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California Prison & Criminal Justice News & Events + 3 Strikes Do you have news relating to California's Prison or Ciminal Justice System and related efforts? Post them here! Also discuss 3 Strike laws.

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Default Tilton

United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect

[IMG]http://www.*******.com/icon4.gif[/IMG]Alerts! Ways you can fight for yourself today!
[IMG]http://www.*******.com/jump3.gif[/IMG] U.N.I.O.N.
Where to send your letter objecting to the permanent appointment of James Tilton as CDC Secretary (this is a good place to air SHU and visiting abuses that he has ignored). If you write about an incident, be certain to name the people involved, dates, locations and times of the day, any correspondence that you wrote to him about asking for his help, any responses that he sent to you. Or you can just voice general opposition but evidence is much better.
If you mail your opposition, better send it priority mail as it is only six days until the hearing and you need to get your opposition in there right away in case they switch the dates on us. If you will be faxing opposition, do this right away as they don't like families of prisoners showing up to the confirmation hearings and they will switch the date and time rapidly since the hearing is televised.

(Mail to via priority mail before July 7, 2007 as the hearing date is set for July 11, 2007. Late letters will not be counted, best to fax
Senate Rules Committee
Senator Don Perata State Capitol
Room 420 Sacramento , CA 95814

(Or fax to

Dear Honorable Senator Perata and Rules Committee:
Subject: Oppose Confirmation of Secretary James Tilton

The following Senators are on the Rules Committee and will be voting on Tilton's confirmation. If you describe an incident, be sure to name a date, a place, a time, people involved, any letters you sent to Tilton and his replies. (evidence) Or you can just voice your opposition but evidence is much better.
Senate Rules Committee
Senator Don Perata State Capitol
Room 420 Sacramento , CA 95814

Senate Rules Committee Fax

Senator Don Perata (Chair)916-445-0596

Senator Roy Ashburn (Vice-Chair) Fax: (916) 322-3304

Senator Gilbert Cedillo, Fax (916) 327-8817

Senator Robert Dutton, (916) 327-2272

Senator Alex Padilla, Fax 916-324-6645

Senate Rules Committee Phone:



Tilton has been named in several of our UNION family lawsuits for a failure to protect the safety of prisoners in life and death situations. I wrote to him personally when I was banned from visiting my son for six months for questioning the visiting policy and he delegated me to Dovey, who upheld a ridiculous rule that contradicts the State Code.

Tilton has ignored Nora Webers' appeals, ignored all the appeals for medical help sent to him by desperate family members and supports out of state transfers. He was going along with the idea of a new state agency for the mentally ill then suddenly dropped that support with no explanation whatsoever.

Make your letter different from this great one written for us by Barb Christie, who also dug up (click here)plenty of quotes Tilton made over the past year which are very revealing about what he stands for and the punishers he represents. What really stands out in my mind is comments that he made about media access during a hearing which were totally ignorant of the law and disregarded the First Amendment. I could go on....

Don't forget to mention this appointment in your letters to editors.

Rev. B. Cayenne Bird

(Mail via priority mail to
Senate Rules Committee
Senator Don Perata
State Capitol Room 420
Sacramento , CA 95814

(Or fax to

Dear Honorable Senator Perata and Rules Committee:

Subject: Oppose Confirmation of Secretary James Tilton

(Use some of these ideas, but write in your own words. Also see list of Tilton media quotes.)

As a concerned California citizen and taxpayer, I hereby go on record in opposition of the confirmation of James Tilton as Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. I am fully aware that Acting Secretary Tilton inherited many of the problems that plague the prison system today, but in over a year, he has in my opinion allowed these problems to become much worse, primarily by lack of courage to act according to reason over politics.

Secretary Tilton’s record clearly backs up this statement. He should have used his authority to implement changes and take actions that would have -- with no threat to public safety whatsoever -- reduced the prison population, retained the minimal rehabilitation programs in place, and allowed the rehabilitation program expansion to which he has been giving lip service since he was appointed to this position. He should have taken responsibility and leadership action in emergency situations, such as medical neglect. Secretary Tilton’s lack of action begs answers to many questions:
· Why has he not worked toward eliminating the lengthy bureaucratic delays in the compassionate release process?

