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Old 05-23-2004, 03:50 PM
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Default War crimes against prisoners in Iraq, sample letter to the editor +

Dear Tom, et al,

Good day, all. Thanx for posting! I hope you and yours are well and will
continue to be. Cool. Good points. Excellent. Please, if not you, who, not here, where, not now, when; "we" can stop the blitzkrieg, only if we act. First, they say 6 people were abusers, then they were more, but only a few, then that they had a couple hundred photos and a video, now 1600 photos, etc.! There are probably 1700 in their possession, that means thousands of war crimes and abuse, by hundreds of personnel! The military are killing more
Iraqis to cover it up, we need Interpol and the U.N. to take over all the
investigations, before they start handing out the hush $! The G.O.P. is
pathologically lying for all to see and hear, yet, no nazi collaborating
dempublican even points it out; let alone impeaches anyone for it! They say
6, it's probably 600, instead! Since many prisons are involved, and these events were staged and made photographic evidence of for a "psychological operation against Islam", we can readily conclude that the hundreds of pieces of photographic evidence are only a part of the actuality of the scope of the war crimes!

sample letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

I am deeply concerned by recent allegations of torture and ill-treatment emerging from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Extensive research by Amnesty International suggests that this is not an isolated incident and that these reported violations have exacerbated an already fragile situation in Iraq. Amnesty International has interviewed former detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan who have reported being subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment during interrogation and detention, and has repeatedly brought this information to the attention of the US government. US government officials have yet to respond fully to these allegations.

Last year, you stated that, "torture anywhere is an affront to human dignity everywhere" and that "the United States is committed to the world-wide elimination of torture and [is] leading this fight by example." The torture and ill-treatment of Iraqi detainees at the hands of US military personnel runs contrary to your words and the tenets of US and international law. The implementation of US and international laws must be a priority for the United States if the Iraqi people are to live free of brutal and degrading practices. For Iraq to have a sustainable and peaceful future, human rights must be a central component of the way forward.

It is essential that the world community view the investigations as thorough and impartial, and that both those who commit such acts of torture and those in command who condone them are held accountable. For that reason, I urge you to support an independent investigation into these violations and public disclosure of the findings, and to cooperate with the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights and others as they gather information on these abuses.

Yours Truly, (your name, address, + daytime ph. number for verification)

Yet, not only are they meant as psychological operations against Islam,
they're intelligence operations against Americans and the world! Are you
all going to go along to get along as they want you to do? As well, for all
you do and don't, here's a underview of current left politics and latest on
war crimes, especially presidential race. To be honest, ever since the
Greens seemed to be not working with Nader, Noam went with Kucinich
(although, I support his Dept. of Peace initiative, etc.), etc., I've been
doing less with the Greens and more with the realer left; i.m.h.o.. Though,
people I respect are supporting Cobb, I also don't hear great things about
him. Yet, I'm wary of Camejo, as it's a real possibility that CA will go to
Bush, as it seems they're more interested in getting another Governor in the Whitehouse than saving the species (see 70 % of fornians voted remocrat of one kind or another in recall governor's race, while they say in the state it's a 60 % to 40 % ratio in favor of dempublicans); though, they might settle for Arnold in 2008? (God forbid), i.m.h.o.. I like what I read about Lorna, yet, haven't made up my mind. I like what I read about Leonard Peltier too! Al
Sharpton's still saying some great things too. Also, Nader's doing his
usual stand up job, though, I'm wary of anyone who is getting any support
from the almost remocrat reform party, etc..

Yet, just to prove this has only just begun GOP ordered war crimes,
"anyone not wit it wants US to lose" according to GOP! They may set up a
terrorist attack and thwart it , or just not prevent another one on purpose,
like they did with 9-11, in order to re-enthrone the emperor! Evolution is
not what we want it to be, it must become what it needs to be, sadly; the
alival of humanity almost the most relevant. Yes, violence is a delusional
construct, yet, non-violence is an illusion, as well. Yes, therefore,
non-violence is far better direction, though, except for Ghandis, Buddhas,
Muhameds, Christs, Einsteins, Degas, Jungs, Nerudas, et al., we can't only
realize the evolution through our co-creation. Maybe this is a lack of
study on our individual and collective parts, yet, it is so.

