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Headed to Prison Dedicated to those who are facing incarceration. What to expect; what you can do to prepare; Q&A's; support.

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Old 01-09-2018, 04:25 AM
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Default My first felony

I have my court date next month, and am facing 1-3 years in prison. This is the first time I've been in any real trouble. I've been arrested before, and spent a few days in county jail, but nothing like this. Can anyone tell me what to expect?
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Old 01-09-2018, 07:55 AM
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Welcome to Prison Talk. Be sure to learn all you can before you are sentenced. Inmate etiquette will explain how you should carry yourself with the other inmates and the prison staff in order to minimize trouble. The Tennessee prison forums also have lots of information on how that system operates.
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Old 01-09-2018, 09:48 AM
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FBOPNOMORE is 100% correct! The most important thing you can do right now for yourself is get educated. My husband just got a new roommate yesterday who was sentenced to 33 months. The guy didn't even know anything about the RDAP program!!! If he did, he couldn't gotten into it and eligible to be out in a much shorter time. He can still try to get in it, but regardless, it makes a huge difference.

I don't know if you're felony is federal or not, but again, learn everything, be helpful, pay whatever restitution you can, even if it's a minute amount. Making the effort goes a long way. Start to better yourself, volunteer, seek help, therapy, drug rehab, AA, whatever you can do. There are free things you can do if you can't afford to pay for therapy. If you aren't educated, work to be educated by trying to be tutored yourself, etc. Show the Judge you care about improvement. Trust me, it means a lot in their eyes because it will show you genuinely care. Show remorse. Take accountability for your actions. It is not easy, but trust me, it can help you move on. It has listed a huge burden off our backs from day 1. We have worked to just put this behind us, and move forward with our lives.

My husband has said it is a joke the people who claim their innocence when in some cases it is quite obvious they're not.

Get a lawyer that knows what the hell they are doing, but there is also a ton of research you can do online!!
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Old 01-11-2018, 01:40 AM
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Don't panic. If you don't have much of a record there's a good chance you can get probation. If it's drug related rehab always looks good.
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Old 01-12-2018, 12:37 PM
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What got me in the most trouble is voicing an opinion that is different than the person telling you their opinion.

The most extreme event was this inmate was giving his opinion about killing his wife when he gets released. He was in a group of 5 or 6 inmates. Myself included. He got arrested and convicted for possession of a handgun 8 years (second offense). His story was that he got into a beef with someone on the street. He ran home to get his gun. Telling his wife he was going to kill this SOB. his wife begged him not to go back. He ignored the wife and left with the gun. The wife in a panic called the police,"My husband just left the house with a gun. He is going to hurt someone.". The police intercepted him on the way.

Now he is going to kill the wife for snitching on him.. Everybody there was agreeing with him one way or another. I didn't say a word. The story teller turned to me and asked for my opinion. Dumb dumb me gives him my opinion, "Well, it sounds like your wife did you a favor. Saved you 17 years. If you killed the guy you would most likely get 25 to life.". A few of the others saw my point and changed their opinion while laughing.

He was fit to be tied. If it wasn't for my bunkie I probably wouldn't be typing this post. He jumped between us and laid down the law.

My opinion and the change of opinion of the others embarrassed him.

From that point forward my opinion no matter what it was, was the same as the person asking for it.

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Old 01-15-2018, 11:48 PM
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Default Stay Off The Radar.

Hi Welcome,

Just don't panic, that is not a long bid even in a worst-case scenario. A few things I could advise: 1. Be yourself, as long as you are not a chomo or a rat you can be whatever u wanna be. We have nerds, gangsters, drug dealers etc etc and as long as they follow the code, they're all good. Prisoners can tell who is really a gangster and there is no need to be one. 2. Don't trust anybody, and becareful what you say. Show your sentencing minutes to your shot-caller and cellie don't let everybody get involved in your case. 3. Don't do drugs and don't gamble. 4. Understand that inmates run that place and have little contact with COs, if you must speak to one bring a member of your 'car' or any respected convict with you ALWAYS. 4. Order a copy of your up to date court docket and sentencing minutes and have your lawyer send them to you in the legal mail ASAP, that is no joke brother.

Please feel free to inbox me if you want some other advice or just ask away here.

I wish you all the best.
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