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Old 05-10-2004, 09:12 AM
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Default Cedar Creek Corrections Center

Official DOC website for Cedar Creek: http://www.doc.wa.gov/facilities/prison/cccc/

Cedar Creek Corrections Center

12200 Bordeaux Road SW
Post Office Box 37
Littlerock, WA 98556

Cedar Creek Corrections Center is located near Littlerock, Washington, approximately 23 miles Southwest of Olympia, in the Capitol Forest. The facility is located on a 38-acre site with a capacity of 400 offenders. The property and building are leased from the department of Natural Resources.

Cedar Creek Corrections Center is a minimum custody (MI2) institution for male offenders over the age of 18. Offenders must have four years or less remaining on their sentence to be eligible. There are two living units (Cascade and Olympic) and one programming unit (Timberline) which accommodates education, chemical dependency, the offender library, and other programs. All inmates are required to work and/or program.

Cedar Creek is considered a "work camp" and in addition to on-site job assignments, inmate crews work for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) performing work such as tree planting, land clearing, forest fire fighting, stream restoration, development of parks and trails and other work projects. The Department of Natural resources provides appropriate training to Cedar Creek offenders assigned to their work crew.


Cedar Creek Corrections Center offers programming to prepare offenders for their return to the community as productive citizens.


Offenders are required to work six and a half to ten hours per day. Offenders must use their earned wages to purchase personal hygiene supplies, writing materials, pay court costs and fines, victim/witness compensation, deductions, cost of incarceration, family support, and personal items. Offenders are required to pay a participation fee for healthcare, recreation, and extended family visiting programs. Offenders may earn up to $55 per month, which assists in paying restitution to victims, local and state criminal justice agencies and providing support to families. At-facility support jobs include custodial, grounds keeping, food service, heavy equipment operations, laundry, mechanical, carpentry, welding, construction, plant maintenance, warehouse, barber, and clerks.

Correctional Industries:

Correctional Industries employment is paid in accordance with Washington state prevailing wage laws. Industries offenders are mandated per Washington statute to pay a percentage of their earnings to cover their incarceration costs, victim/witness compensation, mandatory savings, taxes, and legal financial obligations. The Industries job currently available at Cedar Creek is asbestos abatement.

Department of Natural Resources (DNR):

Approximately 180 offenders work on Department of Natural Resource crews when the facility is at full capacity. The crews provide the following services annually to areas covering Alder Lake to the Southeast, Seaquest State Park to the south, Aberdeen to the west, Potlatch State Park and the Nisqually River to the north:

Planted 2,000-2,700 acres with Douglas fir seedlings.

Cut out competing vegetation on 2,000-2,500 acres of young tree plantations.

Pre-commercial thinned 1,200-1,500 acres of Douglas fir plantations.

Spent 90-150 days on wildland fire suppression,

Operated a fire kitchen capable of serving 100-1,400 fire fighters per meal.

Maintained nearly 200 miles of Capitol Forest recreation trail.

Maintained 18 DNR recreation sites.

Pulled tansy from 150 miles of Capitol Forest roads.

Constructed 15-20 gates for controlling forest road traffic.

Constructed 400-500 state signs; fire control signs, etc.

Constructed approximately 100 carpentry projects; picnic tables, work centers, storage cabinets, bird boxes, etc.

Manufactured 25,000-30,000 board feet of lumber.

Community Work Crews:

Approximately 40 offenders are assigned to Community Work Crews providing non-profit services to the local community. Community projects include:

Assist with maintenance of local fire districts and schools

Maintain Little League Ball fields

Assist the Department of Transportation in cleaning transient areas and alongside highways,

Clean-up and planting for Mason County Conservation

Clean-up of buildings, sidewalks and structures for General Administration

Preparation of community garden for the Kiwanis Club

And continuous requests for assistance with new projects.

Additional jobs allow forty offenders to provide assistance to two major correctional facilities, Stafford Creek and Washington Corrections Center. The jobs include running the wastewater treatment plants, recycling centers, motor pool, warehouses, general maintenance and construction, janitorial and grounds work in the outer perimeter areas, and any other projects that require being in the outer perimeter areas.


Cedar Creek Corrections Center contracts with Pierce College to provide education services. Instructors offer classes serving approximately 130 students per quarter. Classes are offered during the day, evenings, and on weekends so offenders can work full-time. Classes are geared to prepare offenders for at-facility jobs and for returning to the community. Course offerings include:

Adult Basic Education (ABE): Teaches skills in reading writing, and math to individuals who test at grade levels 0-8.9.

English as a Second Language (ESL): Allows non-English speaking offenders an opportunity to develop English speaking and writing skills. This course is required for non-English speaking offenders prior to their being assigned to DNR or CI crews and assists offenders with their adjustment to incarceration and enhances communication.

General Education Development (GED): Prepares offenders to pass all parts of the GED test, which demonstrates a level of learning comparable to that of a high school graduate in specific curriculum areas.

Basic Computer Education: Teaches basic word processing, data base management, spreadsheets, and DOS used by offenders in their various job assignments. Offenders may gain additional experience by completing projects for the facility as well as for community agencies.

Job Readiness: Teaches skills necessary for workplace success including components such as industrial safety, job dynamics, computer basics, and self-management for work for special needs.

