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Louisiana Prison & Jail Visitation, Phones, Packages & Mail Topics / Information relating to the Louisiana Department of Corrections and local / county Jail visitation, phone calls, mail, inmate care packages, etc.

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Old 03-13-2006, 09:22 PM
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Default Dixon Correctional Institute (DCI) Visiting Information

Visiting at D.C.I.

A temporary list is established for each inmate who does not have a permanent list from another institution. This is compiled from the inmate's family history listed in the inmate's record and consists of immediate family members (parents, grandparents, wife, children, siblings and step-relations of the above classes). Note: All minor children must be accompanied by an approved adult visitor. The temporary list remains in effect for thirty days. Within the thirty day period the inmate must turn in an application for the people he wishes to have on his permanent list to avoid expiration of his temporary list.

Inmates who arrive at Dixon Correctional Institute with a permanent visiting list from another institution utilize this list.

Each inmate at Dixon Correctional Institute is allowed to have a list of ten visitors with the exception of

PRIDE members who can have a list of 15 visitors (see Section III of this policy). Each visitor may visit the inmate twice a month for two hours each visit. Due to limited space inmates are allowed only (4) four visitors (including children) per 2 (two) hour visit.

After a permanent visiting list is in place an inmate can only make changes every 120 days.

Each potential visitor who wants to apply for visiting privileges at Dixon Correctional Institute must first complete, sign and submit an application (see II C below) which states that the applicant agrees to a police record computer search and that they understand all the rules and regulations governing visiting at Dixon Correctional Institute. Should a visitor break the rules and visiting privileges are suspended, the visitor's name shall be kept on permanent file in the visiting office.

All potential visitors are screened using the State Police computer (LAATCH) system to check for criminal records. If the applicant has three felony arrests within five years they are ineligible. If the applicant is on parole or has not been fully discharged from prison for at least two years the applicant is also ineligible to visit. The only exception being an immediate family member who would be evaluated by either the Parole Officer and/or the Warden.

When open charges are found on the visiting applicant they shall not be approved until final disposition is satisfied.


The following visitation forms must be completed before the Visitation Officer can process the inmate's request. All applications are held for 30 days; if the request is not complete or no response is received from the prospective visitor, the application is voided and filed in the inmate's visiting file. The inmate is given notice and can reapply after the 120 day waiting period between changes in the visiting list.

A. INITIAL REQUEST FOR VISITORS FORM - Inmate completes to establish a permanent visiting list.

B. REQUEST FOR CHANGE OF APPROVED VISITING LIST FORM - Inmate is to complete to make changes in permanent visiting list.

C. VISITOR'S APPLICATION FORM - Inmate mails to each prospective visitor for their completion and return to the Visitation Officer at Dixon Correctional Institute for approval.


PRIDE inmates are allowed additional privileges in regard to visiting:

A. All regular visits may be for three (3) hours in duration;

B. May have same visitor three (3) times per month;

C. May have fifteen (15) visitors on visiting list;

D. On months that have five (5) weekends, visiting is for PRIDE members only. Visiting shall be
extended to four (4) hours on "fifth" weekends. To qualify as a "fifth" weekend, both Saturday and Sunday must fall in the same month. Each inmate shall be limited to four (4) visitors, including children, due to space limitations. Other weekends may be approved by the Warden.

E. Food may be brought in on fifth weekends, with the following exceptions: beverages, fresh fruit, fruit salad, rum or fruit cake, or any other food that contains alcohol. All food must be in plastic or disposable containers. No ice chests or glass or metal containers/pans are allowed. Inmates are not allowed to carry any food out of the visiting room. Visitors are not allowed to dispose of leftover food at the prison. When the visit is completed, visitors are required to take any left over food, and the containers, with them when they leave.

F. Access to the picnic area shall be allowed when weather and security permits.


A. Visiting is from 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the first four weekends of each month. Visiting will not be conducted on fifth weekends except when allowable as a special privilege with the PRIDE Program. Inmates will visit in the following areas:

1. General Population Compound 1 Visiting Room
2. Compound III Compound III Visiting Room
3. Adm. Seg. Cellblock B Visiting Room
4. Extended Lockdown Cellblock B Visiting Room
5. Working Cellblock Non-Contact Visiting Room
6. Inmates in general population with non-contact visiting will visit in the non-contact visiting room.


