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Old 05-05-2019, 08:45 PM
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Default This Year's Derby disqualification

Can anyone explain to me why Maximum Security's impeding the pathway of the other horses is a disqualification when NASCAR racers do that move all the time? Other than the answer, "because its the rules".


The foul occurred as the horses approached the final turn on the rain-soaked track.

Maximum Security jumped a puddle and drifted outside his lane, obstructing War of Will, Long Range Toddy and Bodexpress.

The jockey Tyler Gaffalione said he had to wrangle the reins just to stay aboard War of Will. Two other riders lodged complaints against Maximum Security

For the more, read The New York Times article At Kentucky Derby, ‘Sometimes You Win and You Lose All in the Same Race’ by Joe Drape, May 5, 2019,
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Old 05-05-2019, 09:17 PM
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The rule of interference is for safety reasons. If a horse „ impedes ” on the path of another, it is very easy to clip heels, break stride and fall. At those sorts of speeds and with that many horses on a track, it could be disastrous.

During a race, a horse absolutely can switch lanes, so to speak, but it must be done with 1 horse length clear of the next horse. Again, this is to not break stride and for safety.
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Old 05-06-2019, 05:42 AM
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I was confused as well Jadah. I got to actually watch the Derby this year for once. Im glad I did.
As to the interference.........I was confused as well. And Ne Plach is right about it being very very dangerous for everyone. If they had collided it could have killed (and probably would) several horses and probably some jockeys as well.
It was very subtle and not done purposefully. Maximum Security got spooked by the noise of the crowd but the jockey did correct him.
All I can say is what a crying shame.

Not sure why they decided to call it when to me, it looks like it happens alot.

Maybe they should make them stay in *lanes* ? I dunno. (you know stagger the starting gates, etc....like they do in human foot races)

Now they are saying that they are not sure if they will run Maximum Security OR the *winning* horse either.
Regardless, I'd doubt the new winner would be a Triple crown contender.

(thank you for posting this. I was gonna but all I could think of was Nimuay. We would always discuss the Derby and other races)
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Old 05-06-2019, 06:42 PM
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Look up T.G. Shuck on facebook. He's a reporter in Louisville, weatherman perhaps. He had the best most understandable explanation yet. He's also a horse racing expert, so to speak.

***I just watched the slow motion video of the incident again and War of Will was literally about to BLOW BY Maximum Security to his right...but had to totally check up to keep from going down. Country House just surged forward without breaking stride (along with Maximum Security) while War of Will and Long Range Toddy lost all forward momentum. As Maximum Security tried to get back in his original path, he over corrected to the left, pinching Code of Honor against the rail...thus costing him a chance to win as well. These are the fouls that caused the Stewards to make the disqualification on Maximum Security...thus gifting Country House the Derby just because he was able to avoid the trouble and get 2nd place. Country House was strictly the beneficiary of Maximum Security's DQ. The race was literally just inches from disaster. And to think people are up in arms about all the deaths at Santa Anita over the winter. Can you imagine multiple horses having to be put down on the track during the most famous horse race in the world? ��. It would have set horse racing back for heaven knows how long and would have taken the industry a long time to recover from. PR nightmare! That's always been my greatest fear with that race and why they should limit the field to 14...like EVERY other horse race does in North America except for the Derby.
***I just added some additional observations below the original post for those who have already read this***

Given the controversy of today's Kentucky Derby and being an avid follower of horse racing...I figured I would weigh in on the issue. Everyone is focusing on Country House, when he was nothing but the beneficiary of the DQ. Long Range Toddy, Code of Honor, and especially War of Will lost all chance to win and probably would have finished well ahead of Country House if not for having to check hard and lose all momentum. If you watch the race back, going down the back stretch Tyler Gaffalione was holding back War of Will with everything he had. He had TONS of horse and just as he was making his move at the head of the stretch, he dang near went down...and it would have been a potentially terrible accident with multiple trailing horses going down. I think War of Will at least finishes in the money if not for that. Yeah it stinks that it is the Derby, but it was a clear violation. I don't think people would be so up in arms if Gaffalione had logged the objection (rightly so) instead of Flavian Prat...who complained about being impacted when he clearly wasn't. I'm surprised this hasn't happened before. Feel free to agree or disagree. I understand both sides of it and I hate how the whole thing came down. It leaves on huge black mark on this years Derby!
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Old 05-06-2019, 07:24 PM
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The easiest answer is... the Kentucky Derby is not NASCAR.

Ever seen what they do to a horse that breaks a leg on the race track?

I agree with the disqualification... but the end result is definitely messed up and there’s really no saving this particular derby.

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Old 05-06-2019, 07:39 PM
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If the perception of Mr. Shuck is accurate [ I do not dispute him, but, I mean in that his views were clear. . . my apologies, I am not explaining myself correctly]. . . the disqualification would stand in either Category 1 or Category 2 jurisdictions.

In Category 1, interference would only negatively change results if the horse impeded upon would have won / went past the horse that interfered in its path. Such as Horse 2 has burst of speed & we can assume it would pass Horse 1 if Horse 1 did not drift.

In Category 2 [ North American racing rules ; thus governing the Derby ], it does not matter if the „ impeded horse ” would have won or been ahead of the horse that drifted. It is called either way as such, in the Derby.

So, if the in depth views of Mr. Shuck of the race are clear, it does make sense in either racing system.

I am not a racing expert [ obviously ] but I took an interest when I had an off - the - track mare. One can get a very nice horse for cheap if you find it ahead of the knackers . . .

One can check a drifting horse when galloping but with so much force, it is difficult to get it „ just right .” A lot of time when a horse is on the bit it is even more difficult so one does end up over - checking.

Horses bodies are elastic and act as one big piston when in full - tilt gallop. Different comparison but it is like the [ flawed ] technique of a tight rein / hard turn to stop a run - away horse. He is going to tip over. Once off - balanced, such as mentioned by Mr. Shuck, bad things can happen and I agree with all the racing deaths this year, I would prefer this controversy [ disqualification, albeit from horses being horses / flawed / unpredictable ] than what could have happened.

Since it is the biggest race with betting revenue, people care. Had it been called in a claiming race, shoulders shrug and move on.
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