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Federal General Prison Talk, Introductions & Chit Chat Topics & Discussions relating to the Federal Prison & the Criminal Justice System that do not fit into any other Federal sub-forum category. Please feel free to also introduce yourself to other members in the state and talk about whatever topics come to mind that may not have anything to do with prison.

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Old 03-02-2006, 03:17 PM
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Default U.S. Federal Probation Live Chat 03-01-2006 w/Federal PO - Transcripts

Below are the transcripts from last night's U.S. Probation Officer guest chat hosted with Federal PO.

The chat did not actually start until close to 9:30 PM Central U.S. time thanks to a server outage that was not corrected until right before then. Even with that road bump in the schedule, I feel this was a very successful event we will grow from in the future.

Federal PO has generously agreed to host another Federal Probation Live Chat this coming Wednesday, and I and a server admin will do our best to make sure another outtage does not side track this on.

This chat log has been edited to remove unrelated comments and discussion for easier reading.

Thank you again Federal PO for taking the time to field our questions and make recommeendations.

--------------Chat Log--------------

03/1/0622:24:43 Fed-X: Federal PO, Thank you for coming..

03/1/06 22:24:54 TxRhino: Thanks

03/1/06 22:25:46 Fed-X: Ok since we are quite late getting started, we can keep this informal and "practice" for the next scheduled chat, most likely next Wednesday, with FPO..

03/1/0622:26:26 Baileyjojoms: What is the federal requirement for an inmate to receive parole/probation

03/1/0622:26:54 Federal_PO: Well, there is no federal parole anymore

03/1/0622:27:19 witchlinblue: will it be brought back, is there any discussion of that ?

03/1/0622:27:20 Kahlan: Question - If someone is on federal and state parole, do they have 2 parole officers?

03/1/0622:27:32 Federal_PO: in terms of requirements for federal probation, generally probation can't be prohibited by statute (like a title 21 841(a)(1) offense

03/1/0622:27:49 Baileyjojoms: Oh ok, that answered my question

03/1/0622:28:02 Federal_PO: second, they must be eligible within the sentencing guidelines, in either zone a or b

03/1/0622:28:45 TxRhino: Question - How does the Fed System handle sentencing and post sentencing issues on illiegal aliens?

03/1/0622:28:52 Federal_PO: Witch, there is a bill currently in comittie. It gets introduced each year. Personally, I do not think parole will come back to the federal system because of the political costs of being seen as easy on crime

03/1/0622:29:15 witchlinblue: thank you

03/1/0622:29:26 Federal_PO: Kahlan - Yes, 2 officers

03/1/0622:29:44 Kahlan: How often do they usually report?

03/1/0622:30:00 Federal_PO: Rhino - What types of issues do you mean? Sentencing is generally the same for aliens or citizens

03/1/0622:30:21 Federal_PO: Kahlan - usually at least once per month.....per officer

03/1/0622:30:33 TxRhino: I recently had a PM asking why the sentence and PRD did not coincide

03/1/0622:30:43 Federal_PO: PRD?

03/1/0622:31:00 TxRhino: Projected release date on BOP.gov

03/1/0622:31:26 TxRhino: The time reduction far exceeded any good time credit

03/1/0622:31:32 Federal_PO: That's a BOP question. The CCM is the group that computes time and release dates. It's not really my area of expertise

03/1/0622:31:45 TxRhino: OK

03/1/0622:31:48 Federal_PO: sorry I can't help

03/1/0622:31:48 Fed-X: If I may, with regards to the BOP

03/1/0622:31:54 Fed-X: Just a quick possible answer

03/1/0622:32:31 Fed-X: They should show the all-out date. When someone is sent to half-way house they do not show up as being out of the system until they begin federal probation.

03/1/0622:32:38 Fed-X: Not sure if that is what you are asking, but it can be confusing.

