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California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, Corcoran (SATF) Topic and discussion specific to CSATF- Substance Abuse Treatment Facility located at Corcoran State Prison in California.

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Old 01-27-2006, 09:27 AM
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Default CSATF State Prison Information Guide - Update 10/2010

Welcome to the CSATF handbook. Here you will find comprehensive information specifically for Corcoran State Prison and California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility at Corcoran.

History of CSATF

CSATF Contact Information

CSATF Approved Vendors for Special Purchases & Quarterly Packages

What you Can & Cannot Send to an Inmate at CSATF

CSATF Visiting Information

CSATF Family Visits Information

Hotels/Motels near CSATF

Restaurants near CSATF

Driving Directions to CSATF

Link to Title 15

CDC Inmate Locator Website

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Default History Of the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison - Mission Statement

The primary mission of the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison at Corcoran is to provide for the control, care and treatment of those inmates committed to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation by the courts. In conjunction with this mission, the prison will provide viable work and training programs for 100 percent of the general inmate population as well as provide a "therapeutic community" substance abuse treatment complex for 1,056 Level II inmates. The administrative segregation portion of this prison will provide safe and secure facilities to house the inmate population who through their prior actions have proven to be a threat to the security of the institution and/or the safety of staff or other inmates.

SATF was opened August 1997, and covers 280 acres.

Inmate Programs

PIA: None
Vocational: Air conditioning and refrigeration, auto body, auto mechanics (auto transmission, auto engine, auto tune-up), auto paint, building maintenance, carpentry, dry cleaning, electrical works, electronics (office machine repair and entertainment repair), graphic arts, technical illustration, janitorial services, landscape and gardening, masonry, mill and cabinet, office services, painting, plumbing, silk screening, small engine repair, upholstery, welding.
Academic: Adult Basic Education, High School/GED, Pre-Release, English as a Second Language, Literacy Program
Other: Religious, Arts in Corrections, Drug Treatment/Diversion

CSATF houses level II, III, IV, SATF and CTC.

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Default California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Contact Information

Address for writing to an inmate:

Inmate's name and CDC #
(Housing number)

Facility A & B
P.O. Box 5248
Facility C
P.O. Box 5246
Facility D & E
P.O. Box 5242
Facility F & G
P.O. Box 5248
Corcoran, CA 93212

Address for sending an inmate money orders:

Inmate's name and CDC #
(Housing number)
P.O. Box 5244 (Yards A-C)
P.O. Box 5242 (Yards D - G)
Corcoran, CA 93212

Address for sending an inmate books:

Inmate's name and CDC #
(Housing number)
900 Quebec Avenue
Corcoran, CA 93212

Please note that the books must be sent thru Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble....

Main telephone number for CSATF:


Option 1 for Visiting
Option 2 for Records
Option 3 for personnel
Option 4 for medical
Option 5 for Walden House
Option 6 for Phoenix House
Option 7 for Inmate property issue's
Ext. 4111 for the most recent update on facility status and follow the prompts for the yard the inmate is on.
Ext. 5042-Warehouse to check on packages

916-445-6713-Inmate locator or CDC Inmate Locator Website

800-374-8474-Visiting hotline

CSATF Ombudsman-Lonnie Jackson


Friends Outside:


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Default Approved Vendors To Send Inmate Special & Quartely Packages

Approved vendors to send an inmate quarterly packages for CSATF:

"This is the full CDCR list of approved vendors. Please note that one or more of the listed vendors may not be approved by this prison."

Approved Vendors

Calendar Year 2010
(Revised 2/24/10)

Access Securepak
P. O. Box 50028
Sparks, NV 89435-0028
Ph: (800) 546-6283

Mikes Better Shoes
1252 Berlin-Haddonfield Road
Voorhees, NJ 08043
Ph: (800) 431-1911

Music by Mail
129 31st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Ph: (718) 369-6982

Packages R Us
2648 East Workman Ave. #424
West Covina, CA 91791
Ph: (866) 303-7787

Union Supply Direct
P.O. Box 7006
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220-7006
Ph: (866) 404-8989

The Vitamin Outlet
Fitness Systems Mfg. Corp.
P.O. Box 2073
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
Ph: (800) 822-9995

1774 Industrial Way
Napa CA 94558
Ph: (800) 660-9255

Yellow Ribbon Online
580 N. Beach Street
Fort Worth, TX 76111
Ph: (866) 959-7426

Barnes & Noble

Special purchase's for TV's, radios, etc. are required to be approved before ordering. The inmate will need to fill out the special purchase form, have it approved and then send the approved form to the person who is ordering the special purchase. Also, when ordering these items the special purchase form needs to be sent to the vendor listed on the special purchase form, along with payment.

