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Elsa's Inmate Card Projects This forum is dedicated to the memory of one of our most loyal members; Elsa Punzi. Send Birthday & Holiday cards to inmates!

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Old 12-05-2011, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by JodyAnnShaw View Post
In anticipation of a 'record-setting' card swap, this swap is being posted now to give all individuals plenty of time to get their names in for the swap!

Hello and Welcome to the Christmas Card Swap! Before you may participate in this swap you must first read and acknowledge that you have read and understand this entire post. You will not be able to participate if this is not done! Once you've read it, please post in this thread that you've done so and that you understand how the card swap works.

If a card swap "goes bad" - as with any personal issue/conflict between PTO members - it is absolutely inappropriate, and against PTO policies regarding inciting conflict and other sections of policy, to post your issues on the public board - whether naming names or not. In such instances, members are strictly encouraged to contact the person hosting the swap or any member of staff that moderates the cards swap forum. You may contact the other members in the swap but please remember that PTO policies apply to all sections of PTO including PM's , and those that fail to do so or persist using PTO resources (privately or publicly) in such conflicts may wind up with their account terminated. Again, you participate in this program at your own risk and by choice and PTO is not responsible for your actions or the actions of your loved ones. If a swap goes sour or bad, the hosts and the staff will review any complaints, and in reviewing any individual incident, we may take action to remove one or all parties involved from the list of card recipients. But again, we will not tolerate public posting regarding conflicts between PTO members, as we do not tolerate this and it is against PTO policy in every forum on PTO - not just the Card Projects forum - and if the members involved can't resolve their issues themselves, we strongly suggest you keep it privately between yourselves and, better yet, take it off of PTO altogether to avoid risking termination of your PTO account. This is the way it has always been. Nothing has changed from before as far as PTO's stance on this issue, so this issue is not up for debate or discussion. So carry on, and we hope you and your loved ones will enjoy the great benefits of what has overall been a wonderful card program here on PTO for many years - but remember that it is not, and can't possibly be, perfect and risk free because no member can be held responsible for something they literally have NO control over - i.e., what another human being may or may not do. To expect that of any PTO member is really rather preposterous - not one of us here can 100% be sure and predict what another human being may or may not do. With that in mind, we remind you to keep your emotions in check and let reason and logic about that prevail should something go bad or wrong or sour. Most of the time it doesn't, but if it does, remember PTO policy before you consider posting regarding such conflicts publicly and let a PTO staff member handle things about warnings and such reminders when dealing with the card program. We've done so repeatedly over the years, and likely will continue to. Thanks very much for everyone's understanding and cooperation here, and thanks for all everyone that participates does to keep the card program active and wonderful as it mostly is. As in anything, there are always going to be a few bumps in the road that don't go the way they should, but for the overwhelmingly most part, the program is a good one and brightens the day of many, many inmates worldwide.

Attn: members who send to Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma and Indiana-Inmates in these states are no longer allowed to advertise on a pen-pal website:
So here is what needs to be done:
DON'T MENTION on the card you found their name and address on internet !!
In order to help them understand who you are, just say simple things such as: My name is XXX, I'm a PTO member and a friend of your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/mom, whatever.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM me or #1AndOnly, who will be co-hosting the Christmas card swap.

Now let's get started! Please start sending me your loved ones info now! Do not post their info in the public forum! All names need to be submitted to me by December 5, 2011. The lists will be distributed no later than December 10, 2011. That gives you approximately 2 weeks to get your cards to our family and friends. Please remember, it is required that you send a minimum of 3 cards for every 1 name you submit. If you can send more than the required amount, please let me know in your pm. If you are not submitting a name to receive cards but would like to send out some, send me a PM letting me know how many cards you can send. Thanks for Participating and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Please use the following format when sending in your names:
Subject Box:
Christmas Card Swap- 2011

Message Box: Number of cards you are sending
Your screen-name and Your relationship to inmate (example- JodyAnnShaw/pen-pal)
Inmates name and number
Prison/Jail address
Message to your loved one ( example ~ Jody wishes you a Happy Christmas or Your friends and family are thinking of you always )
If you need an address to use as your return address, please let me know here

Helpful Hints:
-Do not send any stickers on cards or envelopes. Some prisons do allow it but most do not.

-If and when you receive a thank you letter from a person, and they wish to have further correspondence with you, one of the following two options are preferred:
*If you are unable to write that person back, let the OP (original poster) know so their loved one is not sitting around waiting for your reply.
*If you are able to write that person back, again, let the OP know and make sure if it is okay for you to respond.
read and understood
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Old 12-05-2011, 07:12 PM
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I have read and understand the rules for swapping cards. I am ready to get started sending out cards for people who need to stay in touch with the world.
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Old 12-05-2011, 10:47 PM
sophiaburning sophiaburning is offline
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If we want to send a card but don't have a name to submit how do we participate?
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ALA (12-06-2011)
Old 12-05-2011, 11:08 PM
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Read and understand nut I am confused what we are to put on the cards
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ALA (12-06-2011)
Old 12-05-2011, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by sophiaburning View Post
If we want to send a card but don't have a name to submit how do we participate?
If you would like to send out some cards, please just PM me and let me know how many you'd like to send.
Life is a beautiful mess
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Old 12-06-2011, 01:24 AM
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Thanks for all your support.
This thread will now be closed so that names can be distributed.

Please check your PMs for swap details.

As soon as we know how many cards were sent out, we will let you know.
I think the final figure is going to be amazing, and we should be very pleased with what we have achieved!

Thanks for your enthusiasm and inspiration.

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