· Why has he not been responsive to, or set up a response team to handle, pleas from prisoners’ families whose loved ones suffer, and in some cases die, due to lack of proper and timely medical care?

· Why has he not taken steps to keep the mentally ill out of Security Housing Units, which in most cases clearly exacerbate their illnesses? Or out of prison altogether, for that matter?

· Why has he not taken a stronger position on his professed agreement with the need for community programs, alternative sentencing, more effective parole supervision, and increased jail space to stem the flow of thousands, who should rightfully remain local, wrongfully going to prison?

· Why has he resorted to the temporary fix of transferring prisoners out of state even if it means involuntarily?

· Why is he apparently supporting an upcoming rules change that would increase strip searches of visitors when it is common knowledge that most of the drugs and contraband are brought in by corrections officers? Why does he not crack down on them?

· Does his position as head of the Prison Industry Authority board raise conflict of interest issues?

It appears that Secretary Tilton lacks strong problem-solving and leadership qualities. Rather he is a political puppet catering to a powerful lobby whose members cling to the draconian belief that punishment and dehumanization deter crime and who have a vested interest in building the prison industry. He comes from a finance administration background, and although he utters words of reason and compassion to the press, he seems more concerned with managing his budget and keeping his bosses happy than with real solutions and courageous change in the prison system he is supposed to manage.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, with reference to the new 198-page report, "A Roadmap for Effective Offender Programming in California," just released by a panel of corrections experts who say that the report shows how California can cut its inmate population by 27 percent and save nearly $1 billion a year with a few recommended parole and prison rehabilitation fixes.

Secretary Tilton’s response to the media was that the roadmap was a “good starting point” and that the report would not be “put on a shelf” as many previous reports had. But on specifics, he discounted a key part of the roadmap: reducing inmates' sentences and releasing them early as an incentive for completing various programs. Rather, he favored lesser incentives, such as increasing visitation rights, long-distance telephone calls, or vouchers to purchase goods. Good grief! The topic of the report is offender programming, not offender rights or privileges. Where is this man coming from?

The immensely challenging and complex job of California prison management and operations needs to go to someone with much more intelligence, courage, and compassion to ACT than Mr. Tilton has demonstrated. We, the people, do not want a puppet; we want a man (or woman) of action!

(write your own letter and include in it what is bothering you about prison operations and policy. Please copy ******************* so we can know what you wrote and whether or not we have enough voices speaking out on this)

A Year of Corrections Secretary Tilton in the Press (Excerpts)

The hearing on our bill ab1539 to release permanently incapacitated and terminally ill prisoners was held before the Senate Public Safety Committee on 06/26/07 and is online now. The next step is that it will go to the Senate Appropriations Committee. The big hurdle is going to be the Governor himself

go to www.calchannel.com

click on webcasts

click on archives

enter 062607 in the date box without any dashes

Select Senate

Select Committee

type in Public Safety

a list will come up that says Public Safety Committee 06/27/07 click on watch

in the left hand corner there is a small button, click on it with your mouse and drag it to the two hour, ten minutes and 34 seconds mark reads like this


That is the beginning of the short hearing.

Nancy Mendoza gave unforgettable testimony that only a bereaved mother could deliver on everyone's behalf and she soulfully explained part of what happened when her son Daniel Provencio was shot in the head with a "foam" bullet from which he died. This was a major UNION campaign in 2005 which you can view by clicking on her picture in the left hand corner at http://www.*******.com/about_union.htm

Mark your calendars to attend the trial of Mark Grangetto coming up in Hanford - the outcome will affect every California prisoner
August 23 and or August 24 are the best days to show up with a carload to show the judge, jury and the media that people do care about what is happening in the prisons.
This is every mother's lawsuit to stand up against torture and murder by medical neglect, abuse of the mentally ill, SHU issues.
click here to see the story of Mark Grangetto

The joint hearing held by Judges Thelton Henderson and Lawrence Karlton held in Sacramento on June 27, 2007 was a huge success. A web page has been set up so that you can print off and mail the articles to the prisoners at
Congratulations UNION members for a turn out so large that it made the news wire services. This is the largest turn out for a prison reform hearing by prisoners and their families in the history of California. A clear message that the families of prisoners can organize and that they can respond to calls to action to stand up against those politicians who oppress them, a new day has dawned, but keep on organizing, mobilizing and registering the poor to vote.