***Books (soft cover only) can be ordered thru Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

***CD's need to be ordered with a quartely package***

***Magazines can be ordered also, however they need to be directly sent from the vendor***

1st Quarter - January 1st thru March 31st

2nd Quarter - April 1st thru June 30th

3rd Quarter - July 1st thru September 30th

4th Quarter - October 1st thru December 31st

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Default Items You Can and Cannot Send to CSATF

Here is a list of items that is allowed to be mailed to CSATF:

1. Four writting tablets per mailing not to exceed 8.5" x 14" in size, white lined or yellow lined tablets (cardboard removed) only to a 13 ounce weight. NO stationary or drawing paper.
2. 40 White plain envelopes or 40 embossed envelopes per mailing. No colored or stationary envelopes.
3. 40 Manila envelopes not to exceed 8" x 10" in size with metal clasp removed.
4. 40 Self-adhesive postage stamps per mailing.
5. 10 Photocopied/internet printed pages per mailing.
6. 1 Calendar per mailing not to exceed 12" x 12: in size when open or 6" x 6" when closed. No spiral bound or calendars with cardboard backing.
7. Photos no larger than 8" x 10" in size. No framed photos, polaroids, laminated, plastic coated, negatives, or slides. No photo albums.
8. 10 Unused greeting cards per mailing. No musical, plastic, metal spiral bound or homemade cards. Greeting cards are not to exceed 8" x 10" in size.
9. 10 Blank or embossed post cards per mailing not to exceed 8" x 10" in size. No homemade post cards.
10. Typing paper: 500 sheets per mailing.
11. Money Orders (Made payable to the inmate & must include CDC #).
12. Magazine Subscriptions (must be mailed directly from vendor).
13. Letters

Items not allowed:

1. Pens or pencils.
2. Stickers or lipstick on the outside of envelopes or on paper.
3. Cards that have glitter on them.
4. Cash or Checks.
5. Colored Pens/Colored Pencils
6. Frontal Nudity Photo
7. Photos larger than 8" x 10".
8. Phone Calling Cards.
9. Nothing with wires or metal.

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Default Visiting Information For CSATF

Institution Name: CSATF-California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Yard Level: II, III, IV, SATF, CTC

Appointment Required: Appointments are not required for contact visits. However, for a non-contact visit including Administrative Segregation a appointment is required. You can make an appointment by calling 559-992-7100 ext 5712.You must make an appointment one week in advance.
Non-contact visits are one hour.
Note: There are times when a yard is allowed non-contact visits-no appointment is needed, it's first come first serve basis.

Must Line up to Obtain a Number: No

Parking Lot Line Up: No

Contact or Non-Contact: Both

Visiting Days and Hours: Saturdays & Sundays from 8:00am to 3:00pm.

*Friday visiting suspended indefinitely 7/17/09*

Length of Visit Allowed: Anywhere from 8:00am to 3:00pm, unless non-contact visit which is an hour. Also, they do terminate visits regularly to let others in..

Visiting Holidays: 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.

* Special Notes: The vending machines are always stocked, and re-stocked regularly. The variety of food is very good. They have coffee, soda, and food machines. There is patio for visiting. You can buy photo ducats when you are being processed to visit. They are $2.00 per ducet max of 3 ducets per visit.You are allowed a maximum of $50.00 per adult (quarters or $1.00 bills only), and $30.00 per each child.

The telephone number for CSATF is 559-992-7100.

Here is some additional information taken directly from the CDCR website.

Normal Visiting Schedules

Each institution/facility has established a visiting schedule, which
provides a minimum of 12 visiting hours
per week. Institution heads have developed a local operational
supplement, which includes their
respective visiting schedules as follows:

Visiting Days
Two Days: Saturday and Sunday

Any routine modification to visiting hours and/or days shall be posted
in areas accessible to visiting
participants at least two weeks prior to implementation. Inmates may
visit only during non-work/training
hours except as provided in Title 15 Section 3045.2.

