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Arkansas Prison and Jail Specific Discussions This forum covers topics & discussions specific to Jails and Prisons located throughout the State of Arkansas.

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Old 05-11-2016, 10:08 PM
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Cool Here is some info on Cummins Unit

Hi all,
I thought I would write an info post about the Cummins unit and Modular unit since my fiance is there now.

Phone calls: Duration: 30min max. Securus is in charge of phones. For this unit, phone number from outside state are cheaper than Arkansas'. For Arkansas phone number, the calls are 3.12 the connection and first min and then 0.12 the min, so for 30min it cost $6.60. Now for outside state number, there is no connection fees, which makes several short calls way more affordable. The minute is 0.21, so 30min is $6.30.

Mail: the address is the same for Cummins unit and Cummins Modular unit. The modular is actually just located on the other side of the road. Cummins Unit, PO BOX500, Grady AR71644-0500. They do not post mails from inmates on Saturdays, so there is no point for the inmates to post anything on that day as it will be send with the Monday morning mail no matter what.

Food: From what I understand, they are fed at pretty odd hours. Breakfast is around 2:30 am on weekends, lunch at 10:30am and dinner around 3:30. During the week, it is a bit later: breakfast around 5am I think, lunch around 11:30 and dinner around 4pm. Apparently the food is really bad even though it is a farm unit so most products are grow/raised onsite... but the inmates are not really good cooks.

Email: You can send emails to the inmates by using either securus or access corrections. You can buy an email plan, picture plan or credit plan. they print the emails/pictures once a day and deliver them during mail call. They say that if you send the email before 10am, the inmate will receive it the same day. But it almost never work like that. I think who ever is in charge of the printing prints the emails once a day at random hours, mainly in the morning. So to be sure, I always send my email the day before I want my fiance to get it. Emails are not delivered on Sundays as there is no mail either. Inmates can "directly" receive emails and send some if they have an mp3. The mp3 is I believe $110, which we thought was not worth it for only a few months to do.

Activities: they can play dominos (no cards), watch tv (they need to buy a radio to be able to have the sound and there are just a couple of tvs per sections). they have access to the gym every other days while in C2 and everydays in C1 I think. They can go to the library in the evening when the guards tell them they can.

Work: well, that depends of what they can do. Apparently they are in hoe squad for the first 60days. They clean lawn using manual tools and take care of the crops. That work is 5 days a week, 7am-11am, 1pm-3pm-ish. No work on raining days.

They open the gates between 10:30-10:50. But get there before because you will wait in line in your car. They search each car one by one and look at your ID, take your car tag number and give you a number to put behind your windshield.
The rules of what you can wear or not are on the adc website. However, I have seen women with skinny jeans and some relative cleavage getting in. Flip flop are okay. I've seen women wearing white shirts, like inmates, and they were able to get in too. No holes in your jeans though or you will have to go change. I always bring several outfits, just in case. I am not sure exactly how much money you can bring. I believe it is 20 per person, inmate included but I might be wrong. There are machine inside to change bills to coins but not always working.
My first visitation happen to be on my first period day, which sucked. I had a lot of questions about it since you cannot take anything more than money, ID and car keys inside. I ended up just changing tampon before I got to the prison and I had no issue during the body scan. Just so you know if you come from far away like me, stop at least 15min before Grady, there is nothing closer to that where you can go to the bathroom, from what I've seen. In the prison, you won't have access to the restroom before you pass the security and there are nothing that you can buy inside if it happens that you have your period.
You will have to wait in line outside, then enter when authorized. You go through metal detector after you took off shoes and everything in your pockets. Then they search you, then body scan you and then make you turn in front of a pole (not quite sure the purpose of it, metal sensor again?). Then if you pass, you can put jewelry and shoes back on and go to sign in. They will ask you for adc number, so keep it in mind, they ask for your ID, take a picture and finger print for the first time. Then you will be registered as visitor and it will go slightly faster. They print a paper with who you visit, their picture, your picture and who you are. You have to keep this paper with you until you are getting out. They will ask for it and to see your ID when you will leave. Then you go through a bunch of doors before getting to the visitation room.
The visit take place in a commune room. The inmate get call for visitation once you are in, so you might have to wait 10-15min for them to get there. There is one tv for kids, treats/sandwiches and soda machines, you can buy lunch at the "cafeteria" and there are things made by inmates that you can buy to. There are some really pretty things like belt, hats, wooden moneyboxes... You can also buy a tray for the inmates to receive on Sundays. There are 3 options for all classes and 3 options for class one only. Also, you can take a picture with the inmate. On mother day, it is free picture for the moms. It is $2.7 the picture in front of a fake outdoor sight. You have to buy it at the cafeteria, so if you do want to take one, think about buying it when you buy food, you will save time in line as it can get pretty slow.
You are allowed to hold hands, quick kiss and hug at the beginning and end. And to show signs of affections which is interpreted differently by the guards, so look around and see what you can or cannot do. The guards will come tell you if you do something they don't like and warn you not to do it again.
The visitation is first and 3rd Saturdays for class 2. For class 1, it is every Saturdays. It is from 11:30 to 3:30.

I guess that's all I can think of. If you have questions, I can try to answer.
Hope this will help.

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Old 12-18-2018, 10:46 PM
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The hokey pokey pole as we call it that you spoke of turning around in front of is to detect contraband cell phones.
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Old 11-06-2019, 10:55 AM
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MP3 players were discontinued so if they have bought them already, great, if not they can't anymore. ADC won't agree with the vendor on the new players because of lithium batteries. Stupid, if you ask me, but they are suppose to still fix them if they break. They have kiosks in the barracks now though and you can go to the securus website and sign up for video visits! You can do those every day if you want. They cost around $6 and you get 30 minutes. You have to be on his approved visitation list and once you sign up for your account, take your picture, and take a photo of your drivers license (all on the app) then visitation will approve your account, takes around 48 hours. Once that is done, you can schedule a visit with your loved one starting at 4:00 p.m. any day of the week. This helps since they only get an in person visit once a week, depending on their class and last name.

My fiance just moved over to Cummins and its a big change to say the least. He is doing good though. You have to get your video visit scheduled pretty early in advance though if you want your pick of the times. Trying to do it the day before means you'll probably get a late night one.
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