Honorable JudgeThelton E. Henderson
United States District Court
450 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, California 94102

Senior District Court Honorable Judge Lawrence K. Karlton (LKK)
501 I Street, Suite. 4-200
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 930-4000
Fax: 916-491-3934
Dear Honorable Judge Karlton
------------------ Make certain that you are writing letters to editors on the violations that the lawmakers are making of the California Constitution which forbids holding people in custody when they cannot provide adequate medical care. Caring starts with you. We will need more people to sit in the audience when the bill goes to the Senate. Sign up in the UNION so you can help with this important work. An 8th grader can do it. You are needed. Billions of education dollars are being wasted on punishing sick people. How ludicrous!

You can see the hearing online of UNION members testimony before the Assembly Appropriations Committee. If you have a windows media player in your computer. It's up now.
go to www.calchannel.com click on webcasts, click on archives, enter 050907 (just like that - no slashes or dashes) select Assembly, Select Committee, Select Appropriations, click submit and it will come up on May 9, click watch.

Move your slider to 42 minute mark by holding down your mouse

Notice the lockstep voting of the Repugs. They have always done this and continue to do it. No one is safe as long as Repug politicians sit in elected office.
More information on our campaign to support AB 1539 can be found here
Tell the prisoners to send their families because a crowd could be needed as the bills enter their final phases.


How do you make noise? Be prepared to respond to UNION Calls to Action and write to editors. Everyone is hoping and praying that our side is going to find it's own organizing legs soon.
The state runs on voting groups and we outnumber everyone but that doesn't matter if we aren't writing, recruiting, filing lawsuits and initiative campaigns.. All of this oppression is happening because we haven't organized well enough or loudly enough. I made need you to back me up at the Senate level by bringing a crowd to the Sacramento courtroom where the war is located. Sign up for the daily newsletter so you can learn to become an activist for change. Get off the sidelines, writing to editors, recruiting more writers and protesters, getting out the vote is essential to reform! The war is in Sacramento and 90% of winning it is showing up when you're supposed to be there.


We have a date for the Mark Grangetto trial of August 20 in Hanford, it will require two days to pick the jury. We have the most impact if we show up in mass on the day of closing arguments. Grangetto has been literally tortured in the system and the outcome of this lawsuit will affect every California prisoner. We will also need a crowd at this hearing, email me if you'd like to work on the campaign to end medical neglect or any of our other criminal justice campaigns at *******************. We are only as effective as the NUMBER of writers, protesters, recruiters and people who get out the vote for candidates who will truly represent us.
Rev. B. Cayenne Bird
My past articles which include many sensible prison reform recommendations which would free up tens of thousands of prison cells are located at the following links. I hope you can take them and post them everywhere to THE OTHER VOTERS and mail them into the prisoners. The legislators are in office to service the people who gave them money to get elected, not to service the poor. This is where failure to get out the vote catches up with us.
Rev. Cayenne


One powerful organized voting group could demand the closure of 70% of the adult prisons. Failure to organize is costing us our lives and future. It is necessary for us to elect our own people to office as the first step in achieving something like this major feat below. There is no evidence that prisons, jails, juvenile halls, the death penalty, harsh laws, long sentences do one thing to deter crime. 6500 people willing to do a little work can force reform through initiatives, referendums, recalling or electing politicians. Less than that number cannot raise enough funds or make the 150 day signature gathering deadlines.
Please subscribe to the UNION daily newsletter so you can learn how, when, where to become an advocate for change.

the UNION media email list is located here - use it to post letters to editors of 150 words or less (use your pen name if you're afraid to speak out but don't neglect to make your voice heard!) Post comments at as many publications as possible.
Our battles are only as effective as the NUMBER OF PEOPLE who write, recruit and bring people to the polls to vote. That means you!

