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Old 04-21-2004, 02:29 PM
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Arrow Siggy Forum How-to's and FAQs! Everything you need to know...

updated 02/21/08

I have updated this thread to make it easier for you guys. If you are looking for certain directions, please click on the links below. Please check back often, as policies and versions of PTO will be updated in the future. All siggy, counter and avatar help can only be helpful to you if your interface version is as follows - go into Edit options and all the way at the bottom are "Miscellaneous Options" - you will see "Message Editor Interface" - use the pull down box and choose "Standard Editor - Extra Formatting controls."

Please keep in mind that there are children that frequent PTO, so when choosing a graphic please ask yourself if it is too risque...if it is even questionable, then please do not use it here because you will be asked to remove it. There is to be no nudity or anything close to it here on PTO...it should be appropriate for children (think rated PG), please always keep that in mind. Also, some siggys that you have custom made elsewhere may have music or some sort of noise added to it...that is not allowed here at PTO so please refrain from using those siggys, or else you will be asked to remove it.

PTO's Policy on Siggys:

Signatures are currently allowed at PTO, but are a privilege that may be revoked if abused.

- Signatures may not contain links (e-mail, web, embedded or otherwise), with the exception of a counter.

- Signatures may not contain advertisements.

- Signatures may not contain any type of sexual or risqué content (completely up to Admin discretion.)

- Graphics used may not have embedded links or files. This includes e-mail and web addresses, as well as pop-up windows and music videos.

- Anything that causes the forum load time to be substantially lower for dial-up members.

- Counters are limited to one (1) and may not include an additional graphic (clip art, photo, etc.)

- Users may have up to three (3) graphics, provided the total HEIGHT of the graphics do not exceed 500 pixels when stacked, and all graphics are optimized for the web (i.e. 72 dpi). The width of ANY graphic may never exceed 500 pixels. (For example, if you have three graphics in your signature, total up the height of each. If the number is less than 500 pixels, you are within bounds. If it exceeds 500 you must resize your graphics to fit within policy.)

**to find your pixel dimensions on Internet Explorer (IE), right click over the graphic, choose properties and it will be shown as WIDTH X HEIGHT.

- Graphics include, but are not limited to: counters, photographs, clip art, blinkies, dolls, sparkling names, or any file that must be hosted elsewhere to be used in a signature.

- Text may be used and is not considered a graphic. However, text used in addition to one or more graphics must be size 1, 2 or 3. Text that is size 4, 5, 6 or 7 will be considered a graphic, and therefore part of the three (3) graphics allowed.

Admin reserves the right to remove or edit any member’s signature at any time to have it comply with PTO policy without notification

Requesting Siggys
If you would like a siggy, before posting for one, PLEASE SEE THE GUIDELINES/RULES FOR REQUESTING SIGGYS BELOW. Once you understand the information needed, take a look around the Ideaville Siggy Subforum for gazillions of siggy ideas to choose from. Please make sure you post your request in the appropriate thread with the thread#, post#, a description of the siggy, and what you would like written on it. Then go to the Custom Siggy Requests Subforum and browse the Siggy Volunteer Shops to request one be made, or start a new thread in the main siggy forum if you're not sure of who can handle your request. If you don’t see anything you like in Ideaville, then feel free to post a request in a new thread in the main siggy forum and maybe someone can find what you're looking for.

How to Save a Graphic

Attaching a Graphic on a PTO Post

Copying and Pasting Links

Hosting and Uploading Your Siggy

The Ideaville Siggy Graphics Theme Index

The Ideaville Siggy Graphics Objects Index

Get Your Graphic Re-sized Here

Test Your Graphics/Siggys Here

Tutorial: How to make your own counters

Instructions: How to make ticker work in your signature

Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Sparkle Text

Resource Only Thread for Siggy Image Programs

Getting your siggy up on PTO

How to Remove Part or All of Your Siggy

How to Remove that Empty Space at the end of Your Siggy

List of Ticker/Counter sites

How to remove the link in your "Playa.info" Counter

A how-to for adding an avatar (that little picture next to your name)

A how-to for checking the size of your graphic

Another - How do I add my new siggy- easy pic tutorial

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