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North Carolina Prison and Jail Specific Discussions This forum covers topics & discussions specific to Jails and Prisons located throughout the State of North Carolina.

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Old 01-17-2005, 06:58 PM
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Default Anyone have a loved one in Rivers CI in North Carolina?

If you have a loved one in Rivers CI, please let me know.

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Old 01-18-2005, 10:45 PM
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There is a member who has posted here that has a loved one or used to have a loved one in this facility....MrsFeazel.....according to her profile she's not in NC but she has or at one time had a loved one in this facility....Maybe you can PM her!!!

They can have their bodies ~ We got their hearts!!!
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Old 02-21-2017, 06:21 PM
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I am self surrendering there on tuesday. I have done some research and got some answers. I will try to put them here. Please know this is from research - not from experience - these are answers from ppl thathad been there..........


 Self surrender:
o What can i bring to self-surrender that they will let in.
 Watch yes
 Thermals will be given to you / commissary
 Tennis shoes probably
 Underwear will be given / commissary
 Bible yes
 Glasses yes
 Other? Court papers
 Books
o How can i get books sent
 From people only paperbacks
 Only publishers (ex amazon) also can order from prison services / hardcover ok
 Both if you end up with a lot of books you can mail them out
 Programs
o Are there any programs in there for education? (yes) g.e.d, art/painting, lifeskills
o Is there a full time school program – university? (no)
o Is there any access to computers (yes) only for typing – no internet
 Medical dental
o Is there access to medical / dental? (yes)
 Communications:
o Do they have the internal email system? (no)
o How much do phone calls cost for local calls? Out of state regulated – intra-state are not
 is it more than usual? 1.85/15 mins local 3.85/15mins ld 22 - .25 /min (yes) or (no)
o Can people use the phones anytime they want? (yes) wait in line
o Is there a limit to how many letters one can receive? (no) _________
o Is there a limit to how many pieces of paper/letters one
Can have in their cell (i am mailing myself printed books) (yes) not enforced unless crackdown or unless it is messy
 Exercise
o Is there a gymn ? (yes)
o Are there free weights? (no) all cardio
o How much time is giving outside to walk /run? Up to you
o Are there organized sports and activities? Softball, soccer (year round), football – classes and teams – ping pong, races/field day, fantasy sports, handball
 Food and nutrition
o Do they sell vegetables or fruits in the commissary? (yes) ) canned
o Do they give fruits with meals? (yes) most days – salad bar daily
Lots of rice and beans
 General
o Sleeping is
 Cells 2 ppl per cel – individual showers – always available
 Dormitory ______
o Which is better?
 Cells some say 2 person cell is best
 Dormitory ______
o What is the amount of violence in this prison? Almost zero

o What is the ratio of white collar vs violent criminals? Fraud, drugs, ice – mostly drugs
o What’s the best job to get?
 For money 1. Wheels for the world, builds wheelchairs. 2. Teaching a class 3. Medical 4. Maintenance commisary- commisary
 For free time “a paid job” cleaning / pods- cleaning up
o Is there a prison library? Is that a hard job to get? Yes – good selection/ yes – hard to get
o The guards generally:
 Ignore everyone if they can ______
 Are fair and just doing their jobs most of them
 Are a bit sadistic some
 Are very sadistic ______
o Is there any specific advice you might offer?
 Mind your own business and no one will mind yours, find something to study, keep busy to make time fly by.
 Find out your federal id number and pobox to put $ in account before arrival. Do not bring cash with you. Newbies are treated well
 Get comfortable in your environment and make it work for you. Take classes and work out. Get enrolled in rdap – you get more of everything
 It is not going to be as hard as you think. Most people are laid back and keep to themselves. Do not try to stand out

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Old 02-21-2017, 06:23 PM
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if you want to use western union - transfers must be done by physical visit to WU office not online
They WILL accept the transaction from Canada
you will need to use:

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Fight4MyLove (02-28-2017)
Old 02-21-2017, 06:28 PM
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this is what i found in my research looking at other posts. this is now all the info I have:

I self surrender there for 48 month sentence - one week from today -

Good luck all ...

