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Old 02-27-2005, 03:43 PM
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Default Police Give A Name To The Face Of Evil

Dennis L. Rader
(Suspected BTK Killer)
Captured, Feb 25, 2005
Police Give A Name To The Face Of Evil

Police Chief Norman Williams announced that BTK is in custody
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More capture videosWichita Police say the BTK Killer is 59-year-old Dennis L. Rader. We are learning more about Rader's life. He's a married father of two and is a compliance officer for Park City, Kansas. That means the man police say is BTK spent his days enforcing municipal regulations. According to the city's website, the compliance officers deal with "animal control, housing problems, zoning, general permit enforcement and a variety of nuisance cases." Rader is also a cub scout troop leader and president of his church. Neighbors report him as being sometimes helpful, but also prickly and easily irritated. A neighbor whose property is adjacent says Rader would frequently take photographs of her property in attempts to find reasons to issue citations. Other neighbors report that Rader had an ongoing concern as to whether their lawns were maintained to his standards.

Wichita TV station KAKE reports that a DNA match came through Rader's daughter, but the way that DNA was obtained is unclear.

The AMW Forums are buzzing with Wichitians sharing their knowledge of Dennis Rader.

New Murders Chalked Up To BTK
As of Saturday, no formal charges had been filed against Rader. However, police indicate that he was arrested for the murders of Joseph Otero, Julie Otero, Josephine Otero, Joseph Otero, Jr., Kathryn Bright, Shirley Vian, Nancy Fox, and Vicki Wegerle.

Police also said they now consider two other Wichita area murders closed cases.

On April 27, 1985, Marine Hedge was abducted from her home in Park City, Kan. Her body was found eight days later. She had been strangled and a knotted pair of pantyhose was found nearby.

Marine lived just three doors down from Dennis Rader in Park City.
On January 19, 1991 Delores Davis, 62, was abducted from her home. She was found 13 days later under a bridge in rural Sedgwick County. She had been strangled and bound with pantyhose. Delores lived in Park City.

While there is no statute of limitations for homicide, the death penalty would not apply to any of the murders currently associated with BTK, because Kansas did not have a death penalty until 1994.
Comparing BTK's Clues To Dennis Rader
Police long suspected that BTK had a tie to Wichita State University and professor P.J. Wyatt. Dennis Rader received a degree in administrative justice from WSU in 1979. But did he know Professor Wyatt? Here's a schedule of her classes from the 1970's.

In December, police released a list of clues to BTK's identity. They were based on actual communications from BTK in which he revealed "facts" about himself. How accurate were those facts? Check out AMW's gallery of clues. BTK claimed to have been born in 1939. Dennis Rader's birthday is March 9, 1945. Do any of the facts hold up?
BTK's Media Blitz

Dennis Rader's license photoOn January 25, 2005, Wichita TV station, KAKE received a postcard that led police to discover an imaginative communication from serial killer, BTK. It was a box of Post Toasties left propped against a sign post in rural Sedgwick County, Kan. At the time, KAKE shared images of both postcard and the cereal box that were carefully edited to protect certain information.

Communication #8 - Details

The postcard contained the term, "C-9" Possibly a reference to a Communication #9?
The postcard also contained the word, "jewelry." Could the cereal box have contained jewelry? So far, police aren't revealing the box's contents.

Communication #11?

On Tuesday February 16, 2005, a package arrived at the front desk of KSAS-TV in Wichita. KSAS is a Fox station, but does not have a local newscast in the Wichita area. Reports say when the package was opened, there were some signs that it was from BTK. Police were notified and came to pick up the package. They are not commenting on the package except to say that it has been sent to the lab for further testing.

KAKE and KSAS have reported that the package was a padded manilla envelope smaller than 8 x 10 in size. The return address on the package was typewritten on a white label -- P.J. Fox 316 N. West St The stations also report that one of the items in the package was a necklace. On January 5, Wichita Police asked the public's help in finding Nancy Fox's necklace. Sources say that the necklace received by KSAS is not that necklace.

What About Communication #10?

If the package received by KSAS is indeed from BTK and is indeed Communication #11, then where is Communication #10? So far, police have not commented publicly.

