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Letters & Stories from Inmates & X-Cons Post all letters, stories and information from inmates and ex-convicts here. Share their perspective with the rest of us who have not been on the inside.

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Old 02-15-2014, 05:09 PM
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Default The road through Prison, bootcamp, and back home again.

I got sentenced back in September for Criminal Enterprise, was only gonna do a mere 15 months to 20 years. I wasn't scared, I had plenty of time to adjust to the fact that eventually I was going to go. I spent 3 days in County before being shipped off to Womens Huron Valley, I figured since my husband spent 28 days in quarantine, that I would spend about that much time, but oh no was I wrong. When I got there I soon found out that they were overcrowded (on grounds and in quarantine or reception whatever you want to call it) and had just got off a lice lockdown, and were wayy behind, so I should expect to spend at least 3-4 months there. Only thing I could think was great just wonderful. My second week there, I got my bootcamp orientation, I had heard about this and wanted to do it, so of course I signed the papers, now just to wait to see if my judge approved or denied it. Now most people will not know if their judge said yes to bootcamp, SAI does not send approval letters, just denial letters, but I got lucky my judge sent me a letter saying that he was going to send me and I better not fuck it up. Yes sir. Now I got to play the fun game you play in prison, hurry up and wait. I did wait, there were girls who had been waiting for 4-6 months for bootcamp to come get them, but still hadn't I was fine with this happening, but again, god was on my side, and I only had to be there for a total of 7 weeks, until one November morning, my name got called over the loud speaker, and they told me Pack your shit you're leaving for bootcamp. I was excited, then I thought to myself what the fuck did I get myself into.
4 other girls left with me to bootcamp, the transport lady told us to expect to get bitched at, yelled at, called everyname in the book, they would try to make us cry. Believe me they tried, as soon as we got there and got out of the van they were yelling, calling us names, telling us we werent standing right. I found it kind of funny and got screamed at for laughing. We then went in for a strip search and to finish the intake where we quickly learn we no longer have a name we are Trainee ____ (whatever our last name is) and everything is yes ma'am no ma'am yes sir no sir. You say it loud you say it fast. You move as fast as you can. Dont do it right do it over and over again until its engraved.
90 days of this? not sure if I can handle it, but the 1st day is the hardest, the corporals, and other staff arent that bad. Yeah you have to memorize alot of stuff such as your 6 general rules (word for word) and they must be repeated as Ma'am trainees 1st general rule is....and ended with ma'am. You need to know your 7 posted rules, plus other various things such as what is the purpose of marking time, angle of edges on a made bunk, disciplinary process etc. and of course the definition of discipline which is not the dictionary definition and must be repeated as follows ma'am the definition of discipline is the instant willful obedience to all orders respect for authority and self reliance ma'am. You also learn quickly how to speak Ma'am trainee ____ reequests permission to speak ma'am. Then if they say yes Ma'am trainee ___ requests permission to ____(know, inform, adjust, inform, make) make is #1 or #2 headcall. You also learn that the corporals will make up many nicknames for you and you just say yes sir or ma'am to them. I eneded up having around 9 different ones just from one corporal.
Yeah you wake up at 6am everyday, and are going until 10pm. You do military style pt everyday and run everyday, and when you get in trouble you do some seriously funny things, such as 'sniff brick' for hours on end (which is standing at the position of attention inches away from the wall), you shovel snow with a spork or a dustpan. Yes I did all three. I also had to repeat my 6 general rules over and over again at midnight for an hour. It might be major structure and discipline, but one thing I looked forward to every saturday night was drill comp against the boys. and you know what we would get 1st most of the time. One thing you learn from drill is discipline, and unfortunately you keep doing about faces, and right flanks and left flanks once you get out while walking just out of pure habit.
I thought my 90 days were gonna suck, but it actually went by pretty damn quickly, some people think the program is crap but it is honestly how you take it, the one thing you should get out of it even if you think it is crap is discipline and patience. If you actually try to take something away from it, you get much more such as self reliance, tools you need to stay straight in life, and you get to take a step back and focus on yourself and not worry about anyone else. Plus you learn alot from the classes you have to take.
I am still squaring my corners, doing about faces, saying yes sir no sir, yes ma'am no ma'am to people when they tell me something, i say excuse sir or ma'am to people when i need to get by, some people look at me funny, but I honestly dont mind its good manners. Honestly they could have done anything to do me those 90 days and I wouldnt have cared. it cut my sentence alot shorter. I am now onto the part of 4 months on tether, and that should be an experience in itself.
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