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Old 09-30-2002, 10:55 AM
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Default "Why did they plea if they are innocent?"

Kay Lee wrote me a WONDERFUL response after she signed my son's Petition! I thought it was a Very Important Message and should be a topic posted to Prison Talk!


kaylee wrote on 09-30-2002 05:00 PM:
Kathy, I've signed the petition at:

People constantly ask, "Why did they plea if they are innocent?"

1. Because lawyers are making a fortune taking money, urging the plea and turning to the next client. If they are a public pretender, they sure want the plea because they aren't getting paid. There's a fortune to be made on the prison industry and we shouldn't be playing into their hands.

2. Because law enforcers and attorneys use threats of terrible things to force the plea. They threaten to prosecute your mother or give your children away or lock you up for a million years. People have to learn not to bow to the threats of those who should be protecting their rights.

If everyone demanded the trial the constitution guarantees them, this entire stinking system would grind to a halt and those in power would HAVE to make reform happen!

I pray this works for your son and that everyone begins to talk very loudly about plea bargains.

Please, anyone who reads this, go sign the petition. It is nicely presented and easy to use. It'll only take you a minute and may save Richard years of his life.

Kay Lee
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Old 09-30-2002, 11:05 AM
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Kay Lee,

Thanks a Bunch for the PM. I posted it under my son's Petition Message at Prison Talk because it was such a POWERFUL MESSAGE and something for everyone to think about. Here is the URL:

I also posted a Thank you in the SHOUT BOX!

At the time we made our son sign the Plea our 29 yr. Daughter was dying of EYE CANCER. She left us 4 children. One is mentally disabled. We couldnt even think at the time of the Plea and on top of that it was during an Election Time of year and our County wanted to get tough on Crime!

I have been speaking out about Locking up our Youth and throwing away the key for many years!

What really got me MAD AS HELL is when our Son signed the PLEA the DA office handwritten a paragraph of what they thought was the SCENARIO. The DA's office Game Plan was to get the Guy that my Son would not snitch on. The way they wrote this Paragraph in his Plea enabled them to arrest this person without my son Snitching! EEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR!

When my son was transferred to Prison he called us on the Phone and just kept saying "MOM, you won't believe what they did when I signed this PLEA!"

It took me a month to get a copy of this PLEA! As soon as my Daughter DIED, I was able to start thinking clearer about what happened that day in the court room.

My son did wrong, but he didn't hurt anyone, also, his time went from 3 years to 13 years because of his Decision to keep silent!

I'm so mad about this Kay Lee that I thought this should be a NEW TOPIC at Prison Talk! I would love to hear from others about what has happened to their love ones who took a PLEA BARGAIN!

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Old 09-30-2002, 11:33 AM
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First, you should never never never take a plea if your innocent. Now if your involved in the crime but not guilty of what they are charging you with then you shouldn't take the plea for a crime you didn't commit. If your guilty of the crime a plea is ussually a welcome sight. I have plea bargained everycase I've been charged with, & I was happy with each one. There are also people who have not taken a plea, & had their loved ones convicted in court then had the book thrown at them, & given the opportunity, would love to have the chance to go back & take the plea now.

Plea bargains are a very tricky legal manuver that can screw people, or help people. The abuses in the system seems to be when a DDA in colusion with a PD takes advantage of people who aren't that familiar with the law. Most cases are plea bargained, or your right the system would slow to a crawl.
I'm not so sure that that is a good idea, but to each their own.---------Ken
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Old 09-30-2002, 02:16 PM
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Sometimes it is easier said than done to just blindly put your faith in the judicial system. Although I was NOT guilty of the crime that I was charged with, I couldn't take the risk of spending the next 10 years of my life in prison. My family depended on me for financial support. They still do. In my case I was afraid that I wouldn't be believed by a judge or jury. I just couldn't take the risk. I had never been in any kind of trouble before, and I even had my county sheriff go to the DA for me.Yes, I will have a criminal record that will always be with me, but I know that I am innocent. I have learned that you must do whatever YOU think is right for yourself and your family.
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Old 09-30-2002, 04:57 PM
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I was offered a plea bargin for a crime I did not commit.

They do manipulate and con and threaten to arrest your mother. literally. My mother was over 70 years old at the time as city police out of their jurisdiction ran her off the road and threatened to arrest her for aiding and abeting.

i had not been indicted arrested or served with any papers nor had a bill of information on me. Yet this occurred four months before for the plea agreement as they continued to turn up the heat.

I was released from prison after six months on super shock probation. I was facing an 8-25 year sentence and two/ two year sentences.

I was out of prison in six months, I served three years probation. Ohio Law required, I wait three years after release from supervision to have my record expunged. six years and six months later I had no trace of a criminal record.

If I would have fought and lost I would have still been awaiting my first parole board hearing by the time my record was expunged. I have been free since 1992 and I would have possibly still been waiting to be released.
God Bless!

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