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Michigan General Prison Talk, Introductions & Chit Chat Topics & Discussions relating to Prison & the Criminal Justice System in Michigan that do not fit into any other Michigan sub-forum category. Please feel free to also introduce yourself to other members in the state and talk about whatever topics come to mind that may not have anything to do with prison.

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Old 09-27-2004, 09:44 AM
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Default Need Help for Parolees elder mother

Hello All! My boyfriend [call him JoeHoo60] goes back to his PO Agent tomorrow... We're all praying! But I'm posting this for his mother, for a couple of reasons. I truly believe that my boyfriend's mother is being discriminated against because of JoeHoo60's problems. I'm really not sure there is any legal recourse there, but I do believe that there is help out there to get his mother back into her home. It was condemned last October for outdated mechanicals. The structure itself is Solid. She's updated the elec and we've torn out all the problem plumbing and are planning to attempt redoing it ourselves. But we NEED help to get her a Furnace. She's not been approved for loans, I'm assuming because of her age. They require co-signers, and her children's families are all struggling, as well. This year, her Village did a big front page write-up in the local paper about a big Grant they received, designed to aid impoveraged homeowners in the community help with just such problems before winter came. Recently, they ran an article about how few residents have taken advantage of the program. One stipulation they have, is that the recipient be residing in the home.
If anyone can direct us in a direction that might help her get her house out of condemnation, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Now, for her story:
She's owned her home for 17 years. It is paid for, and her taxes were up to date when this all began last October. I will admit that it has seen better days. The wood floors are warn and the inside has not seen fresh paint in the better part of two decades, but the house is solid. It began when one daughter, living down south, decided (innocently) to try and get her mother some help with these problems. What happened was they showed up in a gang, on a cool October day, and Zola hadn't fired up her Wood stove. She put on an extra sweater. They discovered that she had to pour a bucket of water into the toilet to get it to flush, and then that her electric service was only 50A. They told her she would have to leave and she said she would not. They said it was unfit and she said help me fix it! They then left and came back with a warrant. They deemed her unable to speak for herself, appointed a State Guardian, whisked her off to a nursing home in another county, put her two dauschounds in the pound, and shortly after, when another daughter showed up at the house to get some of Zola's things, she found the Guardian there with real-estate agents.
Daughter 1 never dreamed all this would come of her calls, I am sure, and since that time, the 2nd daughter has managed to get a judge to appoint her Zola's Legal Guardian, after a psychologist said that Zola's only real problem IS that she is poor. Zola has since been moved to a senior apartment complex in her village, and has her dogs, but it's not HOME. And she has no money left for repairs, because her 'limited income' is ate up by the bills acquired there, rather than into her home repairs.
Now, let's talk about her home. Aside from the fact that it's a renovator's dream... it's situated on about an acre of prime River Front Property. Over 200 feet of river frontage... that happens to border the village's water treatment plant, that turns out to not be working so well. It is refered to as the toilet that won't flush!
And now, about her sons. JoeHoo60 [my guy] has been forbidden to go there. When he was first seen there in mid August, after his release from the center in July, they contacted the state, and his parole agent, and he was ordered to stay away... from his mother's! Although his burglary charge was not residential and not in their village, they stated that there are a number of unanswered thefts in their town and they don't want him back. Another son is on VA Pension, and has gotten into crack cocaine. He was caught stealing from a local quik-mart owner who employed him part-time to help him out, but she agreed to let him pay it back and didn't file charges.
So, I truly cannot help think that they are pulling strings to try and just get the whole family out of town, and possibly get their hands on that property. She is terrified to complain too loudly about these connections, as they might make it even worse for her, but it all seems so absurd to me to allow this happen to anyone, muchless a woman who has worked, raised 7 children on her own, owned her own home and paid her taxes for all these years. Why, she has enough equity in her home to put new furnaces in the homes of every impoverished family in the whole village! It's so unreal!
If anyone else has run across a similar situation, we would appreciate any advice you may have. Winter is almost here and Zola is losing hope. If nothing else, please pray for her miracle. She's a wonderful law-abiding woman who has never complained about what life has dealt her, and always helped out those in need. She deserves a miracle, now.
Thank you in the name of Zola!
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Old 09-28-2004, 05:59 AM
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First off, my heart goes out to her and I love to see someone like you seeking out ways to help her.
It seems to me that now that her daughter has guardianship of her she is now no longer on her own. FIA has grants and assistance available to the elders. As far as I know, it sounds like she would qualify but it is a scary scene because if they see the home as unfit, they have every right not to allow her back in until it is complete. Right now she is out of the home...I would maybe take advantage of the fact that she is an owner in that community and apply for the grant. Have the daughter look into the information without "calling the dogs out" as in, Who qualifies, what it covers. That way the rights are at her fingertips and no one can play the wild card on mom.
As long as her daughter has guardianship, she also has the responsibility of making sure all these things are taken care of...and they can hold her responsible.
Look into the FIA procedure. Look into the community grant. Apply to ANY that she would qualify for.
You could be right that they just want the family out, but they just cant do that unless someone is letting it happen. Just like children, Michigan steps in and protects their elders too. Use it to your advantage. If she doesnt have the money to fix a furnace, even the gas company has a payment plan for a furnace...try that!
Good luck and my prayers go out to you and yours.
"From the inside out~~~Support Support Support!"
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