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Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered People in Prison For anyone that has a same sex partner, family member, friend or Pen Pal in prison that is Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgendered.

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Old 03-20-2003, 04:59 PM
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Default Forum Introduction and Code of Conduct

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered People in Prison

This forum is for anyone that has a Same Sex Partner, Family Member, Friend or Pen Pal in prison that is Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgendered. (GLBT) Issues discussed in this forum are strictly controlled to reflect specific GLBT issues faced today within the correctional system.

Although we want to expose and discuss issues faced by GLBT people in prison this is NOT an activist Forum. This Forum is for discussion and support.

This Forum – Forum Introduction

Welcome to PTO’s forum dedicated to expose and discuss issues facing Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered (GLBT) people that are currently facing incarceration, are currently incarcerated, or have been released from a correctional facility after serving a sentence.

We have decided to create a separate Forum to discuss issues facing GLBT people in prison because although some issues faced are the same as the heterosexual population, many issues take a complete different spin based on the sexual orientation of the individual.

We do invite all who have interest in these issues to participate in the threads posted here – in fact we encourage it. You do not have to have ties to a GLBT Prisoner to take part and share within this Forum. This Forum is about non-judgmental support for GLBT Prisoners that have a unique set of challenges. We also hope that this Forum will be a reference point that will raise awareness to the unique issues, and even promote acceptance for the GLBT community in general – both inside and outside of the prison system.

Many Prisoners that are GLBT live in fear for their safety on a daily basis because of their sexual orientation. This fear is related to potential abuse from both other Prisoners as well as correctional staff. Many of these Prisoners have family, friends, Partners and loved ones outside the walls that fear for their safety too.

Prison life is difficult for anyone. Prison life as a GLBT person adds a new level of challenge and difficulty. Some Prisoners find the absolute need to hide their sexual orientation, while others are comfortable ‘coming out’ within the system. Regardless of the personal situation, being gay in prison adds a level of complexity when dealing with the system.

In some states and within some prison administrations, Gay Prisoners are permitted to name their Same Sex Partner as a ‘Significant Other’, which achieves a certain status to the Prisoner and to the Partner. In other states and prison administrations, this ‘status’ as Partner (whether a loving cohabitating relationship existed prior to incarceration or not) does not carry any rights to the Prisoner or Partner. In general, same sex Partners are NOT recognized and DO NOT have the same rights that heterosexual Spouses and Partners have.

The GLBT Forum will address many of these issues and perhaps even carry a call to action with some of the issues. We want to have a voice in the ‘system’ that will affect change in an effort to make the daily lives of GLBT Prisoners safer and also award them the same rights as other Prisoners.

We have chosen to include ‘Transgendered’ people in this Forum, as they too need a voice within the system. Please do not mistake Transgendered people as Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual as they are not! The Gay community embraces the Transgendered, however they have separate issues and challenges both inside and outside of the walls. We do however want to offer a ‘home’ to the loved ones and friends of Transgendered Prisoners and will do so within this Forum.


1. This is NOT a forum for dating and / or love connections – if this is why you are here then perhaps you should consider another group.
2. This IS a forum to discuss relevant prison issues around GLBT people.
3. Explicit ‘sexual’ issues may be discussed provided they are directly linked to the physical and mental well being of an incarcerated GLBT person. Issues discussed within this forum that are sexual in nature will be strictly moderated and deleted if not timely, appropriate and directly linked to the prison system.
4. If there appears to be a need for a segregated Pen Pal listing of GLBT people then a separate thread may be started within this Forum. Only GLBT people that have given their express permission to be posted within this forum and that are requesting a gay pen pal will be posted here. The Moderator(s) of this Forum reserve the right to verify this permission directly from the Prisoner. Pen Pal ads placed within this Forum must not be sexually explicit.
5. “Gay Bashing”, rude behavior, derogatory statements, harassment of any kind, or any intended or implied behavior that is contrary to the philosophy of PTO in general ( a philosophy of non-judgmental support and caring ) will NOT be tolerated. Anyone deemed to be abusive within this Site or Forum will be immediately asked to leave or be banned from the site.
6. This is NOT a ‘jokes’ forum – please do not post jokes and humor here.
7. Any pictures or attachments posted in this Forum need comply with the general terms and conditions of PTO. NO explicit pictures will be permitted in this Forum.
8. PTO does not allow links to other support sites. Please comply with this policy within the GBLT Forum as well.
9. Posting of URL’s is allowed if referring to a site of interest that supports information, research, studies, and related material. Links to sexually explicit sites will not be allowed or tolerated.

We intend and hope to address the needs, concerns, fears, and issues facing incarcerated GBLT people within this Forum. Please help us to share this resource to others that may be looking for such a support and resource group.

Again, we invite all PTO members to join us in addressing these unique issues, and sharing their insight and advice.

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact via Private Message the Moderator(s) of this Forum.
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