Visiting On Five Major Holidays

Visitor Questionnaire Process

The inmate should sign a Visitor Questionnaire (CDC Form 106) and send
it to family members and
friends to visit. All adult visitors must complete the questionnaire and
return it to the Visiting Sergeant by
mail. The Visiting staff must approve the questionnaire before the
person may visit. This should take
approximately 30 working days. The CDC Form 106 must be filled out
completely and accurately.
Failure to provide all requested information might result in the request
being either denied or delayed.

Adult Visitors

The inmate will let each visitor know that they are approved. Any
visitor approved at one institution shall
be approved to visit the same inmate upon transfer to another
institution. A visitor may be required to
update the Visitor Questionnaire after 24 months.

Acceptable Identification

• A valid state driver's license with picture (not laminated).
• A valid state Department of Motor Vehicles Identification Card with
picture (not laminated).
• A valid Armed Forces Identification Card with picture.
• Identification Card issued by the United States Department of
Justice Immigration and
Naturalization Services with picture.
• Picture Passport.
• Picture identification Matricula Consular De Alta Seguridad (MCAS)
issued by the
Mexican Consulate.

Special note: If visiting with minor children, you must bring a
certified Birth Certificate for each accompanying minor. If you are not
the parent of the minor child, you must have written,notarized consent
from the child's parent/guardian to bring the minor to visit.

Visitor Attire

It is recommended that visitors dress conservatively and with the
following guidelines in mind.
Inappropriate attire will be reason to deny a visit. Any alteration to
clothing once a visitor is inside the
visiting area will be grounds for terminating the visit.

Prohibited Attire

• Clothing which, in any combination of shades or types of
material/fabric, resembles California
State-issued inmate clothing, blue denim or chambray shirts and blue
denim pants.
• Clothing that resembles law enforcement or military-type clothing,
including rain gear.
• Hats, wigs or hairpieces (except with prior written approval of the
Visiting Sergeant).
• Clothing that exposes the breast/chest area, genital area, or
• Dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts exposing more than two inches
above the knee, including slits
when standing.
• Sheer or transparent garments.
• Strapless or "spaghetti” strap tops.
• Clothing exposing the midriff area.
• Clothing or accessories displaying obscene or offensive language or
• Brassieres with metal under wires or any other detectable metal are
not permitted.

Allowable items:

• Identification Card.
• One Handkerchief, no bandannas.
• Tissue Pack, unopened.
• Clear Change Purse.
• $50 Per Adult and $20.00 Per Minor Visitor, in Coin or One Dollar
Bills Only.
• Comb or Brush.
• Two Keys On A Ring with No Attachments.
• 10 Photographs.
• Indian Medicine Bag, upon inspection and approval.
• Two small (less than 12 inches in length) solid toys.
• One Infant Carrier.
• Six Disposable Diapers.
• Factory-Sealed Baby Wipes.
• Two Transparent Plastic Baby Bottles of Pre-Mixed Formula/Milk/Juice
Per Baby.
• One Transparent Pacifier.
• Three Jars of Factory Sealed Baby Food and One Plastic Baby Spoon.
• One Single-Layer Baby Blanket.
• One Transparent Diaper Bag.
• One Change of Baby Clothing.
• One Single-Layer Burp Cloth.

Visitors may retain only life-sustaining, condition-stabilizing
medication with the prescribing
physician's written statement of its immediate need, and only in the
physician's prescribed amount
immediately required to sustain or stabilize the condition during the
visit. The physician’s written
statement shall include the physician’s medical license number,
address, and phone number.

All medication shall be in its original pharmacy container with the
patient's name, pharmacy, name of
medication, prescribed dosage, and the physician's name indicated on the
container's label.
Nonprescription medicine is not permitted.

Prohibited Items

• All tobacco and tobacco products.
• Food. All refreshments are to be purchased from the vending machines
located in the visiting
room, except Camps and Ranches.
• Chewing gum.
• Purses.
• Cameras.
• Pagers.
• Cell phones.
• Writing materials or books, unless approved prior to entering the
Visiting Room.

