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Old 08-15-2011, 09:02 AM
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Please bear in mind that this site is primarily for the support of those people who have a loved one in prison.
Thank you.

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Old 09-05-2011, 05:58 PM
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Default a worried brother

hey peeps.. i'm a singaporean and have been studying abroad for a couple of years. when i came home, i was welcomed with love from my family. After a week or so, police came to my doorstep with a warrant to arrest my only little brother. It was among the saddest moments of my life. Soon I heard from the police and found out that my brother was charged with housebreaking. The court hearing will be in two weeks time. It was his 1st offense and he was acting as an accomplice during the crime. He is 22 and underweight (1.73, 49kg). I've accepted the fact that no matter what he will end up in prison, During a visit at Jurong Lockup, he cried and told me he regret his actions. However, he accepted the law of the country.

Nonetheless, i'm still worried as he is physically and emotionally fragile. If any of you here have an idea of what the sentence will be like, kindly share it with me. Also, I would like to know how the officers treat the inmates? are there any ragging going on between inmates? I just want to paint a picture in my mind of what is in store for him.

Thank you for your time.
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Old 09-05-2011, 06:36 PM
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I just noticed OP message is dated 11/2009. And still the discussion continues. I'll throw in my two bits because when I saw the subject line, immediately I remembered an international incident involving Singapore's caning punishment and an 18-year USA youth arrested for vandalism.
This occurred in 1994 and still I remember it! President Clinton publically voiced protestations over the punishment. The whole incident was closely followed by CNN News. Here is a link to an 08/24/1994 NY Times article: http://www.nytimes.com/1994/04/20/wo...re-caning.html
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Old 01-05-2012, 08:43 AM
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Default Singaporean here

Uh, I just wanna reply to barney, but this has nothing to do with the prison debate.

The overall culture - the education, the legal systems, etc, is definitely westernised, however, being a chinese citizen of singapore, I can safely say that many of us is still tied down to our mother tongue and roots - Indian, Chinese, Malay, etc. And yes, most chinese do know who Confucius is.

And there are nannies and maids who sleep on the floor. Until they sue the employer that is.

Also, to your comment saying that Singaporean chinese do not grow up in a chinese culture, we do. Very much. Just like how the malays grow up in their culture, and the indians, and so forth. We only are exposed to the western culture perhaps through media and education.

You are wrong when you say that Singapore culture is more western than eastern. Because it's a fair mix, I would say.

Sorry I'm nitpicking, but just cannot take someone saying something inaccurate about my country.

Also, Singaporeans are born with the knowledge of how strict the legal system is. For heaven's sake, we can't even possess gum here, God knows why. We grew up with rules, so the legal system is a reflection of the rules in our society. But thank you for giving us an insight to the Singpaore prison conditions (:
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Old 05-20-2012, 10:09 PM
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Default singapore

Yes, but in Singapore you can walk the streets any time of the day or night and not worry about being mugged. You have to think twice before you commit a crime there. "You do the crime, you pay the time."

Originally Posted by barney11 View Post
Singapore's prison conditions are extremely onerous.

In the "newly renovated" Changi prison, the prison that houses almost all the inmates in Singapore, the inmates sleep on hard concrete floor with no proper beds. They are only given a very thin straw mat.

They are locked in a small cell 23 hours a day. They get no outdoor exercises, all their exercises are conducted indoor. They don't get open air for the duration of their sentence. This can be for years!

There are no fans or air conditioning despite the country's extreme heat (30-40 degree celsius in the cells) and humidity, being near the equator.

Inmates are not allowed any personal possessions, like radio, tv, personal clothings etc. They are not even allowed to keep a pen and paper with them.

The inmates basically are allowed zero personal belongings except 3 softcover books. Hardcover books are not allowed, don't ask why, it is just another rule that doesn't make sense and is created to drive the inmates nearer to insanity.

Maybe hardcover books are deemed to be highly dangerous. Imagine it could turn into a highly lethal weapon should it fall into the wrong hands

Telephones are not allowed and they can only write 1 or 2 letters every fortnight.

Inmates are not allowed to keep photographs of their family. They require special permission from their CO should they wish to do so.

Inmates' heads are shoven and they have to behave like soldiers. They must greet the COs when they see them. They must walk in one single file (Not like they walk around much given how claustophic the entire place is. The prison is a tall multi story block and the work locations often just in the vincinity of their cells. Everything is indoors.) and keep their hands at their back when talking to their COs, failing which they are liable to get punished.

