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California County Jails Topics & Discussions relating to County & City Jails in California.

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Old 04-14-2006, 12:17 AM
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Default Stanislaus County


Official Sheriff's Website

The Menís Jail, located in downtown Modesto, is a three story linear style jail opened in 1955. The third story was added in 1972 and included the most modern and most secure electric door and security panels for itís day. The average inmate population is 376. The Menís Jail receives approximately 1489 bookings (arrests) per month.

The Menís Jail contains facilities for booking and temporary detention of all male inmates and provides housing for all unsentenced and high-risk male prisoners that cannot be housed at the Honor Farm.

To manage that population, there are three major detention centers in the county:

The Men's Jail: Located at 1115 H. Street in Modesto, it is the central booking facility for male inmates. It also is the housing locale for high-risk males, and serves as temporary detention for adult males for court. (209) 525-6427

The Honor Farm: Situated on the San Joaquin River at Grayson Road 15 miles west of Modesto, it is the minimum-security facility for sentenced and qualifying un-sentenced adult male inmates. (209) 535-2202

The Public Safety Center: Located at Crows Landing and Hackett Roads south of Modesto, it is the site of multiple consolidated jails for minimum, medium and maximum-security male and female inmates. The location also has other Sheriff's offices, including main Headquarters. (209) 252-5630

At any given time, the Adult Detention Division is responsible for the care and custody of over 1,300 pre-trial, sentenced, and out-of-custody inmates. In addition to meeting the physical needs of inmates in the facilities, there are other programs such as church services, counseling, library facilities, vocational and skills workshops, educational-and recreational programs available to the inmates. Inmates may also be eligible for the Sheriffís Work Furlough Program. This program allows inmates to serve out their sentence while still maintaining their regular employment, thereby contributing to their familyís financial needs.

WEBSITE LINK: http://www.stanislaussheriff.com/adultdet/jail_men/

Public Information and Custody Questions Please Call:
Public Safety Center - (209) 252-5630
Downtown Men's Jail - (209) 525-6427
Honor Farm - -(209) 535-2202


Inmates are encouraged to maintain relationships with family and friends. Visiting is scheduled on a regular basis, limited only by the physical and personnel constraints of the Stanislaus County Adult Detention Facilities.

Regular visiting will be daily. Visiting hours are to be as follows:

8:00 AM to 10:30 AM (last visitor must sign up prior to 9:45 AM)

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM (last visitor must sign up prior to 2:15 PM)

6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (last visitor must sign up prior to 9:15 PM)

Inmates will be allowed a minimum of two (2) thirty (30) minute visits per week (Monday - Sunday) to maintain relationships with family and friends.

All visitors must be dressed in appropriate clothing, including foot wear. No revealing clothing allowed. Visitors will be required to pass a security screening and may be subject to a physical search. An inmate may refuse to see any visitor.


A commissary store will be maintained for inmates that permits their use of personal funds for the purchase of miscellaneous approved items in order to enhance inmate morale.


Commissary draws will be made available several times a week. Inmates may obtain a Commissary Request Form during paper call. They may purchase up to $50.00 worth of commissary items per scheduled draw. Inmates will not be allowed to make exchanges or trades of commissary items after the transaction has been processed.

Inmates will only be allowed to draw from their personal commissary account. They will not be allowed to make draws for other inmates or transfer funds to another inmateís commissary account.

Certified Checks and Money Orders may be sent to inmates to be placed on their commissary accounts. Cash should not be sent through the mail. No personal checks or postage stamps will be accepted.


Money will only be accepted at the window at the Menís Jail for inmate accounts during the first twenty four (24) hours of incarceration. After that time, it will only be accepted through the mail in the form of a money order.


Inmates will be permitted to send and receive unlimited and uncensored (excluding within the Facility / Facility to Facility mail) letters each day, except where it can be justified, in order to maintain communications with their families, friends, business associates, and government authorities.

Mailing address is:

Inmate name, housing unit, and booking number
1115 H. Street
Modesto, CA. 95354

All outgoing letters must have the following return address:

Inmate name
1115 H. Street
Modesto, CA. 95354

Proper language shall be used in writing letters.

All mail will be inspected for contraband.

All letter writing material will be supplied by the Jail.

Mail is received at the Jail six days a week.

There is no limit to the amount of out going mail inmates may send provided they have the sufficient postage. Postage stamps may be purchased through commissary. Inmates may correspond with other inmates within Stanislaus County Adult Detention Facilities by use of the "Within the Facility" and "Facility to Facility" inmate mail system. No postage is needed to utilize this system. Indigent inmates (those inmates who have $2.00 or less on their cash account) may receive two (2) free postage paid letters for personal correspondence each week, and an unlimited amount for legal mail.

Certified checks and money orders may be sent to inmates to be placed on their commissary accounts. Cash should not be sent through the mail. No personal checks or postage stamps will be accepted.

All incoming mail will be accepted, excluding those which contain polaroid pictures, any kind of nude or partially nude pictures or drawings, raised decorative stickers, letters in envelopes which could conceal contraband, personal checks, cards, items which may be obtained on commissary, mail containing substances such as powder, liquids, etc., or any material not deemed acceptable by the Facility Commander. Letters containing any one of these items will be returned to sender.

With prior written approval of the Operations Sergeant, magazines, periodicals, and books may be processed through the mail directly from the publisher.


Inmates confined within the Facilities will have equal and adequate access to telephones in order to maintain community ties and contact with legal representatives. Collect call telephones are located on the floors and cells. To utilize the phone, simply lift the receiver and follow the posted instructions. Telephone calls will be limited to fifteen (15) minutes in duration in order to give telephone access to all inmates.