Postcards To KAKE

February 3 seemed like an ordinary day in the hunt for BTK. At KAKE TV it was business as usual -- just a week earlier they had covered a flurry of activity in the BTK case. Surely, no one would hear from BTK for a while, right? Wrong.

KAKE received yet another postcard -- apparently from BTK. Once again, the brief postcard was written in memo form, but this time BTK seemed downright personable. He gives kudos, thanking the staff for their "quick response on # 7 and 8" and he thanks the news team for "their efforts." Lastly, he sends condolences for anchors, Susan Peters and Jeff Herndon's colds.

The postcard also contained a message for Wichita Police. It was labeled "Business Issues."

The first postcard received by KAKE came on January 25 -- ten days after the 31st anniversary of the murders of four members of the Otero family. The return address was 803 N. Edgemoor in Wichita -- the address where the Otero family members were murdered on January 15, 1974. Above the return address was the name, S. Killett.

The postcard reportedly told KAKE-TV where to find Communication Number Eight. It was written in memo form, exactly as below (spelling and typographical errors intact):

Date: Week of 1-17-2005

Where: Between 69th N and 77th N Seneca St.

Contents : Post Tosties Box

The Seneca Street location is in rural Sedgwick County, Kansas. Sure enough, there leaning against a sign and weighted down with a brick was a box of Post Toasties Cereal. Is BTK really such a flaky prankster? Police submitted the postcard, the box and its contents to the FBI labs for authentication.

The postcard also inquired as to whether Communication Number Seven had been located yet. Police now are saying that they did find the communication on January 26th, a day after the postcard was received at the TV station. However, they are not divulging what it contained or where it was ultimately recovered.

These last two communications come on the heels of an important revelation about the investigation. On January 21st, Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams finally broke his silence on the BTK investigation and sent a letter to the Wichita Eagle. In his note, Chief Williams acknowledged for the first time that police have taken DNA swabs as part of the serial killer investigation. Other law enforcement sources have also stated publicly that approximately 4,000 men have been tested.

Although the Wichita Police Department has never said whether or not DNA was found at any of the murder scenes, it now is apparent that there has been some biological evidence left behind at those scenes.

How It All Began

The story of BTK begins in 1974 when an unsuspecting 15-year-old boy arrived home from school.

It was January 15, 1974. Charlie Otero, the oldest of five children, arrived at his family's house and walked into a child's worst nightmare. His father, Joseph Otero was lying bound and strangled on his bedroom floor (although it has been falsely reported that he was on the bed) and his mother, Julie was bound and strangled on the bed. Charlie ran out of the house crying for help.

When police arrived, a search of the house uncovered something even more horrifying. Charlie's 9-year-old brother Joseph was found strangled in his bedroom, a plastic bag around his head. His 11-year-old sister Josephine was found hanging from a pipe in the basement. She was partially nude.

All four family members had been tied at the ankles and wrists by cord from venetian blinds. They had not only been killed, but apparently tortured and slowly strangled to death. Surprisingly, none of the victims had any defensive wounds. The only item missing was Joseph Otero's watch.

At the hands of a madman, Charlie Otero, was now an orphan. It was without a doubt the worst crime Wichita police had ever seen.

For the next few months detectives followed leads and searched for clues, but came up empty handed.

Less than three months later, on April 4, 1974, 21-year-old Kathryn Bright was found bound and stabbed to death in her home. She had multiple wounds to her stomach and ligature marks on her neck. At first there was nothing to link it to the Otero murders.

In October 1974, the Wichita Eagle-Beacon newspaper received an anonymous call from a man claiming to have killed the Otero family. He told the editor he had left a letter at the Wichita Public Library in a book on mechancial engineering.

The editor found the letter, filled with numerous misspellings. In the letter the writer took responsibility for the Otero murders, but claimed he couldn't help himself, that a monster took over. He provided gruesome details about the killings that only the cops knew.

It was indeed a letter from the Otero's killer. Intent on keeping his identity a secret he wrote "The code words for me will be...Bind them, Torture them, Kill them." Thus was born, the BTK killer.

