. I guess f$*cking inmates in the wallet only is not enough.

The story ends here. but not for the inmates. They are human filth to Texas and I thought that you should all know. If you have a loved one who has been arrested in Harris county you should pray hard and feel free to flip out. Your loved one just entered the gates of hell and so have you. Dont expect mercy,.. dont expect justice,... expect the worst because it is true... Everything is bigger in Texas. Even the Bull&@it system. :thumbsup:

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Old 08-12-2008, 07:15 AM
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Actually, a few of us here are Texans from Texas.

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