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United Kingdom Prison & Criminal Justice Topics General discussion forum for the UK. Come in and discuss issues in the British justice/prison system as well as your own personal issues.

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Old 10-20-2012, 12:50 PM
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Sorry about the banshee bit.. but all this secretive crap makes me itch, if the world is not changing, I guess I have my purpose.

Its not even remotely about fighting law.
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Old 10-22-2012, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by judypatudy View Post
My other half was in on violent assault, but he set a pedophile
on fire and has more time to serve..

Oh, lovely.... nothing like a bit of skin missing to give you that 'just awoke' feeling, I feel invigourated already.
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Old 10-22-2012, 07:23 AM
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Welcome to PTO! Keep in mind that those sort of things don't happen as often as TV/Media would lead us to believe. Keep a low profile, be respectful and show no fear.

patchouli, PTO Admin

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lisainengland (10-22-2012)
Old 01-03-2013, 03:56 AM
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Having served time in a UK prison I'll give you what I know.

From court you will go to a Category B (as you know), unless you get sentanced at The Old Baily, where you will go to a Category A - Belmarsh. You will remain at the Category B until you have been risk assesed and categorized depending on your sentance length and crime. Your risk is based on the type of crime, you risk of escape etc.

At the Category B you will be placed on the induction wing where you will remain for about a week. It may be shorter, it may be longer. You will attend a number of meetings where they go over the prison regime, work, education etc. You will do this in any prison you go to regardless of how long you've already served.

The first week is hard. No money, no tobacco (if you smoke).

You have to get used to the regime. There is no other option. Just try to read a lot, and get a job where you are out of your pad like a wing cleaner. In B cats it's pretty much 23 hour bang up for normal prisoners without jobs. In C cats it's much less and in D cats (open jails) you're free all day.

Work towards getting to a D cat prison. You can be sent there if you have up to 2 years left on your sentance, or if you've served 3 quaters of your sentance in closed conditions, whichever number is greater.

I have to go, but if you have any specific questions feel free to ask.

Just one last thing, prison is awful. Make no mistake, it's demoralizing. Make some decent friends, there are a number of decent people in prison. Stay away from drugs, you'll end up in deep shit one way or another.
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lisainengland (01-03-2013), Paul1983 (07-09-2017)
Old 09-12-2013, 05:47 PM
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What are we allowed to send to prisoners? Are we allowed to send books etc in?
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Old 07-09-2017, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by COJER View Post
I have just come out of prison a few days ago so i'll type my experience -

After you're sentenced, you go straight down to the reception area, where they search you, go through your bags, count your money (they tried to steal all my cash), and then throw anything that you won't be allowed to take to prison in the bin, you fill out a few forms, they give you a leaflet that tells you about what will happen next and ask you if you want anything to eat, then you're handcuffed while you walk about 3 ft to your holding cell (seriously), you'll be in there until your solicitor or barrister (or family if you requested it and the judge approves it, but probably won't because of constant staff shortages) comes down to see you, they'll tell you if there's any point in appealing, after that you're put back into your holding cell until everyone has been sentenced (so just hope you don't get sentenced really early or you'll be in a holding cell for hours). After a few hours you'll get handcuffed and led to a prison van and taken to the nearest remand jail. When you get to the remand jail, you'll first get your bags searched again and they'll take anything that you can't take onto the wings off of you, then you'll be put into a holding cell (with a few smack/crackheads and immigrants probably) and you'll wait there until an officer calls out your name, you go through to another room where you get your picture taken for your ID card, sit in the BOSS (Body Orifice Scanner) chair and then get strip searched. After that you go and collect your prison kit (bed sheets (you'll be lucky to get a pillow), prison clothes, eating utensils and a plate and bowl) and you can get a shower if you want, then you go and pick what you wanna eat and you're put into another holding cell where apparantly you can make a phonecall (except none of your numbers have been approved!). After hours of waiting about, you're taken down to the induction wing where you'll be greeted by a greeter who asks you a few questions and tells you some prison basics, then you go into the office to see the SO (senior officer) where you can purchase tobacco or phone credit (you also get an induction park with some toiletries and smokers pack if you're a smoker), they'll ask you if you have any problems with sharing a cell with someone too (not that they'll do anything if you do), they then tell you that you'll start the induction the next day, lead you to your cell and you're banged up for the night
This is pretty realistic from my experience too. I started the thread but by the time this was posted I'd been in prison and was out but I am getting sentenced in 2 weeks so wil be going through it all again. I hope you managed to stay out of trouble since getting out.

Yeah it's crazy about being handcuffed just to go a few metres. I got handcuffed from the dock (with my family looking) to the cell area and then again to my own cell. Don't know what they expect us to do down there that we need to be cuffed.

There is so much waiting around after court and going to prison. I got sentenced early in the morning and was there in the holding cells until that evening. I was in with a few others waiting to go to prison and it was kind of head wrecking being wound up. The screws didn't try to steal anything from me but they made me dump a nearly full pack of smokes I had just bought before court and only smoked a few outside. I'm sure one of them took them from the bin and smoked them himself.
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