The letter also included a chilling threat, that when the urge struck him, he would kill again.

"I'm sorry this happened to society... It's hard for me to control myself. When this monster entered my brain, I will never know."
A Monster Walking Amongst Them

Shirley VianTwo years later, the BTK killer returned.

On March 17, 1977, the killer entered the home of 26-year old Shirley Vian, locked her three children in the bathroom and then strangled her. The children were able to unlock the door and run for help, but sadly it was too late. Shirley became BTK's sixth victim.

Even with this sighting, police still had no solid leads as to BTK's identity, but they were learning more about his brazen M.O. Like the Otero family, the daylight attack appeared to have been premeditated. The killer had stopped one of Shirley's sons on the street earlier that morning, asking for directions.

All police could do was hope that BTK would slip up or go into retirement. For the next nine months it appeared that BTK may have stopped his spree. There were no anonymous calls or letters bragging of his handiwork or similar murders reported. But, police weren't so lucky.

On December 8, 1977, a man called police from a local pay phone and matter of factly reported a homicide at 843 South Pershing. When police rushed to the address they found the body of 25-year old, Nancy Fox. She had been bound and strangled with a nylon stocking. The killer had gained entry by breaking a window to her house. Nancy Fox became BTK's seventh victim.

This time police thought they finally had a break in the case. They had BTK's voice on audio tape now because of his 911 call. Extensive testing was done, but the killer's voice was so cleverly distorted that voice analysis was unsuccessful. Police were frustrated. All they could do was hope that BTK would try to contact them again.

He did, a year later.

On February 10, 1978, BTK sent perhaps his most chililng letter to a Wichita television station, KAKE TV. In the letter he claims seven victims. Part of that letter was broadcast over the air to the public:

How many people do I have to kill before I get a name in the paper or some national attention?

It's hard for me to control myself. When this monster entered my brain, I will never know. Maybe you can stop him. I can't.

And then speaking about himself in the third person, BKT wrote, "He has already chosen his next victim."

The people of Wichita were terrified, there was a monster walking amongst them. They installed alarms in their homes and checked their phone lines every night. Police received several calls a night from women who were afraid BTK was in their closet. Police took every call seriously. They didn't know where BTK would strike again.

Two years later, on the night of April 28, 1979, BTK went for his eighth victim. Detectives say he broke into a home on the 600 block of South Pinecrest and waited for the woman to return. They speculate he got tired of waiting and left, because he later sent the woman a letter letting her know that he had been there -- and how lucky she was she was still alive.

Then for 25 years, nothing. Wichita breathed a sigh of relief that BTK's trail of blood had ended.

A Serial Killer Is Reborn

One of BTK's victims being removedWill He Kill Again?

On March 19, 2004, thirty years after the Otero family murders, the Wichita Eagle received a letter containing photocopied pictures of a dead woman and the driver's license of Vicki Wegerle.

In September 1986, Vicki had been strangled in her home. The only item missing from her house was her driver's license. At the time, police did not think she was a victim of BTK. She is now identifed as victim number eight.

The BTK case was reopened in full force by the Wichita police and the letter was quickly authenticated as a communication from the serial killer.

The photos were identified as the actual scene of Vicki Wegerle's murder. As the police long suspected, BTK took photos of his victims, photos that almost resembled crime scene pictures, enabling him to recreate the killings in his mind and in his rambling letters.

The letter also included an interesting return address:

Bill Thomas Killman 1684 S. Oldmanor, Wichita, KS 67218.

BTK was having fun with the Wichita police. The address was traced back to a vacant home.

On May 5, 2004, the Wichita television station KAKE received a letter from BTK. As first reported on America's Most Wanted the letter contained a word puzzle that revealed clues to some of BTK's killings.

The letter also contained photocopies of two ID cards, one for a Southwestern Bell worker and another for a former employee of the Wichita schools. Again, as police long suspected, perhaps BTK had used some kind of fake id to gain entry into his victim's homes.

Could BTK be providing new leads to his identity? Is it his way of turning himself in?