A. Youthful Offenders must be neat in dress and appearance. Approved visiting room clothes are blue jeans, blue chambray shirts, personal shoes or brogans. Tennis shoes are not allowed in the Visiting Room.

B. Visiting is from 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Visitors will be admitted to DCI as soon as possible after arrival for visiting but will not be admitted after 3:00 p.m. Only four visitors will be allowed (including children). Children under the age of 6 months are not counted as one of the four.

C. Youthful Offender visiting is conducted in the Youthful Offender section of the Visiting Room. The visiting schedule is as follows:

Level 1 4th Weekend 1 Per Month 2 Hours
Level 2 2nd Weekend 1 Per Month 3 Hours
Level 3 1st and 3rd Weekends 2 Per Month 3 Hours
Level 4* Every Weekend 3 Hours
Level 4* offender visitors may bring in food any weekend using the same restrictions as found Section III. E, above, regarding PRIDE Visits.


Removal from the inmate's visiting list can result from any of the following reasons:

A. Inmate's request

B. Visitor's request

C. Visitors Probation Officer's request

D. Warden's request

E. Violation of visiting rules

The visitors have the right to appeal their removal as per Departmental regulation C-02-008.


The Assistant Warden of Security or his designee considers, on a case by case basis, or generally in unusual circumstances, requests for special or extended visits including: visitors who are unable to visit on regular visiting days, friends and relatives from out of state, persons visiting for business purposes, or persons otherwise restricted from visiting. The following guidelines must be followed:

A. Requests for special or extended visits are made by the inmate and submitted to the Assistant Warden of Security using the Request for Special/ Extended Visit Form SEC-68. To allow for ample processing time, all requests must be made at least five (5) working days before the requested date of the visit.

B. All requests must contain the visitor's name, city and state of residence, date of birth, social security number, driver's license number, relationship to inmate and the requested date of the visit.

C. Verification of information will be in accordance with Department Regulation C-02-008.

D. The inmate is advised in writing as to the outcome of his request by the Assistant Warden of Security's office.


E. Only in an emergency will a special visit be granted over the phone.


A. Picnic visits will be allowed only for PRIDE members who are also Minimum A custody. Eligible inmates may have one picnic visit per month with visitors on their approved visiting list. Picnic visits are not considered "extra" visits. They count as one of the three visits per month allowed to PRIDE members.

B. Picnic visits are provided in two sessions of three hours each on regular visiting days as well as on PRIDE weekends. The first session will be from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and the second session from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. Due to limited space only 4 inmates and four (4) visitors each, including children, will be allowed per session.

C. Requests for picnic visits must be made five days in advance to the Unit Assistant Warden using form SEC-68. Upon approval the Unit Wardens will forward the request to the Asst. Warden of Security for final approval.

D. Food may be brought in with the following exceptions: beverages, fresh fruit, fruit salad, rum or fruit cake, or any other food that contains alcohol. All food must be in plastic or disposable containers. No ice chests or glass or metal containers/pans are allowed. Inmates are not allowed to carry any food out of the visiting room. Visitors are not allowed to dispose of leftover food at the prison. When the visit is completed, visitors are required to take any left over food, and the containers, with them when they leave.

E. In case of inclement weather the inmate and his visitors may continue their visit inside the visiting room, space permitting, until the end of the scheduled visiting session.


A. Non-contact/screened visitation may be provided to inmates who are housed in segregation and disciplinary units or who have been found guilty of a contraband-related violation relative to the visiting process.

B. Non-contact/screened visitation shall be provided to inmates who have been found guilty of drug related disciplinary charges including, but not limited to, contraband for possession of drugs and/or who have had a positive drug screen or a positive breathalyzer test, or who have refused to submit to a drug screen. The Assistant Warden of Security shall notify the visiting officer of any inmates who are to have non-contact visiting.

C. This restriction is reviewed by the Assistant Warden of Security every six months. The inmate shall be notified in writing of the results of the review and a copy of the review shall be sent to the visiting office and his institutional record. Restriction of contact visiting is not a disciplinary penalty.


Inmates assigned to Dixon Correctional Institute are allowed contact visits in accordance with Department Regulation C-02-008 and Inmate Posted Policy #12.


