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Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered People in Prison For anyone that has a same sex partner, family member, friend or Pen Pal in prison that is Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgendered.

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Old 08-27-2016, 01:47 PM
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sexuality in the context of single gender systems is not well understood. We do know that there are plenty of men and women in prison who claim to be heterosexual/straight. On the outside, they live predominantly to totally straight lives. When incarcerated, they live celibate lives if the term is short. Longer terms see more and more apparently straight people engaging in homosexual activities. Some even believe that if they are getting oral, or the ones doing the penetrating (for men), then they are still straight. Some engage in very intimate relationships in coupling formats whereas the inmate "family" structure is more dominant in female only prisons with a father and mother inmate as a couple approving or disproving of the bf/gf's of their "children" and other "family" members.

This area is not well researched, but it is a known phenomena across the board.

The same is probably true of gender identity in prison, but it is something that is not understood nor studied. Just as sexuality demonstrates its fluidity much more in single sex environments, gender probably does as well. Diagnoses of transsexualism in prison are therefor highly suspect when the patient is claiming gender dysphoria only in the prison setting. A male inmate who is claiming dysphoria has never lived as a woman among women and surgically altering that inmate and placing that inmate in a women's prison could be far more disastrous than leaving the inmate in a men's prison, but in special population or a psychiatric population.

As we know virtually nothing about the fluidity of gender in adult single sex populations like long term sentenced prison populations, I don't think anybody can conclusively say that an inmate is being tortured by not being granted sex reassignment surgery.

This is not to say that an inmate who had already started transitioning, whether with hormones or not, should be defined by the presence or absence of a penis. That inmate is in a completely different class.

But, when we're talking about an inmate who expressed no gender issues before prison (barring wanting to play softball instead of baseball, but no issues as an adult) is incarcerated for a long period of time and during the course of that long period of time starts experiencing dysphoria, I seriously doubt whether transitioning through surgery and then popping that inmate into the prison of the opposite binary is a good thing.

This is the one case where I support private prisons. A private prison that was aimed at dealing with GID and the associated populations, allowing those who should transition to transition and allowing those who shouldn't to not have the pressure to transition would be a good thing provided that prison supplied all of the appropriate supports for this particular special population, including security. But, nobody is working towards such a creature just as nobody is researching the fluidity of gender identity in single gender environments like prison.

Is it torture to keep somebody in a men's prison while he has male anatomy and not pay for his surgery when he's never lived as a woman among women? Assuming his GID is real and not environmental? probably. If it is environmental, then what do we do? We certainly don't transition the guy, send him to a women's prison, and then deal with him again when he realizes that he's not a woman (can anybody say, "law suit"?).

The guy in the case at bar also bears the problem of being a rapist, if I remember correctly, with a long history of violence against women. He would not fair well in a women's prison once it's known and with his celebrity status, it will be quickly known. But that is a tangential issue for the guy.

Fwiw, the thread is more than a year old, and the OP has been banned for similar threads, all decrying the treatment of her people. Some of her rough handling by posters has been a result of past problems with her.

I would be interested in what the research suggests about people who don't fit the gender binary mold who face prison. Other than, "don't get caught doing something that will send you to prison" and low level felonies getting treated differently because of the inability of the system to cram such a person into the binary, I don't know what happens. Similarly, when it comes to any governmental binary, I don't know what happens - do we treat people differently than we did 20 or more years ago? are we able to leave the birth certificate blank on a non binary infant? what happens with selective service? And now that the school based bathroom/locker room problem is getting ugly, how are families and youth who haven't been assigned a binary dealing with it?

Society as a whole hasn't figured out that gender and sexuality are two separate things, and that both live on a spectrum. I do wish we were more tolerant of the spectrum as a whole, but a significant portion of society is still having a problem with people being gay. Understanding that gender identification is fluid - heck, ask Caitlyn Jenner about that one.
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