UNION CURRENT CALL TO ACTION #2 in effect until April 30, 2007
This is different from our normal Calls to Action because you are objecting to an interim rule created by the now disgraced US Attorney General Gonzales. The rule if passed will affect every sex offender and the one million women and children in California connected to them. Please send it priority mail today or tomorrow in a red, white, blue envelope so we feel like a force on the receiving end. The cut off date is April 30, 2007. Please also post to national level journalists who are currently missing this important change in the law done by a criminal trying to save himself - Gonzales. A sample letter for you to post online to journalists follows the sample letter that goes to David Karp, Senior Counsel. Power of numbers is the only prayer we have of being heard. Just do YOUR share.
David J. Karp, Senior Counsel,
Office of Legal Policy,
Room 4509,
Main Justice Building, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW., Washington, DC 20530.

To ensure proper handling, please reference OAG Docket No. 117 on your correspondence.

You may view an electronic version of this interim rule at Regulations.gov. You may also comment via the Internet to the Justice Department's Office of Legal Policy (OLP) by e-mail to: olpregs@usdoj.gov or by using the Regulations.gov comment form for this regulation. When submitting comments electronically you must include OAG Docket No. 117 in the subject box.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Laura L. Rogers, Director, Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking; Office of Justice Programs, United States Department of Justice, Washington, DC, 202 514-4689.

David J. Karp,Senior Counsel
Office of Legal Policy, Room 4509
Main Justice Building
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20530.

Re: OAG Docket No. 117

Please allow me to voice my grave concern and opposition for the Interim Rule issued as a result of the Adam Walsh Act (AWA) and SORNA by Attoney General Gonzales. This law will allow double jeopardy which is legal only because federal jurisdiction and state jurisdiction are separate. A person can now be punished by both the federal; and state government for the same violation of registration. Every state has a registry in place and this is certainly a duplicate effort and an excessively expensive and unnecessary law.

A great many people who have moved on with their lives and living law abiding and productive lives will now be re-exposed with the retroactive clause of SORNA. This is tantamount to the Salem witch hunts only now it is the families of sex offenders who will brought down with this draconian and vindictive law. This is cruel and unusual punishment, not public safety as SORNA will show places of employment in the Federal Registry which will be an open invitation to the fear mongers and hatemongers to protest their places of work and/or physically attack them.

Posting places of employment in a federal database will stand in the way of any sex offender in California (and the nation) from being able to earn a living, no matter how minor their crime. This is completely counterproductive to the goal of reintegrating ex-felons back into society as self supporting, productive citizens. The Attorney General has said that SORNA's applicability will be to "virtually the entire existing sex offender population". Clearly the intent is cover "virtually" everyone, but there is no mention about whether Congress specifically limits what he can do. Why was this left out?

Please consider the effect this will have on the one million women and children attached to a sex offender when they cannot earn a living. Current laws have forced a group of people to live under a bridge in Florida. This is an excellent example of how this law will further affect the offenders and their families. They are unable to work and support their families or themselves The one time sex offender is lumped together with the violent sexual predator. In California, there are already laws in effect to handle the truly high risk offender and considering all sex offenders one and the same is simply not right or just. The tiny fraction of a percentage of sex offenders who are guilty of raping and/or murdering a child are mentally ill and they belong in places of healing. They are the people who need to be removed from society for the purpose of safety but even this should be done in a much more healing manner, as they are most often severely mentally ill.

More than 90% of sex crimes involving a child occur within families. No registration, residency restriction or monitoring system will stop these crimes. This law is targeting an entire group of people and only a fraction of the group would possibly be stopped from a crime. We are so scared that those people who have been convicted of sex offense will reoffend, but look at the statistics.

The Department of Justice states that the average rate of recidivism is 5%, one the lowest rates among all felonies. It is an invented lie that has been perpetrated to the public that sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated and that they have a high rate of recidivism. This is simply not true. Our conservative leaders are constantly preaching about building the family and knocking the liberals for not having stricter morals, but laws such as this are destroying families over mental illness. It's barbaric, opportunistic and political grandstanding at its worst.

SORNA can be passed as Federal Interim Rule because Congress empowered Attorney General Gonzales, whose character is now being assassinated to do so. All of his initiatives should simply be cancelled. He has proven not to be trustworthy and everything he has touched is now tainted, including SORNA. He most likely wrote this rule anticipating he would need the support of fellow Republicans over the firings of the Attorneys. How can it be a good rule when Conservatives are so hell bent to overpunish the severely mentally ill in order to build political careers and Gonzales so desperately needs their support. The fact that SORNA touches so many millions of lives in a destructive manner makes it as much, if not more important than the other probes.