1. Inmates may greet visitors with a kiss and likewise may kiss their visitors goodbye. This should take place within the Visiting Room and must be in such a manner as not to offend other visitors or staff members. The kiss may only be a brief one which indicates fondness, not a lingering kiss.

2. Inmates may sit next to any of their visitors which may include being in contact with the visitor while sitting up side by side. Holding hands is permitted. Inmates may place their arms around a visitor's shoulder as a sign of fondness.

3. If the actions of the inmate and the visitor are such that respect is shown others who are watching, then most likely, the behavior is permitted.


1. Kissing during a visit is prohibited.
2. Touching other than hands or shoulders is forbidden.
3. Placing a leg over a visitor's leg or other such behavior is also prohibited.
4. Any behavior which would be considered offensive to the general public is prohibited.


1. Visitors shall be properly dressed. Individuals are considered improperly dressed when attired in any of the following:

a. cut-off pants
b. halter tops or tank tops
c. low-cut articles of clothing exposing the upper torso
d. see-through clothing
e. mini skirts
f. blue chambray shirts
g. blue jean overalls
h. gray or white sweatshirts
i. shorts less than 3 inches above the knee (females only)
j. camoflage clothing
k. no T-shirts may be worn: A T-shirt is defined as a shirt without a collar or buttons. Exception: Visitors under the age of 15 may be allowed to wear T-shirts that are not revealing or containing logo's which are sexual or racial.
l. males in shorts

2. female visitors may wear culottes and skorts; however, they must be no shorter than 3" above the knee. No form of seductive garments shall be allowed and appropriate undergarments (bra and panties) must be worn. If a dress is "see-through" a slip must be worn.

3. Male and female visitors will be allowed to wear blue jeans.


1. When visiting, inmates must be neat in dress and appearance. A list of approved clothing is as follows:

a. Blue chambray shirt
b. Gray or white sweatshirts and may include hoods and/or zippers
c. Approved blue jeans
d. Personal (not tennis shoes) or work shoes
e. Dress type slippers with socks
f. Blue denim jackets or state issue jackets

2. Approved jewelry for Visiting Room:

a. One ring
b. One watch

3. Non-allowable clothing for Visiting Room:

a. Modified personal or state clothing
b. Rubber boots
c. Shower shoes
d. Tennis shoes
e. Baseball caps
f. Items that would cause a delay in shakedown:
*head scarf
*multiple sweat shirts
*rolled up jeans
*double pair of socks


1. Visitors may purchase cokes or other vending machine items from the Visiting Room. Visitors may also purchase items over the counter from approved concessions. Inmates are not allowed to take any of these items back to the dormitories.

2. Pictures may be taken from the dormitory to the Visiting Room to be given to visitors. Only Polaroid pictures purchased in the Visiting Room may be transported from the Visiting Room back to the dormitory. Only certain poses will be allowed to be photographed in the visiting room. These approved poses are posted in the visiting room and can also be found in Inmate Posted Policy #12.

3. Hobbycraft may be taken to the Visiting Room to give to relatives or visitors, but may not be returned to the dormitory. The only inmates authorized to bring hobbycraft to the visiting room are those who are assigned to the hobbyshop.


1. Approved visitors who visit at Dixon Correctional Institute have to furnish positive picture identification each time they visit. This requirement must be met by anyone 15 years of age or older.

2. If any approved visitor (one who is on an inmate's visiting list) cannot furnish positive photo identification, the Security Shift Supervisor or Duty Officer may approve entrance into the Visiting Room provided that some other means of positive identification is provided.

3. Visitors are allowed the following items in the Visiting Room:

a. Picture Identification
b. Cash money for vending machines
c. Vehicle keys
d. Emergency medications, such as nitroglycerin (but must be left with the Visiting Desk Officer during visiting.)

4. Visitors are not allowed to bring money orders or cashier checks into the visiting room. Money orders and cashiers checks are to be given to personnel in the Visitor Processing Center for deposit into the inmate's account. All other items such as ladies purses, etc. must be kept locked in their vehicle during the visit.

5. A state vehicle is available to transport disabled and infirm visitors from the processing center to the sallyport and back.

Source: http://www.doc.louisiana.gov/dci/

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