03/1/06 22:33:13 witchlinblue: I have another question

03/1/0622:33:20 Federal_PO: Go Witch

03/1/0622:33:28 TxRhino: No, actually the sentence was for 37 months but BOP shoed the release after 24 months

03/1/0622:33:53 witchlinblue: I was wondering about programs for drug offenders, what kinds of programs are offered upon release

03/1/0622:33:57 pgrooters: GTC prob

03/1/06 22:34:13 Federal_PO: Rhino, its possible that the alien may have had some time in custody floating out there that had not been credited to any other sentence, and that helped reduce the time

03/1/0622:34:44 TxRhino: Good point... but I was not lead to believe this happened

03/1/0622:35:21 Federal_PO: Well, all probation offices have contracts for outpatient aftercare treatment. Usually a three phase, approximately 9 month program consisting of counseling and UAs. Also there are contracts for intensive inpatient programs of between 45 and 60 days

03/1/0622:35:41 pgrooters: sometimes they sit on an immigration detainer somewhere before the CCM calcs sent TX

03/1/0622:36:24 witchlinblue: are there any plans to increase these programs or changes to them ?

03/1/0622:37:28 Federal_PO: not that I am aware of, but we are in an era right now of cost control. Not that money won't be spent, but it will only be spent on the things that are effective. If another series of programs came around that were effective I imagine they would get find

03/1/0622:37:50 witchlinblue: thank you Federal

03/1/0622:37:58 Federal_PO: Oh, I almost forgot, there are also some cognitive therapy programs that deal with substance abuse as a side issue

03/1/0622:38:21 witchlinblue: not bad at all especially compared to state programs

03/1/0622:38:47 Federal_PO: There definitely is more available to me as a federal officer than I had when I was a state officer

03/1/0622:39:17 witchlinblue: also it seems the programs are longer then state

03/1/0622:40:40 SCM32: I have a question, can a federal inmate be released to someones house if that person (who owns the house) has had a past misdemeanor drug charge, but isn't on probation at this time? Thanks!

03/1/06 22:41:18 Federal_PO: I assume we're talking about a minor possession of marihuana or the like, not a felony that was pled down, and that this is the only charge they have

03/1/06 22:41:54 Federal_PO: If that is the case then no, no problem

03/1/06 22:42:00 SCM32: yes it is a minor charge of just possession and the sentence was 2 years prob, which is over now

03/1/06 22:42:27 SCM32: poss of marijuana, I forgot to say

03/1/06 22:42:45 SCM32: thanks

03/1/0622:43:15 Kahlan: I'm not as knowledgeable about federal parole because we haven't gotten there yet. Can you tell me some basics about reporting and restrictions?

03/1/0622:44:00 Federal_PO: Not too different than state parole or probation

03/1/0622:44:56 Federal_PO: reporting to an officer, some travel restrictions, drug testing, obey the law, etc

03/1/0622:45:19 Federal_PO: reporting is generally once per month, at the probation office. Usually a few home visits throughout the year

03/1/0622:45:51 Federal_PO: depending on the charge, and the risk of the offender, the officer will supervise them closer and impose more restrictions.

03/1/0622:46:01 kayteeandjeremy: I hope I’m not interrupting too bad, but what kind of travel restrictions? Like, not leaving state or moving?

03/1/0622:46:12 Federal_PO: For example, I have a sex offender that I supervise, and he gets a home visit every three weeks

03/1/0622:47:01 Federal_PO: you cannot leave the judicial district without the officer's permission. Moving is not prohibited, but there needs to be a compelling reason (job transfer, caring for a dying parent, etc)

03/1/0622:47:28 witchlinblue: when PO's do home visits prior to release, what kinds of things are you looking for when you decide whether its a suitable place to parole too?

03/1/06 22:47:48 Kahlan: We live on the state line. He couldn't go to the mall in the neighboring state without permission?

03/1/0622:48:24 Federal_PO: When I do a home visit for a pre-release, I am looking for a few things. First, I ask the family member if it is okay for the inmate to live there. The last thing I want is for an abusive spouse to re-enter the situation.

03/1/06 22:49:08 TxRhino: Question- If a person has 2.5 months of 1/2 way house time, comes from a good family, and has a job.... how long would they generally stay in the 1/2 way house before being sent home?

03/1/0622:49:13 Federal_PO: Second, I look at the general condition of the residence, is it lived in? does someone really live there? Is there a place for the offender to stay, or is he crashing on the floor

03/1/0622:49:34 Federal_PO: I look for any signs of drug use, and check for weapons in the residence.

03/1/0622:50:28 Federal_PO: Kahlan - That is a maybe. I know if you are in a small town and the grocery store is in the other state, I would not make you get permission, but the office in your area may have a different policy

03/1/06 22:51:11 Federal_PO: Rhino - I am assuming that you are talking about doing halfway house time at the end of a BOP sentence?