Visiting Room Procedures

Each visitor and inmate is responsible for his or her own conduct while
visiting. Violation of the rules
and regulations may result in termination, restriction, suspension, or
denial of visits. Additionally,
disciplinary action may be taken against the inmate. An inmate and
his/her visitor(s) are allowed to
briefly embrace and kiss at the beginning and end of their visit. An
inmate may hold his or her minor
children. Inmates may also hold minor children accompanied by an adult.
Children are to remain
under the direct supervision and control of the visiting parent or
guardian at all times. Holding hands
on top of the table in plain view is permitted, with no other physical
contact. Excessive contact,
(kissing, massaging, stroking, and sitting with legs intertwined or
sitting on laps) could result in
termination of the visit. Nursing mothers shall be discreet and covered
when breast-feeding their baby
in the visiting area. Failure to do so may result in termination of
visiting for that day. Inmates cannot
receive any items, gifts, money, jewelry, or documents during a visit.
However, the adult visitor may
ask for a pencil and notebook paper as needed. Smoking is not allowed in
the visiting rooms or
outside patios in the institutions at any time

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Default Family Visitinf Information for CSTAF

Some prisons are different but here is some info that pertains to most California Prisons:

The visitor(s) shall adhere to all institutional procedures and departmental regulations while on institutions grounds. Participation in the Family Visiting Program is restricted to immediate family members, unless a legal foster relationship exists. Immediate family members are defined as legal spouse of the inmate and the inmate's legal children, step children, siblings, parents, and grandparents.

Required Documentation Needed for Each Family Visit:

Proof of marriage shall be established by the inmate’s assigned Correctional Counselor prior to family visit being approved. A certified marriage certificate shall be required and presented to the Family Visiting Officer prior to each visit. A marriage certificate is required for both stepparents and the inmate’s wife. No Photostat copies will be accepted.

You must bring positive identification showing a photo for every visitor 18 years of age or over. Positive valid identification shall be one of the following. Drivers license, DMV Identification Card, passport, USINS card, military I.D. or other piece of governmental identification. The inmate's brother, sister, children and grandchildren (minors and adults) must present birth certificates prior to each family visit. Grandparents must bring verification of relationship prior to the family visit. This can be done presenting the inmate's birth certificate and the inmate's parent's certified birth certificate (the grandparent's child) to show family lineage. An inmate’s minor children visiting without their natural mother, must be accompanied by an approved adult visitor. Who must present a written notarized approval from the minor child's natural parent or legal guardian.

All certificates must be obtained through the county recorder's office and must be embossed or have inked county seat.

Authorized Property for Family Visits:

Visitors are authorized to possess the following items while participating in the family visiting program:

* One bag of clothing per visitor in clear bag. No suitcases are permitted.

* Soft bound books and magazines only (not to exceed ten)

* The visitor must provide washcloths and dishtowels. Bath towels will be provided by the institution.

Visitors with Children:

Disposable diapers only, baby powder, baby food, and formula may be brought into the institution in factory-sealed containers only. Children's toys shall be simple games, coloring books, colored or regular pencils, or crayons. Only searchable toys will be allowed in.

Food for Family Visits:

The inmate, through the institution, purchases all of the food for the family visits. All food items not consumed on the visit must be taken home with the visitor or disposed of in an approved manner. Nothing may be taken back into the institution by the inmate.

Special Note: Only prescribed medication will be allowed. All medication must be accompanied by the current prescription and is subject to prior approval by the Chief medical Officer (CMO). A letter from your doctor listing your medication must be returned with your confirmation. Any person(s) visiting the California Men’s Colony (CMC), on a family visit, who needs narcotic medication, or life sustaining medication(s) or life sustaining apparatus, must have prior approval to participate in the family visiting program. Approval can be obtained by having your physician submit a letter to the CMO or CMC to explain the extent of your medical problem and be in approval of your overnight visit to the prison. Failure to have prior written approval will result in your visit being denied upon arrival at the institution.



The same dress code applies for family visitors as regular visitors when entering and exiting the institution. Undergarments must be gender specific.

The following items are NOT allowed:
Clothing for inmates, garment bags, or hangers, blue denim jeans or jackets (male or female), sweats or jogging suits.

Cosmetics and basic hygiene:

The following cosmetic items listed are limited in quantity as to what is necessary for the duration of the visit. All items must be able to be searched with a limit of (5)

1. Makeup foundation 2. Blush 3. Eyeliner 4. Mascara 5. Lipstick

A spouse shall be permitted to bring into the institution a maximum of (10) commercially sealed condoms. All unused condoms shall be retained in their sealed containers and taken out of the institution by the visiting spouse. Under no circumstances shall an inmate be permitted to possess condoms outside of the family visiting quarters.