Wichita detectives are tight lipped about the third letter they received in June 2004. So far all is known about that letter is that BTK provides more grizzly details about the Otero family murders.

October 2004 brought yet another letter -- this one was left in a UPS drop box at Wichita's Omni Center. One month later, Wichita Police released a series of clues that they culled from his 2004 letters.

December 2004 a package-- this one was addressed to no one in particular and left abandoned near a tree at Murdock Park in downtown Wichita. The package was wrapped in a plastic bag, secured by rubber bands and included inside was what appeared to be murder victim Nancy Fox's driver's license.

Why was BTK silent for so long? And why has he come out of the shadows now? Police are hopeful that these new clues along with advances in technology will help them identify BTK and end this 30-year-old nightmare.

Information valid as of last update.
Murder, Wichita, KS; Dec 08, 1977

Feb 26, 2005 "Bottom Line: BTK is Arrested

Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams starts a press conference off news of the arrest of Dennia Rader aka, BTK.

Police announce that they associate him with two murders previously classifed as unsolved in addition to the eight already pegged on BTK.

Feb 25, 2005 Arrest!

A task force including Wichita Police, FBI, and KBI agents pull Dennis Rader over -- ostensibly for a vehicle violation. They are able to take him into custody without incident.

The task force searches Rader's home his office and the church where he is a president. They leave each location with boxes of evidence.

Feb 16, 2005 KSAS Package

Wichita TV station KSAS receives a package from BTK. It's a padded manilla envelope smaller than 8 x 10 in size. The return address on the package was typewritten on a white label -- P.J. Fox 316 N. West St.

Feb 03, 2005 Another Postcard To KAKE

KAKE-TV receives yet another postcard. The return address this time is KAKE's address. The sender's name is given as "Happ Kakemann"

The card includes kudos to KAKE's staff for their "efforts."

Jan 25, 2005 Communication #8

KAKE-TV receives another missive--a postcard with the Otero home written as the return address. The postcard led the station crew and Wichita police to a Post Toasties cereal box that had been altered to contain the letters, "BTK". The message was dubbed by the postcard's author as "Communication #8," and mentioned a seventh message that has not been found.

Jan 21, 2005 Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams acknowledges in a letter to the local newspaper that BTK investigators are swabbing for DNA.

Jan 15, 2005 The 31st anniversary of the Otero family murders -- BTK has displayed a pattern of sending his communications around anniversaries of the dates of his killings.

Jan 2005 Communication #7

BTK's seventh message not found on time? According to a postcard received by KAKE-TV on Jan. 25, a seventh communication from BTK had still not been found by late January.

The postcard that KAKE received claimed to be "Communication #8" from BTK. Working off of instructions on the postcard, police recovered the seventh package on January 26th. They have not revealed to the public what the packaged contained or where and how it was recovered.

Jan 05, 2005 Wichita Police hold news conference and ask the public for help in locating a necklace. Police say that BTK indicated in his letters that he took a necklace from Nancy Fox after he murdered her. Police believe that BTK may have given that necklace to a woman he was dating in 1977 or early 1978. The necklace is described as a gold chain with two vertically set pearls.

Dec 13, 2004 Communication #6

Police recover a package that was left in Murdock Park in Wichita. They say a local citizen was walking through the park when he found the plastic bag. Police believe the package is from BTK. Police say inside they found what appears to be the driver's license of Nancy Fox.

Nov 30, 2004 Police release certain background information and clues about BTK. Police say in his letters he gives clues to his identity, such as the year he was born and places he may have lived.

Oct 21, 2004 Communication #5

A BTK letter was found at the UPS drop box in an office complex at the Omni Center, 250 North Kansas Street. Police say it contained some biographical information on BTK.

Aug 26, 2004 Wichita Police Department releases a second poem that BTK sent them titled Oh Anna Why Didn't You Appear . This letter was sent back in of June of 1979 to KAKE- TV.

Aug 20, 2004 Wichita Police Department releases the poem Oh, Death To Nancy. The poem was sent to KAKE- TV back in February 1978. In the poem BTK takes responsibility for the murder of Nancy Fox.

