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Old 11-24-2002, 09:42 AM
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Default A Fool For An Attorney


This statement is in reply to the following metaphysical legal flimflam that Mr. Lawyerdude uses as an argument/discussion to the so-called 14th Amendment;

The National Judicial Review does not contend, “that the 14th Amendment was never properly ratified,” it is an undisputed fact that it was never properly (Lawfully) ratified by ¾ of the states in Union. Again, you mislead the readers stating that “nobody as [has] ever won with that argument.” This debate never was about winning on the level of proper ratification or “here to stay.” But since you are so strong-minded on this subject and changing gears, I put forth this question to you and all the other pettifoggers out there in lala land: can you (meaning all legal sophisticators, i.e., shysters) find and prove to the readers any reference that any constitution guarantees or protects unalienable or inalienable rights? Note: I make no mention here of “civil rights,” a/k/a “civil liberties.”

Your 2nd paragraph is expertly distorted from the National Judicial Review’s original statement to Mr. Lawyerdude. The mention of “commies” was in reference to attorneys’ pretending to be Lawful within the “color of law” (reflection of Law), not your so-called14th Amendment that YOU cherish so much.
In the same said paragraph YOU bring up “human rights.” This term is referred to heavily in the policies of the United Nation where Mrs. Comrade E. Roosevelt played a heavy roll in establishing in YOUR State, not in The Declaration of Independence, where it is documented that this Country was founded in a Republic form under God. Again, do not misunderstand these writings, for the author takes a neutral stand as far as religion.

YOU go on in you statement bringing in the federal government implying that these “rights” are a powerful tool “in federal court.” Wake up and smell the coffee! The federal government is not only the seed of tyranny, it is also the run-a-way train going down a mountain!

I find YOUR 3rd paragraph not only comical but an ignorant atheist statement that is also a trademark of shysters. If YOU are not sure that God hasn’t communicated with us or gave us anything “in writing,” may I be so bold as to introduce you to a man named Moses who carried a few Tabernacles down a mountain called the 10 Commandments.
Then you go on to say that God has “no return address!” This author/writer is not accustom of dealing with the mentality of a rock but I am sure if you look in every phone book through the world you will find his (God) “return address” they are called; Churches, Synagogues, Temples and/or Houses of Worship. Besides making a fool out of yourself, you have just made enemies with 90% of the world’s population who believe in God and practice their faith every week. CONGRATULATIONS!

And in closing, you state: “lawyers screw US the people.” I was correct in my original claim stating that: “Lawyers [shysters/pettifoggers] screw We the People.” Are you not a LAWYER…SCREWING WE THE PEOPLE with the “bastardized child of the Constitution known as Administrative law?”

The National Judicial Review along with 90% of the world’s religious population eagerly awaits your reply.

Semi-respectfully yours,

National Judicial Review

-----Original Message-----
From: Attorney Douglas Palaschak
Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2002 8:37 PM
To: lawyerdude
Subject: Rights are TAKEN - not given by god or anybody.

Law107's puts forth the contention that the 14th amendment was never
properly ratified. In the 140 year life of the 14th amendment
nobody as ever won with that argument. I think that the 14th is
here to stay.

The 14th amendment is not about "commies". It is about basic human
rights like the right to travel, speak, write, petition, and
associate. Granted, these rights can also be traced to other
origins but the 14th amendment makes them enforceable against the
states - and that's a powerful tool.

Law107 says "one care about Natural God given Rights". Well, 107,
that presents an age old problem, to wit: How do we know what god
actually gave us, because god does not communicate in writing
frequently - and his last communique had no return address.

Law107 says that lawyers screw "we the people". Yikes! Grammer, 107!
Lawyers screw US the people!
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Old 11-24-2002, 10:03 AM
lawsrus lawsrus is offline
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Your writings are not only on the money NJR by putting that lawyer in his place, your facts and claims are very accurate.
Now if only it can be posted in the New York Times, USA Today, etc., it may wake the American people up to restore the government as we once knew it....Justice For All.
I will look forward to you writings posted at PTO in the future.
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