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Old 03-28-2005, 07:10 AM
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Default Visiting rules in Wyoming


I.General Visiting Rules

A.Positive identification will be required for all visitors. Acceptable forms of ID. are: Driver=s License, State ID., Federal ID., or a Passport.

B.Individuals under eighteen (18) years of age, with the exception of inmate=s spouse, must be accompanied by their parent or other approved adult. The accompanying adult must be on the particular inmate=s approved visiting list.

It will be the policy of the WDOC to limit the visiting of children not related to inmates. Children, under the age of eighteen (18), who are not legally related to the inmate, will not be allowed to participate in the visiting process unless special approval has been granted by the Warden/Superintendent or designee of the institution/facility.

C.Visitors shall only have access to those areas specifically designated as visiting areas.

D.Inmates who are currently held on TRO status may not be allowed visiting privileges.

E.Sham adoptions, marriages and other ruses to circumvent the visiting regulations shall be considered invalid and may result in termination of the visiting privileges.

F.An individual shall not generally be approved for inclusion on more than one inmate=s visiting list. Any consideration of an exception shall be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

G.Any employee, contractor, volunteer or student who has terminated employment or services with the WDOC may not be considered for visits until one year has elapsed from the time of termination of employment or services.

H.WDOC employees shall not be allowed to participate in the visiting process unless special approval is granted by the Warden or Superintendent of the affected facility. This may be done in cases where a member of the employee=s family is incarcerated.

I.Property shall not be allowed to be brought to the inmate or sent out by the inmate through the visiting process.

J.Visiting hours shall be as posted through the Warden/Superintendent or designee. Visitors must not arrive more than fifteen (15) minutes prior to, nor fifteen (15) minutes after, the posted start of visiting.

K.Inmates shall inform potential visitors of their particular approved visiting hours.

L.Only money orders or cashiers checks will be accepted from visitors for inmates through the visiting process.

1.Money orders and cashiers checks shall be clearly marked with the inmate=s name and number and placed in the designated receptacle.

2.A receipt shall be issued to the particular inmate.

3.Funds not in the form of money orders or cashiers checks that can be positively identified shall be returned to the sender at the inmate=s expense.

4.Unidentified funds shall be donated to the WDOC Inmate Assist Fund.

II.Inmate entry/exit processing:

A.Inmates shall be notified by facility employee/staff of a visitor=s arrival.

B.At all secure facilities, inmates shall be strip searched prior to and after visiting.

C.At all non-secure facilities, inmates may be frisked, scanned with a metal detector or strip searched prior to and after leaving the visiting area. The on-duty shift supervisor will have discretion in determining appropriate search methods based on security needs.

III.Inmate conduct during visiting:

Inmates shall:

A.Conform with facility grooming standards;

B.Wear the appropriate clothing as per custody level;

C.Not wear shorts in the visiting area;

D.Not wear hats and coats in the visiting area except at the discretion of the Warden/Superintendent or designee based on the operational needs and physical plant layout;

E.Not be allowed to leave and re-enter the visiting area during a visit;

F.Use only inmate-designated rest room facilities;

G.Observe all facility rules and policies during a visit;

H. Conduct their visit in a quiet, orderly and dignified manner;

I.Be responsible for the behavior of their children;

J. Take into the visiting room, nothing more than their facility identification card, cell key, religious medallion, and jewelry worn appropriate to their classification level.

IV.Visitor entry processing:

A.Visitors will lock their vehicle prior to entering the facility;

B.Upon arrival within the facility, visitors shall be required to show proper photo identification and complete the visitors= sign-in log;

C.Before each visitor=s initial visit, the facility, Warden/Superintendent or designee shall ensure that a visitor=s consent form is reviewed with and signed by the visitor (see supplemental #1-b). Consent forms will be maintained in the inmate=s master file.

D.Visitors shall secure their personal property such as purses, keys, wallets, money, coats, hats, blankets, etc., in a visitor locker or specified secure point in the facility lobby, if available, or leave these items locked in their vehicle in the parking lot. The WDOC shall not be responsible for the loss of such items brought on to WDOC grounds.

1.It is the responsibility of the visitor to lock his/her locker.

2.Visitors may be allowed to maintain money for use in vending machines in specifically designated facilities.

3.Lockers will be inspected following visiting hours. Contents will be confiscated, inspected, logged and placed in holding and an incident report will be filed by the involved employee/staff.

4.Visitors who have questions regarding confiscated property shall make a request in writing to the Warden/Superintendent or designee.

E.Visitors may be searched, and/or screened with a metal detector prior to entry into the facility visiting area. Visitors may decline to submit to a search, however, on-duty staff will refuse said visitor access to the visiting area. Incidents of this nature will be documented by involved employee/staff.

F.Documentation of medical restrictions concerning metal detector screening shall be mailed to the facility Warden/Superintendent or designee prior to the initial visit.

G.The facility will make reasonable accommodations for handicapped visitors and inmates.

V.Visitors Exit Processing:

A.After the visiting period, all visitors shall sign out and leave the visiting area promptly and shall not loiter on WDOC grounds.

B.In the event of an on-site emergency, visitors shall leave the area in accordance with the facilities= on-duty staff.

C.No verbal or non-verbal contact with inmates will be permitted, prior to or after visiting.

VI.Visitors Conduct:

A.Visitors shall be modestly dressed to be permitted to visit. The following will not be allowed: bare midriffs or see-through blouses or shirts, shorts, tube tops, halters, extremely tight or revealing clothing, dresses or skirts more than three inches above the knees, sexually revealing attire. Children under the age of twelve (12) may wear shorts and sleeveless shirts.

B.Visitors visiting with infants in their care shall be permitted to bring into the visiting area no more than one baby bottle, one baby blanket, two diapers and one unopened, sealed package of baby wipes.

C.Any visitor found in possession of contraband may have his/her visiting privileges suspended, restricted or revoked.

D.Items for life-sustaining medical care may be allowed into the visiting area with prior written approval by the Warden/Superintendent or designee. This visitor shall provide documentation which is intended to support an approval within a formal written request.

E.Visitors shall not be permitted to bring pets or other animals onto facility property, except in the case of a seeing-eye dog.

F.No food items from outside the prison shall be allowed. Exceptions may be considered by the facility Warden/Superintendent or designee.

G.A visit may be terminated for foul/abusive language/conduct or refusal to comply with WDOC rules, policies or procedures.

H.Inmates are responsible for the behavior of their visiting children. Sanitation problems caused by children shall be taken care of immediately. All visits shall be conducted in a quiet, orderly and dignified manner.

I.Any visitor who exhibits characteristics that might indicate that he/she might be under the influence of drugs or intoxicants shall have the matter referred to local law enforcement and shall be denied visitation.

J.Conduct of a sexual nature between inmates and visitors such as petting, fondling, prolonged kissing or bodily contact, etc., is prohibited. Physical contact during the actual visit will be as posted.

K.Visitors shall not be permitted to leave and re-enter the visiting area during a visit. If a visitor leaves the visiting area, the visit shall be terminated.

L.Visitors’ restroom facilities shall be provided and shall be off-limits to inmates, except as posted.

1.Visitors are not permitted access to the inmate restroom facilities.

2.Children shall not be allowed to use restrooms without supervision by the visiting parent or other approved adult.

3.Inmates shall not be allowed to take children to restroom facilities.

M.Visitors shall not be permitted to bring cameras or audio/video recording devices into the facility.
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