What will stop the emperor from using nuclear bombs in his blitzkrieg
is you and me, our blood, flesh, and if necessary, our death; nothing less.
The criminally insane, like rabid dogs, are only altered by good, etc.,
never healed, and seldom uplifted. "We, the people", are what have stalled
the krieg, and now, since a criminal draft might not go as they planned in
the US; they are setting their krieging sites on smaller game, Cuba, etc..
They never choose to be humane, they only choose to gain more rather than
less, or lose less rather than more, behind their shield of plausible
deniability. You can be what you want, I will be what it is that humanity
exists, regardless of their best laid plans.

When I speak of delusions, I don't think of anyone as deluded; I'm speaking
in universal generalities. Freud, who I disagree a lot with, said, "the
best of us are only healthy neurotics", all suffer from illusions at least,
if not some delusions. I don't make egoistic points on projecting holier
than though formulas that are perceived as perfect, ergo, by association,
making me look perfect, and compensatory, making me feel perfect.

With all the evolutionary leaders able to be 'sucked' to death in a minute
or less, by the psychic terrorism of the gov't, and similarly, a lot of
evolutionaries, we are living in the direst of times; and la machine's show
projects the opposite, "everything's going to be fine, because of the magic
of science, a la star trek"; so, it "behooves" me to assert a different
realism, other than their magical one. Ergo, the evolution, et al, while
real, no one has bothered to evoke it, as I have pour vous.

Remember, 30 billion years of creation is being undone by 400 years of
supposed science, every millisecond not realizing the evolution in its
utmost is possibly humanities' last chance lost, and they (la machine) 'use'
their every millisecond "suck" to determine the extinction; by determining
evolutionaries assassinations. For, it will be the ultimate organizing and
murdering tool, by seeming 'natural' disaster, and necessity of 'survival',
doing away with alival all together. There IS no time, friend, be. I am,
my life is only for the life, the evolution. Don't forget, one of the
reasons why they staged this "Psychological Operation" against Islam, and
this "Intelligence operation against US and the world, is to re-direct
attention away from their purposely not preventing 9-11; struggle on!

Yet, not only are you right when you say, " I think the message has gotten
across to many that; if one speaks up, speak in opposition to the war or to
Bush, then; one is a traitor.", is the message; and that's simply because
what the GOP is continually up to is crime, local, state, national, and
global. So, they must dictate that anyone not aiding and abetting their
crime is a traitor; for, their crimes are rampant, and if people weren't
terrorized by the GOP into silence, there's just no way that they could get
away with it all!

Yes, the power is determined to be in the executive branch by the GOP, yet,
it's becoming clearer to more people, day by day that, as Nancy Pelosi said,
the emperor obviously has no clothes; and his greed and avarice masked
behind his supposed messianic savior of the world projections, and all the
crimes that he has perpetrated in their name, are naked for the world to see
them for what they are! Reality is evident, and it's up to all of humanity
to do what "we" can about it; when we can.

Yes, so true. Yet, "we" can't underestimate the insipient nature of the
GOP's nazism. For example, yesterday on CNN, a dempublican politician was
being accused of "wanting the US to loose the war with Iraq", because he
supported full disclosure on the war crimes; they will spin 'til their heads
come off, "we" must continue to do all we can! As well, at least a portion
of the totalitarian conspiracy is conspiring with the republican conspiracy
(which includes dempublicans) in their anti-Islamic "unending war", which
tries to steer the left; so, "we" must do more than usual to get the war
crimes prosecuted!

Sy Hersh, in 'New Yorker', 'Rumsfeld Ordered Abu Ghraib Torture', in 8-03
t r u t h o u t | 05.16, Sy Hersh | 'Rumsfeld Ordered Abu Ghraib Torture'

All, what do you think? Lest "we" forget, if you don't exercise
responsibility, its Siamese sister, freedom, will wither, as well. Sadly,
now, it first needs to be exorcized before its exercised. Copy, share, as
you will. Viva la evolution! Music is life's song accompanying the abundance
of joy's Spring. Enjoy a vernal eve' as you can. I look forward to hearing
from you.

Matutinally Yours, james m nordlund reality (aja)

For those interested "of or pertaining to the morning, day: relating to
or happening in the morning or in the early part of the day (formal),
(Mid-16th century, from late Latin matutinalis, from Matuta, goddess of the
dawn.)" Disabled Greens News and discussion (own), Group home page
http://******************/group/DisabledGreensNews/ ,
Abuse in Therapy (own), Group homepage
http://health.******************/group/AbuseinTherapy/ Au revoir. "Painting
is poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting
which is heard but not seen." ~ Leonardo da Vinci
Addressing, not addressing them
have costs, the former is individual, and
the latter is global, as well.

Matutinally Yours,

james m nordlund reality (aja)
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