03/1/0622:51:22 TxRhino: yes

03/1/0622:51:50 Federal_PO: They will probably start getting weekend passes or day passes pretty quickly. Like a week or two after arriving

03/1/0622:52:17 Federal_PO: because that is such a short time at the HWH

03/1/0622:52:43 Federal_PO: I got a little behind there, have I missed anyone or forgotten to answer anyone?

03/1/0622:52:52 TxRhino: Would they come home quickly as well?

03/1/0622:52:52 kayteeandjeremy: My boyfriend thinks he will be eligible for a halfway house 6 months before his release date. What does the BOP use to determine how much time they are eligible for? After his release he will be on 3 years of federal probation.

03/1/0622:53:27 Federal_PO: They will do the 2 1/2 months of time, unless the halfway house decides to let them serve time in home confinement

03/1/0622:53:36 Kahlan: Can inmates with non-violent gun charges go to the halfway house?
03/1/0622:53:45 Fed-X: yes

03/1/0622:53:48 Federal_PO: Kahlan – Yes

03/1/0622:53:49 Fed-X: unless that has changed.

03/1/0622:54:12 Fed-X: I got my full time with a felon in possession sentence

03/1/0622:54:19 Fed-X: time @ HWH

03/1/0622:54:30 Kahlan: was that 6 months?

03/1/0622:54:32 kayteeandjeremy: what is the full time?

03/1/0622:54:43 kayteeandjeremy: 6 months?

03/1/0622:54:44 Fed-X: It was for me, but that will vary.

03/1/0622:54:52 kayteeandjeremy: on what?

03/1/0622:54:53 Fed-X: Ok, next probation question

03/1/0622:55:03 Kahlan: who gets home confinement?

03/1/0622:55:12 Federal_PO: Kaytee - Eligibility for HWH is not really my area, I know some generalities, but would not want to answer your question because I don't have enough info to give you a good answer

03/1/0622:55:23 kayteeandjeremy: oh okay

03/1/0622:55:24 Federal_PO: that is more of a BOP determination

03/1/0622:55:26 SCM32: I rent and I would like to know if the PO will want to contact my landlord? or will just my word be ok?

03/1/06 22:55:48 Fed-X: Kahlan, most everyone that goes to 1/2 way house will see home confinement. It is part of the process.

03/1/0622:56:10 Federal_PO: Bring a copy of your lease agreement.

03/1/0622:56:28 Federal_PO: I generally don'[t contact landlords unless the person is a higher risk offender

03/1/0622:56:41 SCM32: thank you!

03/1/0622:58:44 MrsSuzukiGSXR: Thank you Federal_PO for your time have GREAT EVENING

03/1/0622:58:46 TerriB: I don't have a question or anything but I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer everyone else's questions and I also learned some things as well.

03/1/0622:59:00 Federal_PO: Thanks Terri

03/1/0622:59:26 TerriB: You’re more than welcome wished we had more folks like you to answer questions even on the state level like this.

03/1/06 22:59:34 Csmcgrl23: my man is going to be living with his sister when he gets release from HWH, what kind of permission does he have to get to move out of his sisters house and into his own residence or to maybe move in with me?

03/1/0623:00:24 Federal_PO: He needs to discuss it with his officer. Generally all moves must be approved at least 10 days prior to the change.

03/1/0623:00:42 Federal_PO: If someone can give me a good reason for a move I'll usually approve it

03/1/0623:01:27 TerriB: I must be crazy or something but is the Federal guidelines lighter than the state's guidelines on parole for them to move?

03/1/0623:02:38 Federal_PO: I guess it would depend on the state. Personally, as long as someone is keeping me in the know and giving me a chance to investigate the move, there isn't a reason to make them stay in a place if they have a cheaper apartment, or a better place available

03/1/0623:03:05 TerriB: thank you

03/1/0623:03:22 Baileyjojoms: I have a question on Federal Parole

03/1/0623:03:36 Federal_PO: federal parole or supervised release?

03/1/0623:03:56 Baileyjojoms: There is a bill currently in the senate, that would hopefully reinstate federal parole, do you feel that this has a chance of passing?

03/1/0623:03:59 Federal_PO: I ask, because the answer may be different depending on which one it is

03/1/0623:04:05 Federal_PO: nope, I don't

03/1/0623:04:08 Csmcgrl23: is there a difference between supervised release and probation?

