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The War on Drugs - and the results of it A war against drugs, or against families?

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Old 04-06-2017, 12:06 PM
Brandon Wright Brandon Wright is offline
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Default Drug War is wrong!

The drug war is wrong!
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pk31982 (09-25-2018)
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Old 09-25-2018, 04:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Brandon Wright View Post
The drug war is wrong!
HAHA ive been on a rampage spiting facts, statistics and reports trying to show them how in every single possible way there could be the war on drugs has not only failed but hurt us. We are ruining and taking lives from people while claiming the drugs would of been worse... Ok Mr. FBI ATF man please elaborate on how locking someone in a cage or shooting them over drugs is any better then then overdosing on drugs? at the very least they went out the way they wanted and not cuz they were stabbed in prison or shot by a cop.. once the "dope head" has made his way through the justice system he comes out with the same problems he had going in 2x as bad tho. because now he is having to rebuild a life on the outside while being branded a criminal limiting him to jobs he can get... Idk but they never just reinstate your licence so you are also on foot or you get pulled over and sent right back top prison on a viol. charge. I have 100% lost all faith in our justice system. there is no justice rhythm or rime as to how it works you are just left guessing and scratching your head. Like with parole some get it and then some who have been there longer on a lesser charge with good time get revoked... makes you want to slap the parole board and ask them WTF? Or when i was in the court house and seen a guy who had a gram of dope get sent for 8 yrs then right behind him was a convicted chomo who got locked up on 14 counts of parole violation after us marshals kicked in his doors while he was "throwing a b day party for his 8 yr old grand daughter" get reinstated on parole and turned lose in the streets that day... It all sickens me and i am honestly ashamed of being an american and allowing this to happen
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Old 10-24-2018, 01:24 AM
cannedsud cannedsud is offline
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I agree with you. Should be drug rehabilitation instead. There are many testimonies of people who have turned their life around after shunning drugs.
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Lordbew/us (10-24-2018)
Old 10-24-2018, 08:27 PM
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It's all a racket!
We lost our youngest son hours before his 25 birthday, almost 5 years ago this coming November 30.
My personal opinion is the damn government has purposefully allowed this drug war to evolve over the years and now its just about out of control!
I belong to a parent grief forum and I can tell you it's heartbreaking and maddening to see how many parents are new to the forum and their son's and daughter's have died from hard drugs and drugs laced with lethal doses of morphine or fentanyl.
Yes.... the government elites hands are damn dirty along with the illegal drug dealers, open borders, the dark net and big greedy pharma. The legal system is a racket, just like any business, it needs so called criminals to keep the monster system churning. Our kids have become a devalued commodity.
It makes me angry to see how this epidemic has been ALLOWED to get to this point.
Follow the money....many are profiting off those who become addicted. Even REHABS are BIG business...they take them in only to kick them out as soon as insurance no longer pays. Who can afford the cost of rehab??? We all know short term rehab is not enough, especially with the kind of drugs we are dealing with these days!!!
The person who struggles with addiction is already suffering and yes some don't want sobriety but many do. The majority struggle with staying clean. They don't need a felony to drag them down further.
Addiction is pure hell!
Yes there is a war going on and the target is our young people!
Life was a living hell of constant worry when our son was alive but I can tell you living without him is an entirely different kind of hell.
Cobb/Cherokee County GA
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fbopnomore (10-25-2018)


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