Not everyone gets to work. Work is often mundane and repetitive. An example is laundry work. It doesn't inpart any "real" skill.

Some inmates are also caned if they were convicted of certain crimes. Their buttocks bleed and permanent scars are left behind.

It is a terrible state of affairs. The prison system is full of stupid unreasonable rules that just drives inmates crazy. The regime is very inhumane.

Someone should campaign for change. Oh wait, if someone were to campaign for change in the wrong manner, they could be fined or jailed for illegal assembly since even peaceful protests are illegal in Singapore. And you need a police permit to speak in public.

Compared to Singapore, prisons in the US are like heaven.

The prisons in countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Netherlands and basically every other first world democracy are like 5 stars hotel.

For many crimes, the prison sentences in Singapore are also very much longer compared to other first world democracies. Serious drug trafficking can be a 6 year bid in Australia (3 years with parole, probably served in a minimum security prison) but in Singapore it can be the death penalty. There are no minimum security prisons in Singapore for criminal cases.

I also recall on the newspaper not too long ago, one guy got caught using a fake credit card and was jailed 4 years. The same offence for first time offenders in other first world democracies would normally be probation, fine or house arrest in other countries. Or a 1-2year jail bid for repeat offenders in a minimum security prison.

Adults in Singapore do not get probation except in special circumstances as probation is generally only available to minors. It is either fine or prison for adults. No suspended sentence, no house arrest, no probation(normally). There seems to be a lack of sentencing options.

Even in third world countries like Peru, the prisoners get to watch TV, listen to the radio and they can have their relatives bring them food, cloth for handicraft work, any amount of books they want. I have heard the inmates have even managed to set up a disco in one of their prisons!

Nelson Mandela once said something like this "You can judge a country by not how it treats its upper class but by how it treats its prisoners".

Everyone should email the Prison Service and the Ministry of Home Affairs to demand more humane treatment for the inmates.
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Old 05-07-2013, 07:31 AM
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Reading your post this is comparable to where I stayed.
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Old 10-26-2013, 02:29 AM
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Default my precious love has entered the singapore prison

reading the back and forth in this thread sadens me, but hey a lot has in these last few months, since my love has been taken by interpol and put in changi prison. Firstly, regardless of what my girl has done and been convicted of is immaterial compared to exactly what this thread has developed into. The true criminal here is singapore! My girl would be on probation in 90% of the world, instead she is being treated like a dog! NO BED, No exercise...blah blah the list goes on. what is most shameful in this whole debarckle though is the blatant crimes against humananity that singapore commits every single day. I am western (originally australian)I have lived in SE asia for half of my life,been to and lived in about 100 countries around this wonderful world. Nothing upsets me more than RICH NORTH KOREA (singapore) the list is endless but as with all countries I have been to it comes back to one thing. THE People. some quick facts about singapore. 1 richest country on earth 2. one in six people a millionare 3. runs on slavery ( by this I mean that most of the workforce comes from the poorest countries ,ie. china,phillipines,sri lanka,bangladesh etc. they have no rights,no minimul pay,no anything) singapore is a manacured garden but that is only because the slaves do everything for a couply of dollars a day. NO singaporean will drive a bus,cut the grass,clean, or wait on a table, that is slaves work and that is the way singapore runs. The government control all media (yes they appoint members on the board of all newspapers and television) you will not find a bad word about singapore in singapore (starting to sound a little 1984 to you yet?) they have only had one party in charge since they formed 40 odd years ago...is this democracy??ha they have had 4 strikes in the last 25 years..check out what happened to the poor bus drivers last year...straight to prison then deported...but all this pails into insugnifigance compared to this last fact....the people are brainwashed worse than the north koreans...every person that is sticking up for the singapore regime here is singaporean,,they are north korean with money.. the poor things know no better its all they have heard from the cradle to the grave. It is no suprise that they toped the list last year on most unhappiest people on earth...yes after afganastan,iraq, and somalia... have you ever walked these streets? they are the most unfriendly,nurotic,paranoid,mean people I have ever had to deal with...and yes I've been to china,africa,korea,israel,dubai,india.etc.I don't blame them really its the way they have been brought up. the government is crazy and paraniod and have put this on their people.// normally I would not care but now I have to deal with these people and their attatudes at the changi prison...arrr... that feels better already..I have been bottling this up for a while. and somewhere to let it out will make me a better person to be around thankyou prisontalk. to all the other people in the same boat as me,, power,love and a sound mind to you and your family. the bastards can't break us ..dont they know it just makes us stronger
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Old 10-28-2013, 04:28 AM
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Default my poor brainwashed friend

Originally Posted by Nice123_de View Post
So whats the probem then when the system is british ... the democrats rules and all must be fine?!