03/1/0623:04:42 Kahlan: isn't that bill stuck in homeland security?

03/1/0623:04:45 Federal_PO: supervised release is a period of supervision of an offender after they are released from prison. Probation is supervision in lieu of prison.

03/1/0623:05:45 Federal_PO: The bill on parole is in committee. It gets introduced each congressional session and dies in committee every time. It is too costly politically for congressmen to back it seriously because nobody wants to be seen as easy on crime.

03/1/0623:06:14 Baileyjojoms: Kaytee do you have another question?

03/1/0623:06:16 kayteeandjeremy: While on federal probation they cannot use drugs of any sort, but does this also mean alcohol. If so is there a limit or certain amount that is acceptable? Of course he’s not an alcoholic, but if we go to dinner and he has a glass of wine will that violate?

03/1/0623:07:05 kayteeandjeremy: I’ve heard so many conflicting things about alcohol

03/1/0623:07:12 Federal_PO: While in drug treatment, no alcohol of any type. Unless there is a special condition of alcohol abstinence, most conditions prohibit the excessive consumption of alcohol

03/1/0623:07:26 kayteeandjeremy: okay

03/1/0623:07:30 Federal_PO: which most officers take to mean you are prohibited from getting drunk

03/1/0623:08:00 kayteeandjeremy: well, i figured they would test you in some way to see if you had a BAC

03/1/0623:08:19 kayteeandjeremy: or whatever its called..

03/1/06 23:08:24 kayteeandjeremy: its late lol

03/1/06 23:08:45 Federal_PO: some officers want to exert more control and try to say that means no alcohol at all, but I have not seen that hold up as an allegation in court

03/1/06 23:08:51 Fed-X: If someone gets a Public Intoxication charge or certainly a DWI, then they are going to have a problem. When I was n half-way house there were two people who were back in there after getting DWI’s and maybe one or two other violations similar.

03/1/0623:09:20 kayteeandjeremy: We want to buy a house after his release also.. Does federal probation allow moving out of state?

03/1/0623:10:01 Federal_PO: Buying a house should not be a problem as long as he is current on all his financial obligations.

03/1/0623:10:03 kayteeandjeremy: well i was just worried about going out to dinner and having wine or something.. then him being in trouble if they tested him when he went in

03/1/0623:10:23 Federal_PO: Moving out of state may be a little tougher. There would have to be a compelling reason (employment, etc)

03/1/0623:10:40 kayteeandjeremy: thank you federal_po

03/1/0623:11:02 klyn: if his papers say he cant be anywhere where beer ect is sold does this mean a store too?

03/1/0623:11:52 Federal_PO: KLYN - I would assume this to mean bars, but ask the PO for clarification.

03/1/0623:11:18 Fed-X: FPO, what are your thoughts on early termination of supervision? And, what might a probationer do to achieve this?

03/1/06 23:11:54 Fed-X: I was not able to get this almost completely thanks to my judge adding it (out of the blue) as a stipulation while on probation, but I know many in my district (Southern - Texas) that were able to.

03/1/0623:12:01 Fed-X: I know we have members that also are curious about this.

03/1/0623:12:09 klyn: ok thank you

03/1/0623:12:27 Fed-X: PS. My judge didn't offer to pay for my college either. Lol (now)

03/1/0623:12:40 Federal_PO: Good question fed-x. I am all for early term for people who qualify. It is pointless to have someone reporting just to have them on. I recommended ET on three people this month

03/1/0623:13:07 Federal_PO: You didn't have Judge Lake by chance did you?

03/1/0623:13:34 kayteeandjeremy: Will a federal probation officer aid in the ex-inmate finding employment, or that entirely up to him?

03/1/0623:13:35 Federal_PO: No, I had Judge Hittner.

03/1/06 23:14:15 Federal_PO: as far as what someone can do to improve their chances of ET, just follow the instructions, pay balances, stay clean from drugs.

03/1/0623:15:00 Federal_PO: Kaytee - generally it is up to the individual. I make referrals to the workforce center, and there are a few people that I am working with on teaching interview skills, but by and large it is up to the individual

03/1/0623:15:39 kayteeandjeremy: well it’s so much harder for someone with felonies to get a job, I figured it would be easier to hire him myself.

