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Michigan Reception & Guidance Centers and SAI Boot Camp Michigan Prison Intake and Boot Camp Information forum.

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Old 12-14-2006, 05:48 PM
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Default Daily Events; Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center

Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center

What it's like in Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center as told by MI members; Icemisstress & ilovecharles. Thank you ladies!

Riding out of the County Jail to Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center. And the beginning experience there.

As told by ilovecharles;

Our city's pickup/transfer day is Wednesday. After three weeks of sitting in the county jail, another Wednesday came and went and he was still there. We talked that Wednesday night for a few moments; we were excited that we could see each other two more times before the next ride out day. However, that Thursday when "they" realized "they" had left him behind, "they" came back for him and took him by surprise. He said the ride there was horrible. They couldnít speak and the drivers didnít have the radio on. When he left the city limits, he said he almost cried because he was leaving so unexpectedly and I didnít know about the transfer.
When he arrived at Egeler he was placed in an 8X12 cell that was once a "one man cell" now had two bunks in it. Along with a bunky, the cell contents included: a toilet, a sink, a mirror, and a fan.
The two weeks at Egeler he was put through all the TABE testing which includes but is not limited to: blood testing for diseases, numerous physicals and EKG's, psych tests (which according to him are about 17-18 questions long and ask disgustingly sickening questions), he was allergy tested, STD tested and other things of that nature.
When he arrived at Egeler he had $125 transfer with him from the County Jail so the first Tuesday he was there he could put in a store order (Tuesdays are store order days).
His counselor informed him that he couldnít receive visitation applications until he was employed at the prison. He obtained a job by "paying" the head clerk in the kitchen two bags of coffee.
Egeler provided him with three pair of "prison blues". He says the most important hygiene product to purchase is a pair of shower shoes because the showers are very disease infested and unsanitary. He also says that the water in Jackson is yellowish brown. His toothbrush is about four inches in length and the bristles are so soft they have to be replaced every week.
His day-to-day existence is in this schedule;
5am- Wake up
6:30am- Escorted to the kitchen for work detail
7am- Begin work detail
12 noon- Lunch alone in the kitchen
3pm- Supposed to be finished working but sometimes his work lasts until 7 or 8
6:30pm- Chow hall
7pm(ish)- Shower time in front of 50+ people
7:30-8:30 Yard
9:00pm- Count and lockdown for the night
I have visited him 6 times since I have received my approved application. Tuesday will be my seventh visit. The Polaroid camera has been broken for two and half weeks, we only have had one picture taken of us since he has been gone.

The first 72 hours. . .

As told by Icemisstress;

Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center. The First week in quarantine: As told by Icemisstressís son.

The first 24 hours:

When you arrive from the county jail that you came from, you are handcuffed and shackled while you are taking the ride. Once you step off of the bus you are lead down a long electrified barbed wire fence into the reception area. They remove your handcuffs and shackles and tell you to strip out of your county clothes and spread eagle while standing. Then they tell you to dress into your blue jump suit, you are then photographed and take you to the psychiatrist and are evaluated to make sure you do not have any mental conditions that would require further testing. You are then given a bag dinner you sit in a holding tank for about an hour. After an hour you are told to stand up and form a single line to walk to zone one, you go in a sit down in chairs and are asked what size clothes you were including shoes, belt, ect. You are given an army size duffle bag that weighs about 75 pounds that have all of your clothes inside that also includes all of your toiletries. They then give you your identification card and you are walked to the cell block 2 north, 2 south, 1 north, 1 south, 3 north, 3 south. Then you go to the front desk and they tell you where you are located either base, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, then you go to your cell, the guard comes by and pops your room, you go inside they shut the door and your locked down. There is a fan, a light, a desk, a toilet, a chair, a bed, locker and a bed.

The next 24 hours:

You are called out for orientation which also includes SAI boot camp orientation, you are given a psychiatric evaluation, a TABE test and once you have finished that you are returned to your cell.

The next 24 hours:

You are called out again for further testing to evaluate what your classification code will be and which prison you will be assigned to.

This pretty much goes on for the first 2 weeks you are there. You fill out your phone approval list and your visitor list during this time even though you cannot have any visitors while in quarantine.

Getting into SAI boot camp:
The first day you are at the reception center, if your crimes are not that of a violent nature and this is your first time in the prison system, you are asked if you want to go to boot camp. They will give you the proper paperwork to fill out for the request and make sure you are mentally able to withstand the program. If you are on any medication for mental or any other type of medication, you will not be eligible for the boot camp program unless you stop taking the meds. The boot camp process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks or more depending on how full the program is, to get you qualified since the sentencing judge must approve or deny the request. You may go to a prison or camp until you are called out for boot camp.

Being in the reception center can be very trying since you are in lock down for 23 hours per day unless you are called out for testing and/or medical. Books are a good idea to send to your loved ones since this will help pass the time. You can also send money orders so they can purchase stamped envelopes and commissary items. You are allowed out in the yard for one hour per day everyday and the times change each week.

The Cell

As told by ilovecharles;

The Shower:
He said that when he first arrived to Egeler they took him through the "booking" procedure...as in they took him into a little room did the whole cavity search thing and assigned him to a cell. There was no shower when he first arrived. He said the next day he took a shower with the "rest of the guys" as normal.
The Cell:
The cell is 8X10 (maybe he says). If we were facing the cell the prison gate opens left to right. The bunks are on the right hand side stacked on top of each other with like three feet space between them. If you walked passed the bunks there are two small lockers stacked one on top of the other for personal belongings like letters, newspapers, pictures, Bible and things of that nature. The toilet is right behind the lockers. He says if you want privacy he and his bunky open their lockers and use the door as a "block." Next to the toilet (to the left) there is a little sink with a mirror above it. If you step one more step to the left you run into the wall. There is an outlet on the "empty" wall. He had to purchase an extension cord so that he could plug in his TV without fear of it falling off of his bunk...
He also said that it was the smallest two man cell he has ever been in.
He described "Seven Block" as the same physical description except when they are in seven block there is only one bunk it is an 8X5 cell and the sink and toilet are attached to the "empty wall" because the "back wall" is no longer a wall it is another set of prison gates...he says in seven block you really feel like a caged animal.
~ Melanie ~

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