I wonder about your problem! On the one hand Sillypure has a system based on "english" system ... and that so bad?

I will make it easy fo you! What Sillypores people and their goverment decide about their internal affairs is just a question for the people in that country! Keep your western view on your country! And where ever you are from, you have enaught to look for!
you are exactly the problem with singapore,the difference between you and north korea is money...when the people love their government and don't realise everything they read and hear is from the government (ie. propaganda) there is nothing we can do for you except be sorry. I am sorry your view of the world is so limited and retarded by your country.but hey its not your fault its how you have been raised..that is the sad thing here. I am sorry for you that your country ranks at the bottom of the happiest people on earth (yes behind iraq and afganastan)but this is the reason,yes your wierd logic There is nothing I can say to change your mind and I don't want to (thankyou prison talk and yes I respect everyones views) all I can say is ( and this is the advice I give to my israely and north korean friends) just leave your country for a while and see how it can work when you have freedom..its not a dirty word freedom..but you just have to find out yourself no one can tell you.if I tell you that you live in a facist regime with no personal freedom it will mean nothing until you go somewhere else.
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Old 02-23-2016, 01:34 AM
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To Barney11 and Nice123, I believe regardless of opinion.. it is best to be accepting of other opinions. You may have your stand, but it doesn't mean you have to reject another's opinion.

I am a Thai who have stayed in Singapore for over 12 years, and I believe that the harsh conditions are actually what helps keep this small country thriving. Authoritarian or Democracy, it doesn't really matter as long as we can all live peacefully. I can go grab a bite with my friends at 11pm and not have to worry about getting robbed or worst. The low street crime rate is one of the reasons why I moved here in the first place as well.

And my own opinion is... regardless of country, if someone has committed a crime, then they should pay for their crime. But this is just my own opinion, not to downplay other opinions on this!
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Old 09-29-2016, 02:45 AM
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Hi, I'm a Singaporean and i just wanna say something.

@mlaitng, i disagree with your baseless statement, calling us "unfriendly,nurotic,paranoid,mean people I have ever had to deal"

Either you're being a douchebag or jerk, we don't behave this way and we definitely don't believe in the survey on the "unhappiest people on earth"
You're profile state, "Malaysia" which pretty much tells me why you hate Singapore so much. Also a survey that ranked Singapore higher than Irag and Afghanistan don't really have much credibility. In Singapore, there streets are so safe at night that a lady can practically walk around naked and not get rape, unlike Malaysia. Freedom? Do you know what is freedom? Walking in dark alleys and down the street without getting killed or robbed. Wearing your Rolex out without fearing that your watch will get stolen. Do all these in US and Europe. This is true freedom, not having to fear for your own safety while you're out in the night. You can't do all these in Malaysia as well.

Every knows how harsh prison life is here in Singapore. That's why we have such low crime rate. You're a criminal, you have no rights to demand for beds, fans or tv. If you want all that, why not think before you act? You could have all these and more if you're a good citizen. Don't cry abuse or inhumane when all these are taken away from you by YOUR CHOICE.

@Acerus, your statement is false as well. Employers that choose not to hire ex-convict are decision made by themselves. There is no law or rules that encourage Employers from hiring these ex-convict. In fact, there is a restaurant's chain in Singapore that employ Ex-convict. It's a choice made by the potential weather they want to hire them or not.

Maids get abuse all over the world, i seen reports of mains getting abused in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Korea, Taiwan, etc. But, no one report the good thing. My relative's maid sleep in expensive bed with air-conditioning. There is a employer in Singapore that sent his maid for a driving license and bought her a car later to do her daily work. On Sunday, she drove the car around and meet her friends.

There're nice and beautiful stories all over but people with propaganda will only pick up the negative news and try to harm a particular nation or individual's reputation, which is saddening.
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