03/1/0623:15:45 Federal_PO: I just ET'd (early terminated) a case 18 months early this month

03/1/0623:15:53 Federal_PO: it paid off for that offender

03/1/0623:15:55 kayteeandjeremy: Do they allow them to work for family members or anything?

03/1/0623:16:25 April07: hi everyone - I'm going to be rude and jump in on kaytee's question...

03/1/0623:16:30 Federal_PO: as long as it is a legitimate business with legitimate documentable payroll, then there shouldn't be much of an issue

03/1/0623:17:03 witchlinblue: question; is medically prescribed methadone allowed ?

03/1/0623:17:11 April07: my husband is a carpenter, and does a lot of work on his own time - can he be self employed on probation?

03/1/0623:17:14 Federal_PO: Witch - yes

03/1/0623:18:06 SCM32: Isn't home confinement part of the first phase of release from the HWH? My guy said he won't have to do any home confinement that he will go to just strait probation. I thought home confinement was part of the release for everyone?

03/1/0623:18:19 Federal_PO: April yes he can, but expect extra scrutiny to be paid to his finances. Carpentry and contracting are notorious for being front jobs for drug dealers

03/1/0623:18:52 April07: Thanks PO We wondered if I'd have to be the owner... certainly not fronting ANYTHING here

03/1/0623:18:58 Federal_PO: SCM - It generally is part of release, but some people release without home confinement

03/1/0623:19:12 kayteeandjeremy: that would apply to roofing and construction too right po?

03/1/0623:19:44 Federal_PO: April - Just be very detailed in your recordkeeping. I would recommend a separate account that all business transactions are done through, and personal finances never mix into

03/1/0623:19:53 Federal_PO: yes kaytee

03/1/0623:20:01 kayteeandjeremy: ty

03/1/0623:20:23 April07: ty FPO

03/1/0623:21:21 SCM32: Ok, good thanks!

03/1/0623:21:22 Baileyjojoms: Iridescence do you have a question

03/1/0623:21:47 Iridescence: what will be the first step to take to get someone on parole?

03/1/06 23:22:54 Federal_PO: I am not sure what you mean by taking a step to get someone on parole? The release date for supervised release is set by the Bureau of Prisons, and there’s not much to do to influence that

03/1/0623:23:26 Iridescence: ok thanks

03/1/0623:24:32 kayteeandjeremy: Does the inmate have to go to a halfway house, or can they chose to remain in prison until there out date?

03/1/0623:24:42 kayteeandjeremy: not that they would want to..

03/1/0623:25:08 Federal_PO: I am not aware that there is an option to stay in the prison.

03/1/0623:25:14 kayteeandjeremy: oh okay...

03/1/0623:25:15 Federal_PO: I am not sure why you'd want to

03/1/0623:25:19 kayteeandjeremy: right

03/1/0623:25:27 kayteeandjeremy: i was just saying in terms of options

03/1/0623:25:30 Fed-X: There is an option, though it is not beneficial

03/1/0623:25:38 Fed-X: Those that can't stay out of trouble often max out

03/1/0623:25:38 Federal_PO: Thanks Fed

03/1/0623:25:40 RachelisJims: do they count the time they spend in the jail waiting to go to fed prison

03/1/0623:25:52 Fed-X: And half-way house is a good thing

03/1/0623:26:03 Fed-X: when it comes to getting back on ones feet and not ending up back inside

03/1/0623:26:12 queenwdg: How soon can an inmate apply for a half-way house?

03/1/0623:26:12 kayteeandjeremy: so many people say they are horrible, but anything is better than prison

03/1/06 23:26:25 Federal_PO: Rachel - If the time they spent in jail is not credited to any other sentence, then yes, it will count to thier federal sentence.

03/1/0623:26:40 TxRhino: Isn't HWH more restrictive if you are coming from a Camp?

03/1/0623:27:06 Federal_PO: Queen - I do not know specifics regarding the HWH, as I deal with people before and after they are donw with the BOP

03/1/0623:27:12 Fed-X: Yes & No, but lets talk half-way house some other time.

03/1/0623:27:17 RachelisJims: thanks

03/1/0623:27:19 Baileyjojoms: I_Love_donovan - you have a question?

03/1/0623:27:22 i_love_donovan: M y husbands 5 year mandatory was is, and his case is being reviewed by the parole board, what are the chances him getting a parole date.

