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Michigan Prison and Legal News & Events What is making news in Michigan relating to the prison system, the criminal justice system, etc? Find it here!

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Old 11-14-2005, 12:25 PM
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Default Michigan Senate

Find Your Senator

US Mail for all Senators can be addressed as follows:

Senator Name
Post Office Box 30036
Lansing, MI 48909-7536
President of the Senate
Lieutenant Governor John D. Cherry
Office Location: S-215 Capitol Building
Office Phone: (517) 373-6800

Jason Allen
Republican of District 37
Office Phone: (517) 373-2413
Office Location: 820 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenJAllen@senate.michigan.gov

Jim Barcia
Democrat of District 31
Office Phone: (517) 373-1777
Office Location: 1010 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenJBarcia@senate.michigan.gov

Raymond E. Basham
Democrat of District 8
Office Phone: (517) 373-7800
Office Location: 715 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenRBasham@senate.michigan.gov

Virg Bernero
Democrat of District 23
Office Phone: (517) 373-1734
Office Location: 415 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenVBernero@senate.michigan.gov
Patricia L. Birkholz
Republican of District 24
Office Phone: (517) 373-3447
Office Location: 805 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenPBirkholz@senate.michigan.gov

Michael Bishop
Republican of District 12
Office Phone: (517) 373-2417
Office Location: 605 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenMBishop@senate.michigan.gov

Liz Brater
Democrat of District 18
Office Phone: (517) 373-2406
Office Location: 510 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenLBrater@senate.michigan.gov

Cameron Brown
Republican of District 16
Office Phone: (517) 373-5932
Office Location: 205 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenCBrown@senate.michigan.gov

Nancy Cassis
Republican of District 15
Office Phone: (517) 373-1758
Office Location: 305 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenNCassis@senate.michigan.gov

Deborah Cherry
Democrat of District 26
Office Phone: (517) 373-1636
Office Location: 910 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenDCherry@senate.michigan.gov

Irma Clark-Coleman
Democrat of District 3
Office Phone: (517) 373-0990
Office Location: 310 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenIClark-Coleman@senate.michigan.gov

Hansen Clarke
Democrat of District 1
Office Phone: (517) 373-7346
Office Location: 710 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenHansenClarke@senate.michigan.gov

Alan L. Cropsey
Republican of District 33
Office Phone: (517) 373-3760
Office Location: 1005 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenACropsey@senate.michigan.gov

Robert L. Emerson
Democrat of District 27
Office Phone: (517) 373-0142
Office Location: S-105 Capitol
E-mail Address: SenREmerson@senate.michigan.gov

Valde Garcia
Republican of District 22
Office Phone: (517) 373-2420
Office Location: S-132 Capitol
E-mail Address: SenVGarcia@senate.michigan.gov

Thomas M. George
Republican of District 20
Office Phone: (517) 373-0793
Office Location: 320 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenTGeorge@senate.michigan.gov

Judson Gilbert II
Republican of District 25
Office Phone: (517) 373-7708
Office Location: 705 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenJGilbert@senate.michigan.gov

Mike Goschka
Republican of District 32
Office Phone: (517) 373-1760
Office Location: S-2 Capitol
E-mail Address: SenMGoschka@senate.michigan.gov

Beverly S. Hammerstrom
Republican of District 17
Office Phone: (517) 373-3543
Office Location: S-8 Capitol
E-mail Address: SenBHammerstrom@senate.michigan.gov

Bill Hardiman
Republican of District 29
Office Phone: (517) 373-1801
Office Location: 915 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenBHardiman@senate.michigan.gov

Gilda Z. Jacobs
Democrat of District 14
Office Phone: (517) 373-7888
Office Location: 1015 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenGJacobs@senate.michigan.gov

Ron Jelinek
Republican of District 21
Office Phone: (517) 373-6960
Office Location: 405 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenRJelinek@senate.michigan.gov

Shirley Johnson
Republican of District 13
Office Phone: (517) 373-2523
Office Location: S-324 Capitol
E-mail Address: SenSJohnson@senate.michigan.gov

Wayne Kuipers
Republican of District 30
Office Phone: (517) 373-6920
Office Location: 1020 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenWKuipers@senate.michigan.gov

Burton Leland
Democrat of District 5
Office Phone: (517) 373-0994
Office Location: 315 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenBLeland@senate.michigan.gov

Michelle McManus
Republican of District 35
Office Phone: (517) 373-1725
Office Location: 905 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenMMcManus@senate.michigan.gov

Dennis Olshove
Democrat of District 9
Office Phone: (517) 373-8360
Office Location: 920 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenDOlshove@senate.michigan.gov

Bruce Patterson
Republican of District 7
Office Phone: (517) 373-7350
Office Location: 505 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenBPatterson@senate.michigan.gov

Michael Prusi
Democrat of District 38
Office Phone: (517) 373-7840
Office Location: 515 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenMPrusi@senate.michigan.gov

Alan Sanborn
Republican of District 11
Office Phone: (517) 373-7670
Office Location: S-310 Capitol
E-mail Address: SenASanborn@senate.michigan.gov

Mark Schauer
Democrat of District 19
Office Phone: (517) 373-2426
Office Location: S-9 Capitol
E-mail Address: SenMSchauer@senate.michigan.gov

Martha G. Scott
Democrat of District 2
Office Phone: (517) 373-7748
Office Location: 220 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenMScott@senate.michigan.gov

Kenneth K. Sikkema
Republican of District 28
Office Phone: (517) 373-0797
Office Location: S-106 Capitol
E-mail Address: SenKSikkema@senate.michigan.gov

Tony Stamas
Republican of District 36
Office Phone: (517) 373-7946
Office Location: 720 Farnum Building
To email go to: http://www.senate.michigan.gov/stamas

Michael Switalski
Democrat of District 10
Office Phone: (517) 373-7315
Office Location: 410 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenMSwitalski@senate.michigan.gov

Samuel Buzz Thomas, III
Democrat of District 4
Office Phone: (517) 373-7918
Office Location: 610 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenBThomas@senate.michigan.gov

Laura M. Toy
Republican of District 6
Office Phone: (517) 373-1707
Office Location: 520 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenLToy@senate.michigan.gov

Gerald VanWoerkom
Republican of District 34
Office Phone: (517) 373-1635
Office Location: 420 Farnum Building
E-mail Address: SenGVanWoerkom@senate.michigan.gov
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