Jul 17, 2004 Communication #4

BTK leaves his fourth letter in the drop off box of the main branch of the Wichita Public Library. Police say a worker there found the letter and called police.

Jun 01, 2004 Communication #3

Police received a third letter from BTK. They say it contained writings about the Otero murders.

May 05, 2004 Communication #2

KAKE- TV receives a second letter from BTK. The letter contained a word search puzzle with words pertaining to BTK's mo, and I.D.

The letter also contained photocopies of two id cards, one for a Southwestern Bell worker and another for a former employee of the Wichita schools.

Mar 19, 2004 Communication #1

A letter arrives at the Wichita Eagle containing a single sheet of paper. The paper is a photocopy of Vicki Wegerle's driver's license and three pictures of the crime scene that apparently were taken by the killer. Police reopen the investigation.

Sep 16, 1986 Vicki Wegerle, 28, is strangled in her home at 2404 W. 13th Street, but it will be 30 years before BTK takes responsibility for her murder.

1983 new investigation on the BTK is opened by a group known as "The Ghostbusters," who spends three years employing new techniques including serology testing, and computer database searches. But police turn up nothing.

1980 The BTK killer lays low. Nothing happens with the case as far as police know.

Jun 15, 1979 BTK sends Anna Williams a poem titled Oh Anna Why Didn't You Appear . He tells Anna how lucky she was that she was late returning home. The poem, however, would not be released to the public until August 26, 2004.

Apr 28, 1979 The killer waits inside a home at 615 South Pinecrest, but leaves before 63 year old Anna Williams returns. He later sends the woman a letter letting her know that he was there. This is the poem "Oh Anna, Why Didn't You Appear" that police released to the public on August 26, 2004.

Feb 10, 1978 Communication #1

A letter from BTK arrives at KAKE T.V. claiming responsibility for the deaths of Vian and Fox, as well as another unnamed victim. This is the poem "OH! Death To Nancy " that police released to the public on August 20, 2004.

Jan 31, 1978 A poem written with a child's printing set on an index card arrives at The Wichita Eagle-Beacon. The poem, which is patterned after a "Curley Locks" nursery rhyme, refers to the Vian Homicide. Police have never released this poem to the public. Sources say the poem was copied from "Games" puzzle magazine.

Dec 08, 1977 Police receive a 911 call from a downtown pay phone from BTK. His voice is captured, but is too distorted to perform a voice analysis.

Dec 08, 1977 Nancy Fox, 25, is found strangled to death in her home at 843 S. Pershing. Police learned of her death from BTK himself, when he placed a 911 call from a pay phone. BTK would later write a poem "Oh Death To Nancy" and send it to the KAKE-TV. The poem wasn't released to the public until August 20, 2004.

Mar 17, 1977 Shirley Vian, 26, is found dead, tied up and strangled in her house at 1311 S. Hydraulic.Police say BTK locked her three young children in the bathroom and then strangled her to death. The children were unharmed.

Oct 1974 The Wichita Eagle-Beacon receives an anonymous call presumably from the killer himself. The caller directed the reporter to a mechanical engineering textbook in the Wichita public Library. Police found a letter with numerous misspellings, claiming credit for the killings of the Otero killings. He also promised that there would be more to come.

Apr 04, 1974 Kathryn Bright, 21, is stabbed to death in her home at 3217 E. 13th Street. Police later conclude she was a BTK victim. Her brother, Kevin, was home at the time of the attack. BTK shot him twice in the face, but he manged to get away and call for help. But, it was too late. His sister Kathryn died a few hours later. Police beleive, Kevin Bright is the only known survivor of BTK. He gave police a description of BTK, but he was wearing a mask, so it didn't help much.

Jan 15, 1974 On January 15, 1974, police say BTK entered the home of Julie and Joseph Otero at 803 North Edgemoor Street in Wichita. Police say BTK killed Julie and Joseph along with their two children. The couple's oldest child, Charlie, was not home at the time of the murders. Police say it was Charlie who discovered the gruesome scene

I am sorry that this is so long but i though everyone would want to read this i found it interesting and i was relieved when they caught him it is a bout time.
Tough times don't last tough people do.
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