03/1/0623:27:53 Federal_PO: I_Love - Are you talking about a federal case?

03/1/0623:28:01 i_love_donovan: no, state

03/1/0623:28:15 Federal_PO: I don't have an answer for you then. Sorry

03/1/0623:28:26 i_love_donovan: thank you

03/1/0623:28:55 Baileyjojoms: Shanesfiancee, do you have a question?

03/1/0623:28:58 queenwdg: How likely is it that a first timer (going up for parole after serving 17yrs), sentenced BEFORE TIS will get paroled w/ no MAJOR tickets in the last 5yrs?

03/1/0623:29:01 shanesfiancee: My fiancé is currently in FCI Oakdale has a hearing set for his divorce petition later this month in a neighboring parish. I was told that he is required to be there. Will this be possible? To whom does he need to speak regarding this matter?

03/1/0623:29:29 kayteeandjeremy: Thanks for your time Federal_PO goodnight all.

03/1/0623:29:47 Federal_PO: Queen - Is this a federal case that is up for parole under old law?

03/1/0623:30:15 queenwdg: no, state case ERD is 2009, but original paperwork upon entering the system said 2008.

03/1/0623:30:31 Federal_PO: Shanes - Tell him to speak with his counselor at the BOP. I would also write a letter to the Judge handling the divorce so he can explain that he's not exactly free to travel

03/1/0623:30:57 shanesfiancee: Ok. Thank you.

03/1/0623:31:04 Federal_PO: Queen - I don't really know much about state parole, and the laws vary from state to state

03/1/0623:31:26 Fed-X: Let's try to keep all questions related to federal probation, please.

03/1/0623:31:42 queenwdg: oh, ok, I forgot you are federal...sorry

03/1/0623:31:57 Federal_PO: we can even venture into sentencing guidelines if people have questions

03/1/0623:32:12 Federal_PO: I can give about 20 or 25 more minutes

03/1/0623:32:30 Federal_PO: then the wife wants my time

03/1/0623:32:36 Baileyjojoms: Witchlin - you have a question?

03/1/0623:32:45 queenwdg: sentencing guidelines for federal cases only right?

03/1/0623:32:54 Federal_PO: correct Queen

03/1/06 23:33:02 witchlinblue: do you deal with transfers of prisoners transferring to other countries upon release?

03/1/0623:33:17 witchlinblue: for example Canadians

03/1/0623:33:30 Federal_PO: Witch - Very occasionally. I have not had a treaty transfer case personally, but they do occur.

03/1/0623:33:46 Federal_PO: we get them more from people who got imprisoned in Mexico

03/1/0623:34:08 witchlinblue: thank you, blackie has a question

03/1/06 23:35:26 Federal_PO: ok, go ahead

03/1/06 23:36:24 Blackie: I have a friend who was released from the feds in 2003 and was still on papers he just was sentenced on a state case that he caught during the summer he got two years will the feds come and pick him up

03/1/0623:36:39 Federal_PO: Very probably

03/1/0623:37:06 Blackie: will they get after he has completed the state sentence or before

03/1/06 23:37:41 Federal_PO: They will probably writ him out to handle his revocation while he is imprisoned, then stack his revocation time on top of his state time

03/1/06 23:38:05 Blackie: thank you very much

03/1/06 23:38:27 Baileyjojoms: Do we have any other questions for Federal_PO

03/1/0623:38:56 SCM32: I don't have any more questions rite now, but I wanted to thank Federal PO for being here. I learned alot tonight about probation, and chat, lol! Thanks again!

03/1/0623:39:07 Federal_PO: no problem

03/1/0623:39:29 Kahlan: What are the major pitfalls that parolees should avoid?

03/1/0623:41:09 Federal_PO: The biggest one is just not keeping the officer informed. Tell me when you are going to move, tell me when you change jobs, if you use drugs and need help, tell me and I can get you into treatment. There is such an extreme mistrust of officers that it ca

03/1/0623:41:25 Federal_PO: above all else, show up each month and be honest

03/1/0623:41:30 Baileyjojoms: If I may add to that Kahlan, when you go in, all your old friends disappear. However when you get out, they come right back trying to be buddy buddy. I would say that a major pitfall is staying away from old influences, which can lead to the drugs etc.

03/1/0623:42:27 witchlinblue: what percentage fail and end up back in prison ?