In addition, the Attorney General fails to point out anything relative to Sec. 117 (Duty to Notify Sex Offenders of Registration Requirements and to Register) which places a requirement on him (and his office). Notification is a basic tenet of due process, is it not? Why was this left out of the Interim Rule? This is an ill conceived, poorly thought out Rule and I ask that it be struck down before we allow the invented hysteria that has pervaded our country continue to destroy families. A child is 40 times more likely to be killed by a drunk driver than a sex offender. Why are these people being ostracized, forced to live in exile and banishment, on the streets of our FREE country? This is all too reminiscent of the nightmare of Nazi Germany. That is a frightening state of affairs for our country. SORNA should be discarded immediately



Make your letter express your view and the impact on your own life or that of people whom you love, do not simply copy my letter word for word. Where's the focus on prevention and healing of the mentally ill? There are many issues not mentioned here. Please copy me on what you wrote

Mail in a red, white and blue priority mail envelope by Tuesday night so we feel like an army because we all mailed within 48 hours of one another. Get your family members to write.

I may be changing the above letter since this is just a draft but I wanted you to get started on at least thinking about this and exchanging arguments and ideas since we have 54 California journalists on our UNION newsletter list who are learning this issue as well.

Schwarzenegger and O'Reilly sued and settled for sexual harrassment. Why aren't they in the database?

Sexual assaults committed by youth are a growing concern in this country. Currently, it is estimated that adolescents (ages 13 to 17) account for up to one-fifth of all rapes and one-half of all cases of child molestation committed each year (Barbaree, Hudson, and Seto, 1993). In 1995, youth were involved in 15% of all forcible rapes cleared by arrest—approximately 18 adolescents per 100,000 were arrested for forcible rape. In the same year, approximately 16,100 adolescents were arrested for sexual offenses, excluding rape and prostitution (Sickmund, Snyder, Poe-Yamagata, 1997).

Treatment for most sex offenders works


An alarming national trend:
False Rape Allegations

Eugene J. Kanin, Ph.D.
Department of Sociology and Anthropology,
Purdue University ----------------------------------------------- Cayenne,

This my SORNA post to:


Another important issue needs to be brought into this discussion of justice to all vs. undue loyalty to a few: the Federal Interim Rule that Congress empowered Attorney General Gonzales to write amending SORNA (the Federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act). This Interim Rule should be challenged for a number of reasons, among them the questionable character of its author whose mission of justice for all has been clearly tainted by his misplaced loyalty and covert lies. Other reasons to challenge SORNA:

SORNA applies to virtually all sex offenders, whereas its intent was to apply to child molesters. Retributive justice on such a broad scale can do little to prevent child molestation. According to Bureau of Justice statistics, more than 90% of child molestation is by someone the child knows well, and child molesters have less than 4% recidivism rate. Ironically, the fear mongering engendered by SORNA promotes vigilantism and thus endangers far more children than it protects. Every child suffers who is connected to a sex offender who is banished and persecuted.

SORNA allows a "legal" form of double jeopardy. A person can be punished under both federal and state law for the same registration violation.

SORNA requires sex offenders to register where they work and go to school, as well as where they live. This invites hate-monger protests, and poses a risk of physical assaults, at workplaces and schools. Posting one's place of employment and education in a sex offender database can undoubtedly hinder a person's efforts to earn a living.

Now, the February 16, 2007, Federal Interim Rule written by Alberto Gonzales would require SORNA registration restrictions to be placed retroactively on "all sex offenders, including sex offenders convicted of the offense for which registration is required prior to the enactment of that Act." People who have become law-biding, productive members of society will be subject to unjust banishment and punishment if this retroactive feature of SORNA is made permanent. SORNA is already unjust to many; it does not need to be retroactive too! Attorney General Gonzales should have to answer to this injustice as well