Remember - this is a time for growth...

It could be like going into a cocoon - and coming out a butterfly.
It may not be easy, but it could very well be worth it...


About rivers ci

Self surrender
People going in can bring a
• list of names, addresses, and phone numbers.
• Glasses and address book (not spiral bound)
• wear a white vest, T-shirt, or long sleeve top (all plain and white) you will be able to keep those - especially in the winter, as it will take a while to place your first commissary order.
• Also money can be bought in and placed on the books before going through.

To put money on the books you can use accessconnections.com where you can set up an account and money goes directly into the persons account, there is western union which I found expensive or on each visit there is a machine that links up with accessconnections and money can be put in that.

Visiting is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8.30am to 3pm There is a bus that leaves from Union Station in DC that is free for family members, It leaves at around 4am on those mornings.

Make sure that names are put on the phone list asap to be able to make calls out, calls cost $5 for 15mins also visitation forms are the same as those on the BOP site and can be mailed into the Councilor as soon as you know who they are - this usually takes 3-4 days for approval.

Programs offered at the prison:
ABE P-GED; GED; Life Skills, including Anger Management and Parenting Skills; Substance Abuse Education; and Vocational Education courses, including training for work in the Prison Industries program. Inmates have access to a law library and a general interest library. Religious services appropriate to the needs of the inmate population are available. Inmate Services include a fully-staffed healthcare unit, a fully equipped kitchen for complete food services, a laundry, a commissary, and indoor and outdoor gymnasium/ recreational facilities.

About conditions

Hello. I start this thread to share information about CI Rivers in Winton, NC. Before I went to Rivers, there was very little information available. I hope this thread will be useful to others.

I’m serving my time in Rivers. Overall, the institution is okay. Although it looks like maximum facility, atmosphere is different. Inmates are peaceful (well, at least no physical violence). They often speak loudly, almost to the point of yelling at each other. Other than that, they appear to be harmless.

Most inmates are from DC. The rest are criminal aliens and they live in the same unit/pod. Before I arrived, commissary’s spending limit was $200. It has been increased to $300; same to the government run (Rivers is private). Phone call’s limit has also gone up from 200 to 300 minutes.

Phone call is flat rate, $1.70 for local call and $5 for long distance, 15 minutes maximum per call. If you call frequently, my suggestion would be to get a local number (try Verizon Prepaid Phone with Ahoskie, NC area code).

Here’s additional information:

- It takes approximately 1 week to get phone number approved.

- For the month of November and December, phone call’s limit is 400 minutes (I believe due to holidays).

- Inmate phone system for Rivers is PCS

- My experience with PCS has not been very pleasant. I found that it’s much easier to send inmate fund to your loved one, rather than trying to hassle with PCS directly. Your loved one can then use fund from inmate account to call any approved numbers. Much simpler!

- Regarding inmate fund, there are two options: Postal Money Order and Western Union. I personally prefer Postal Money Order. Fee is $1.15 (up to certain amount, please check USPS web site).

- Incoming phone number from PCS Inmate Phone System is (972) 280-7286. Press 0 to accept call.

RCI, a low security facility, represents a $63 million investment and is located on 257 acres just west of Winton. The facility is a campus design with four housing buildings, recreational areas, a central programs building, an administrative building, a prison industries building, and four perimeter towers. The design of the facility enables cost effective utilization of security staff supplemented by modern electronic surveillance.
The $5.3 million facility was built in one year, opening in February of 2001 and received its first federal inmates one month later.
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Fight4MyLove (02-28-2017)
Old 04-03-2018, 11:11 PM
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Some info above is kinda out of date....

Phone is now GTL via connectnetwork.com ( experience probably worse than PCS lol)
1-877-650-4249 rates vary from 6 cents a min to 21 +, max 15 min call / 300 min mth
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