Certification Programs: There are various certificate programs such as DNR and Culinary Arts offered through Pierce College. The Culinary Arts students provide catering services to state agencies. The Wastewater Treatment Plant provides operator certification. Additionally, a Building Maintenance Certification program provides instruction in various aspects of construction and building maintenance to prepare offenders for employment as general repair and maintenance laborers. The course includes instruction in safety, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, project tracking, janitorial, and AutoCAD applications.

RELIGIOUS SERVICES: The facility has several volunteer religious groups including Muslim, Protestant, Jehovah's Witness, Native American, and Catholic (English and Spanish). These groups conduct services, religious studies, and counseling. CCCC has a full-time chaplain who coordinates all religious activities, as well as a contract Catholic chaplain.


Moral Reconation Therapy: This program teaches decision making from a moral perspective. The program works on reshaping an individual's thinking patterns in conjunction with behavior modification. This program has proven to be a very effective behavior modification tool nationwide.

Stress/Anger Management: This program focuses on an offender's past; the family atmosphere in which they were raised, their role models, and how it all has affected them. They are taught ways to break the cycle of violence and techniques to aid in stress management. Offenders are required to chart an anger episode and review it to determine when they could have stopped the anger. The program teaches application of the principles learned to life outside of prison.

Victim Awareness: This program teaches offenders the financial, emotional, and physical impact of their behavior on their victims. They learn the ripple effect of their actions. Offenders are brought face to face with crime victims, allowing the victims to express how criminal behavior impacted their lives.

Parenting Class: Fathers and Families - Parenting Beyond the Bars is an eight-week course that focuses on:

Building family relationships while incarcerated

Participating in your child's education beyond bars

Meeting a child's emotional needs while parenting beyond bars

Offender Speakout Programs: Offenders are chosen to speak to various outside community groups, schools, and organizations. They discuss their circumstances, behaviors, decisions, and the results, which led to their incarceration. This program requires honesty and accountability for their behavior and serves to divert youth from criminal lifestyles and poor decisions.

CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY (CD) TREATMENT: This twelve-week program addresses issues such as one another's individual personalities, chemical dependency education services, alcohol/drug information school, criminal thinking errors, personal responsibility, how people think, relationships, belief systems, and families. Once completed, offenders must participate in a 24-week continuing care component. Seventy-five percent of our population has substance abuse issues to overcome.

VOLUNTEERS: There are many different volunteers who offer programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, religious activities, hobby crafts, and sport activities.

RECREATION: The goal of the recreation department is to promote wellness and physical fitness. Cedar Creek Corrections Center has a gym, weight room, activity field, jogging track, and music program. The weightlifting, hobby craft, and music programs require the offender to pay a quarterly participation fee. A wide variety of sports and athletic activities are available for offenders. Participation in the hobby crafts program is also encouraged.

From the WA DOC web site: http://www.doc.wa.gov/

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Old 12-09-2004, 02:36 AM
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Default Hotels and Motels

Here is a list of hotels and motels that I found on Yahoo. There are all in the Centralia area, which is about 20 minutes South of Cedar Creek. If anyone knows of anymore, please feel free to post them here.

Econo Lodge Centralia
702 Harrison Ave
Centralia, WA
Phone: 360-736-2875
Price: $40.00 - $80.00

King Oscar Motel
1049 Eckerson Rd
Centralia, WA
Phone: 360-736-1661
Price: $50.00 - $75.00

Peppertree West Motor Inn & RV Park
1208 Alder St
Centralia, WA
Phone: 360-736-1124
Price: $35.00 - $46.00

1325 Lakeshore Dr
Centralia, WA
Phone: 360-736-9344
Price: $50.00 - $70.00
Old 12-09-2004, 09:56 PM
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Default Pierce College and Cedar Creek Corrections Center


The Cedar Creek Corrections Center is a minimum security work facility located approximately 20 miles south of Olympia in the heart of the Capitol Forest. 90% of the inmates at this Minimum Security Work Facility work full-time with the Department of Natural Resources Forestry Crew or at various off-site and in-camp manual labor.

Pierce College operates the Education Program. Our offerings include:
  • Basic Skills and GED Preparation and testing
  • Vocational Skills Training
    • Building Maintenance - 9 week full time course teaching the basics of plumbing, carpentry, HVAC, electricity, and Industrial Safety
    • Computer Applications - Windows and MS Office suite of applications
  • Anger and Stress Management
  • Victim Awareness Education Program
Old 12-09-2004, 09:58 PM
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Howard Nason , Chaplain


Tel.: 360-753-7278
Send email to this ministry
World Wide Web Site:

PO Box 37
United States

Our denomination/church

Denomination to be specified

This ministry is listed in categories:

1. Chaplains (volunteer)

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Old 04-26-2006, 08:24 PM
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Driving directions:
Cedar Creek Corrections Center 1 Bordeaux Road, Littlerock, WA 98556 (360) 753-7278
From I-5 take Maytown-Littlerock exit (#95) and go toward Littlerock. Go through Littlerock past the fire station and Littlerock Grocery. At the top of the hill, take a left onto Mima Road. Travel about 1 mile and take a right onto Bordeaux Road. This is a DNR road. Stay to the left whenever there is a "Y" in the road. CCCC is located about 5 miles down Bordeaux Rd on the right. The CCCC Administration Bldg is located at the second entrance about 1/4 mile past the first entrance. Check in at the Administration Building.
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I noticed that Cedar creek updated some of the visiting rules and visiter forms in Oct 2008. And te DOC updated their site also recently.
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