On April 17, 2007 a number of bills will be approved or disapproved by the California Public Safety Committee in the Assembly. Now that Assemblymember Mark Leno is head of the Appropriations Committee. We seem to have a very uninformed new person as Chair of Public Safety, Jose Solorio, so we can no longer assume that Democrats are killing every terrible bill as they did in the past when Leno was chair. In fact, there are now a total of nine Democrats who have been voting with the Republicans who have blocked prison reform of any type for two decades.
What we need is more people who understand the legalease wording of these proposed bills, in particular those proposed by Republican legislators at the core of most of our problems. Many bills are going unchallenged which is interpreted by the legislators to mean consent. We also need more people to learn the issues by subscribing to the UNION daily newsletter so there can be attendance at some of these hearings, letters to editors in support or opposition and when necessary, massive rallies at the Capitol which we have done many times over the past decade.
Please take a look at Dr. B. Cayenne Bird's column at the Chronicle for a list of the bills which need to be studied and commented upon then write her at ******************* because we are surely missing points with so much happening at once and not enough qualified volunteers who actually understand the trainwrecks coming if these pass. Lives are at stake and your work is needed. Get active now, everyone can get a pen name and write 7 sentence letters to editors and show up three or four times a year on some of the campaigns or they can send someone. The people with no group are the ones who go to prison in California. Groups run the legislature, large, funded groups that have a million dollars in their treasury at least because that's what is needed to do referendums, initiatives, or recalls. No muscle means no reform is possible. Get active and do something about your problems as there are no rescuers and no way to win without lawsuits, referendums and initiative campaigns. This can be done if enough people help. Takes a little work.
Our eight year campaign against medical neglect in California's prisons and jails has been very successful. Support for our wrongful death and medical neglect lawsuits still in progress is still very important since their outcomes will affect every California prisoner. The Mark Grangetto medical neglect lawsuit is coming to court in Hanford this summer and we will need to overflow the courtroom to show that people do care about prisoners! By attending and bringing people to the hearing, you will help make a strong point that medical neglect of any prisoner is unacceptable to we the voters of California. We won't know about the trial date until the very last minute so make certain you are subscribed to the UNION Daily Newsletter via email and have ten people lined up to come with you.

Are you posting comments beneath prison reform articles and writing to editors short 7 to 10 sentence reactions to what they're writing in the news? We elaborate on the issues in the daily UNION newsletter but you can find plenty of places to help educate the public on prison issues that appear almost daily in the Sacramento Bee, North County Times, California Progress Report Be interactive if you want to see reform as silence is consent. When you aren't writing and attending protests, everyone assumes that you are happy with the status quo. We have a great media email list online for you to use (select, copy, paste)

This is special area of our website that we have set up to rail against Prop 83 Jessica's Law. One million women and children are in danger of becoming homeless and banned from society and not one child will be saved by this most unconstitutional law. Read the stories of real California families affected and get the facts.

If you would like to be one of the 6500 workers to help me bring about criminal justice reform, better conditions in prisons and jails and help for the families of prisoners, please join our UNION. We always need help with our website updates, researchers, letter writers, protesters, people to give rides when we have a call to action to attend an important hearing on protest. We also need clerical assistance filing and answering mail in Sacramento as the pleas for help number in the thousands. We could always use supplies, paper, postage, ink cartridges, the state runs on groups, if you don't have a big one, you can't elect people to office who will represent you. Your participation in this process is necessary as the power of numbers is the only solution.
there is an audio you can listen to at this link
Join the UNION
Rev. B. Cayenne Bird
United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect
www.*******.com Writing, protesting, recruiting more workers, getting out the vote, that's what real patriots do when their chains become too heavy. We never have enough volunteers in action which is why the problems still exist. You can do something about this needless suffering when you work in a group. There are 3 million people attached to a state prisoner but until they are properly organized, funding themselves and getting out the vote, the numbers won't count and we will be stymied in our work to file more lawsuits and do more initiative campaigns. 6500 workers can change any law, elect or recall any politician, will you be one who takes action in the UNION?

Complain about callous State and CDC Employees by Sending Letters to:
Ms. Anne Sheehan
State Personnel Board
801 Capitol Mall, MS #22
P. O Box 944201
Sacramento, CA 94244-2010
Other complaint information is located on this page link

Contact: U.N.I.O.N.
Rev. Dr. B. Cayenne Bird
Volunteer Director
P.O. Box 340371
Sacramento, Ca. 95834

Old Alerts U.N.I.O.N. Home U.N.I.O.N. Homegeovisit();http://visit.geocities.com/visit.gif...2&j=true&v=1.2 http://visit.webhosting.yahoo.com/vi...f?us1183854764
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