The following items must be factory sealed or in clear containers with clear contents (one of each) and must not contain alcohol and cannot be flammable:

1. Shampoo 2. Conditioner 3. Facial Cleanser 4. Toothpaste 5. Toothbrush 6. Bath Soap 7. Deodorant 8. Feminine hygiene 9. Lotion

All the items listed above depict those items that are authorized. Any items not listed above shall be considered unauthorized and will not be admitted into the institution.



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Default Hotels & Motels near Corcoran, CA

Here is a list of hotels/motels near Corcoran:

Budget Inn-559-992-3171
1224 Whitley Avenue
Corcoran, CA
Budget Inn offers discounts to people visiting inmates.
Corcoran Country Inn-559-992-5724
2111 Whitley Avenue
Corcoran, CA
Corcoran Country Inn offers discounts to people visiting inmates.
Hanford is not too far:

Comfort Inn-559-584-9300
10 N. Irwin Street
Hanford, CA

Irwin Street Inn-800-916-1693
522 N. Irwin Street
Hanford, CA

The Sequoia Inn-559-582-0338
1655 Mall Drive
Hanford, CA

Best Western Hanford Inn-800-434-6835
755 Cadillac Lane
Hanford, CA

Travel Haven Motel-559-584-4462
750 E. Lacey Blvd.
Hanford, CA

Also, Tulare is not far and is right off the 99 freeway:

Charter Inn & Suites-559-685-9500
1016 E. Prosperity Avenue
Tulare, CA

Quality Inn-559-686-3432
1010 E. Prosperity Avenue
Tulare, CA

Comfort Suites-559-687-1246
1021 N. Blackstone St.
Tulare, CA

Motel 6-559-686-1611
1111 N. Blackstone Drive
Tulare, CA

Best Western Town & Country Lodge-559-688-7537
1051 N. Blackstone St.
Tulare, CA

America's Best Value Inn-559-688-6671
1050 E. Rankin Road
Tulare, CA

There is alot more to do in Tulare and is only 20 minutes away from Corcoran...

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Default Places to Eat Around Corcoran, CA

Here is is list of retaurants located in Corcoran:

New China Restaurant-559-992-4789
900 Whitley Avenue
Corcoran, CA

Paradise Family Restaurant-559-992-0054
1220 Whitley Avenue
Corcoran, CA

1108 Whitley Avenue
Corcoran, CA

La Perlita Restaurant-559-992-4241
2045 Dairy Avenue
Corcoran, CA

Pizza Factory-559-992-3148
1117 Whitley Avenue
Corcoran, CA

Jalapenos Fresh Mexican Grill-559-992-4983
938 Chase Avenue
Corcoran, CA

Here is more located in Hanford:

Di Cicco's Italian Restaurant-559-584-9888
133 N 11th Avenue
Hanford, CA

La Playita Restaurant-559-585-1258
128 S 11th Avenue
Hanford, CA

402 N 11th Avenue
Hanford, CA

Old Firehouse Brew Pub-559-585-8104
215 N. Douty Street
Hanford, CA

The Purple Potato-559-587-4568
481 E. 7th Street
Hanford, CA

Jersey's Sport Bar & Grill-559-585-0123
113 Court Street
Hanford, CA

Lucy's Mexican Grill-559-589-0406
120 N. 11th Avenue
Hanford, CA

Here is more located in Tulare:

The Branding Iron Steakhouse-559-688-7535
27 N. Tower Square
Tulare, CA

Vejar's Mexican Restaurant-559-688-0355
1293 S. K Street
Tulare, CA

China Garden-559-687-9507
500 E. Tulare Avenue
Tulare, CA

Round Table Pizza-559-686-2222
150 E. Cross Avenue
Tulare, CA

795 E. Prosperity Avenue
Tulare, CA

Apple Annie's of Tulare-559-686-3411
1165 N. Blackstone Street
Tulare, CA

Of course there is McDonalds, Taco Bell, etc...You can't miss them!

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Default Driving Directions To CSATF

Driving Directions to CSATF:

From Southern California:

Take Highway 99 north, exit 190(Tipton/Porterville exit), Make a left onto the 190 (the 190 turns into Quebec Avenue), follow the 190 for about 13 miles. Prison will be on your right.

From Northern California:

Take Highway 99 South, merge onto CA-43 South (Hanford/Corcoran), Turn slight right onto 4th Avenue, Turn right onto Quebec Avenue. Prison will be on right.

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