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Old 09-13-2016, 10:56 PM
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Default Important Announcement for ALL PTO Members

We offer support - not Judgement

It is a fact that we are all members on P.T.O., and we are on this site for a reason. Some of us have been here for a long time, and some of us have just joined. Some of our members have been incarcerated, and are here to offer support and knowledge to those who are facing incarceration. PTO is very diverse. This is what makes PTO unique.

We are one of, if not the worlds biggest support group for those who have a loved one/s incarcerated. We all offer knowledge and support and understanding to those who desperately need it. There is nothing more terrifying than having someone you love in prison, no matter the crime. It affects those on the inside and even more so those on the outside. Those that are left to pick up the pieces of the shattered lives, for all involved.

Not only are they judged along with the incarcerated loved one, but often they are shunned by communities, and fellow relatives. Most of the time, they were not even aware of the crimes that were being committed. Then there are also those that actually are innocent. But it does not mean that they stop loving, their child, spouse, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend etc. You don't just stop loving or caring about someone.

PTO offers support for the loved ones of those who have committed any and all crime. We do not shun you because your loved one may have killed another person, or was accused of dealing drugs, or was accused of a sex offense. No we offer support to those of loved ones who have committed any crime. We are not here to judge anyone and we don't expect our members to judge them either.

Sadly we as staff have noticed that members are being judgemental of other members of late, and comparing one crime to the other.

No matter what the crime is, the outcome of having a loved one in prison is the same, both for the person entering the system and for the family outside of the fence. This is not a competition, it is a support forum. If it were a competition, how, exactly does one "win" it? We all lose - the guilty, the innocent, the offender, the family, the friends, the children, the parents. All of us lose.

Many of our members are the loved ones/friends/family of sex offenders, murderers, and other violent offenders. No-one, inside or outside of the fence, is any more or less deserving of love and support than another.

We ask that you think before you post something that is going to hurt a fellow member. Think about the effects it may have on the community and the person or group of people it may be directed at. We are well aware that some members cannot abide by certain offenses, if that is the case, do not respond, do not interact, do not say something that is going hurt the person that has a relationship with a person that has that offense.

All that being said, we would also like to say that having different opinions is yet another part of what makes PTO unique. Debating an issue can be a learning tool, a teaching moment, food for thought if that debate is presented in such a way as to not be degrading or demeaning to other members.

Healthy debate consists of differing perspectives on behaviors, actions & reactions to that behavior. As such, by all means voice your opinion, its yours and you are entitled to it. However, please do so civilly. Please do so in such a manner that the behavior in question remains the issue, not the member(s) on the other side of the debate.

For anyone who has not read the PTO Community Purpose, Guidelines and Etiquette thread, please take a moment to do so HERE. For everyone's convenience, the Community Purpose portion reads as follows:

PTO Community Purpose
The purpose of the Prison Talk Online community is Prisoner & Family Support, Information and Assistance.
While we encourage interest from people with a range of viewpoints seeking to learn more, anything beyond a genuine, friendly dialog is not welcome.

People who are (or were) involved with the Prison System find that they encounter a wide range of difficulties and challenges.
PTO was founded as a forum to help family members cope with these experiences; through the provision of non-judgmental support and the sharing of information.

PTO is not the place to debate whether or not anyone should be in prison, should prisoners and their families have rights or what kind of punishments should be meted out to the guilty.

We look forward to seeing you posting in the forums and hope that we can help you with any issues that you may be experiencing.


PTO Administrator

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