03/1/0623:43:27 Federal_PO: Probably somewhere around 25% to 35% go back for at least a few months at some time during their supervision.

03/1/0623:43:43 witchlinblue: that is much higher than I thought it would be

03/1/0623:44:09 Fed-X: It is actually lower than people in prison like to tell other people it is.

03/1/0623:44:30 Fed-X: I also would like to add something that I don't feel is said enough

03/1/0623:44:47 Fed-X: It is not the federal PO's job to send anyone back. They are not there to just “fail someone”. Too many people think that… It is the probationer that fails themselves when they violate.

03/1/0623:45:00 Baileyjojoms: I have one other question. If someone is sentenced to both state and federal time are there any specifics on who gets them first?

03/1/06 23:45:02 Federal_PO: When I say that, I am including anyone I get a warrant on, even if I subsequently recommend like intensive drug treatment or something like that

03/1/06 23:46:20 Federal_PO: Bailey - there can be whole forums on this question. Basically it boils down to who controls "the body" If the feds borrow the body on a writ and sentence the defendant first, then the state will get the body back for their court and sentencing,

03/1/06 23:46:27 Federal_PO: and the feds will lodge a detainer

03/1/06 23:47:28 Fed-X: You should hope the feds have you first or you may be doing double time where it might have been run concurrent.

03/1/06 23:47:37 Federal_PO: It's not a toss up, but it depends on who is doing the sentencing, and if the offender was a state or a federal body at the time of sentencing

03/1/06 23:48:21 Federal_PO: It takes some time to actually work with the concept, and I have to explain it to attorneys frequently

03/1/06 23:50:52 Federal_PO: Okay, have we hit the end?

03/1/0623:51:21 Fed-X: I guess we can wrap it up and give you back to your wife.

03/1/0623:51:30 Fed-X: Please tell her how thankful we all are to have had you here with us this evening

03/1/0623:52:00 Federal_PO: Not a problem. It was enjoyable for me also.

03/1/0623:52:12 Fed-X: Will we see you again next Wednesday?

03/1/0623:52:14 witchlinblue: thank you

03/1/0623:52:29 TxRhino: Thanks

03/1/0623:52:34 TerriB: THANK YOU SO MUCH FEDERAL_PO your insight has helped so much

03/1/0623:52:34 Federal_PO: I think we're looking to do this again next week sometime, when the servers don't conspire against us right?

03/1/0623:52:55 SCM32: thanks again Federal PO!

03/1/0623:53:04 Baileyjojoms: Yeah, the servers do not like us too much here lately

03/1/0623:53:05 Fed-X: Definitely!

03/1/0623:53:25 Fed-X: We're going to see if we cannot motivate them

03/1/0623:53:41 Federal_PO: good enough.

03/1/0623:53:44 Fed-X: For those that are curious, after I get the logs, they will be made available for review

03/1/0623:54:02 witchlinblue: the chat log ?

03/1/0623:54:42 Fed-X: Yes

03/1/0623:54:46 witchlinblue: ok great because I know of at least one person that wanted to be here and had to work

03/1/0623:56:13 witchlinblue: Federal_PO, I just wanted to add, Ive always found PO's approachable and reasonable people and many don’t realize that. I really respect what your jobs entail and the work you do for people when they don’t even realize it.

03/1/0623:56:42 Federal_PO: thanks witch

03/1/0623:56:45 Baileyjojoms: I agree with Witchlin, you remind me of my State PO! Very approachable and helpful

03/1/0623:57:18 Federal_PO: alright then. Have a good night all

03/1/0623:57:25 Baileyjojoms: Night Federal

03/1/0623:57:29 Federal_PO Logs Out
"Too often ... people enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought" - Leapfrog
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okay federal p.o. here goes my husband was on federal supervised release and he picked up a state charge. when he was magistrated he was magistrated for BOTH the State and Federal back in may i called the marshalls and asked them if he would be given the time that he's spending in county toward that federal? he was senteced to 5 years for the state and the marshalls have already picked him up, he's just waiting to go to court, anyway the marshalls said that he should have not been magistrated for the violation except by a FEDERAL judge and that no that time would not be given to him. i told her that whether he was or wasn't supposed to be magistrated for the federal violation HE WAS and i have the papers to show it. should we bring that up to the federal judge or federal defender? and what do you think the chances are that he will be given that time? thank you so much everyone is so helpful

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