All telephone calls are out going only. The staff of the Menís Jail will not transfer incoming telephone calls to inmates, nor will they take telephone messages for them under any circumstances.


Health Services will be provided for all inmates who are in need of treatment and care to reduce suffering from medical or mental problems.

The Public Safety Center is staffed by licensed medical personnel twenty-four (24) hours daily to provide routine and emergency services

If an inmate requires medical, dental, or mental health services of a non-emergency nature, you must complete a medical request form and give to a Medical Provider. C.M.A. Reg/Medical Corp.

All prescriptions and non-prescription medication will be dispensed to the inmate in their housing unit by a member of the medical staff. It is the inmates responsibility to respond to pill call.


Matters of judgement regarding health services will be the sole province of the Health Services staff.
Security regulations will be adhered to at all times by the Health Services staff.

Health Services personnel will not be asked to provide inappropriate non-medical duties.

The primary responsibility of medical personnel is to provide required health services for the entire inmate population who have medical/mental health needs.

Facility medical services includes:

Screening of new bookings
Pill call rounds in housing areas
Physician sick call
Coverage of medical infirmary when inmate occupied
Referral service for hospitalization and specialty clinics as needed
Dental services
Mental Health Services
Medical/Mental Health staff will make timely room visits to non-ambulatory or bed rest recovery room patients in order to complete interviews and / or counseling sessions.
Inmates will not be used for the following duties:

Performing direct patient care services
Scheduling health care appointments
Determining access of other inmates to Health Care services
Handling or having access to:

- Surgical instruments
- Syringes
- Needles
- Medications
- Health records
- Operating equipment for which they are not trained
- Scheduled medical and dental appointments will be conducted in designated areas.
- Health Services personnel will assist in the management of inmates with medical and mental health problems.
- The sobering of intoxicated inmates will be done under the close care of custody staff with medical assistance.
- Medical detoxification of inmates will be done under the supervision of Medical staff.
- Medical and dental prostheses will be authorized when the health of the inmate would otherwise be adversely affected, as determined by a responsible Physician or Dentist.
- The Medical/Mental Health Program Supervisor or designee, and the Classification Deputy will consult with each other regarding inmates who are diagnosed as having psychiatric illness. When appropriate, such consultation could include:

- Housing assignments
- Program assignments
- Disciplinary measures
- Transfers in and out of the Facilities
- Inmates will not be used for medical, pharmaceutical, or cosmetic experiments. This does not preclude individual treatment of an inmate based on their need for a specific medical procedure which is not generally available.
- Inmate health complaints (sick call) will be solicited daily and acted upon by health trained personnel, and followed by appropriate triage and treatment by qualified medical personnel.

Inmate initiated medical visits will result in a charge to the inmate of $3.00 per visit. There will be a $.50 charge for all Tylenol (2 tablets) and Maalox. Inmates will sign up for Tylenol and Maalox just as they would for other medical services. Inmates may receive these over-the-counter medications at the time that pill call occurs in their units.
Inmate health service co-pay charges will be exempted for the following care:

- Intake medical screening
- Health appraisals (14-day physicals)
- Public Health evaluations
- Pre-natal services and all services related to pregnancy
- Public Health programs that are funded by other sources
- Laboratory and diagnostic services
- Life threatening emergency services
- Follow-up monitoring of chronic health conditions (e.g. hypertension services, seizure monitoring, medications monitoring)
- Mental health services
- Dental services that are inmate-initiated and are non-emergency or non-life threatening will result in the $3.00 co-pay as an inmate-initiated request for medical service unless the dental service is the result of a medical referral.
- Medical staff will complete a log of co-pay charges and forward the log daily to Custody Administration.

Custody Administration will assign Custody staff to debit the inmate account for the $3.00 co-pay for medical services and for any medication charges.

No inmate will be deprived of medical service as a result of being indigent or for any other purpose. No essential medication will be withheld due to a lack of inmate funds. Rev. Indigent inmatesí accounts will be debited and the co-pay will remain on the books for no longer than three months or until the inmateís account receives funds against which the payment can be made.
Inmates desiring the name of a Health Services employee should be given the first name or employee number only. This will allow the inmate to file his writs, but will afford the employee protection and privacy.


A Federal Bureau of Prisons report showed that completing an education course every six months reduced inmates' recidivism by almost 10%. In Stanislaus County over half the incarcerated adults do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent. And a third of these have very low literacy skills. Their educational deficiencies make it very difficult for them to find work when they get out of prison. That's why the Sheriff's Department has utilized the Inmate Welfare Fund to underwrite a comprehensive educational program for inmates administered by ReadingWorks.


Two GED instructors go three times a week to the various units and facilities in the county correctional system. Last year 125 inmates received their GED certificates through this system.


A credentialed teacher provides literacy training and other basis skills within the correctional facilities. This teacher meets individually with students and utilizes the same Laubach Learning phonics-based system that we use throughout our organization.


The Transitional Roads to After Custody Self-Sufficiency programs was begun in January 2001. This program enables a probation officer to track and follow the educational efforts of former inmates to insure that they are meeting the educational requirements of their parole. ReadingWorks provides classes and individual literacy tutoring to these individuals through the GED and Reading Lab facilities at the Job Club Center in Modesto.


Joanna R Smith Bailbonds
1300 H St # 100, Modesto, CA (0.13 miles away)

V P Bailbonds
Modesto, CA (1.22 miles away)

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