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It's Not All Bad Behind the Walls Let's talk about the good things that happen in prison. The correctional officers that have helped us, etc.

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Old 06-15-2014, 07:53 AM
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Default My sister is one of the good ones.

My sister works for TDCJ on a prison unit in West Texas. I don't want to mention which one out of respect for my sister's privacy. She is some type of pre-release counselor. She told me her title before but I don't remember. It was some kind of programs counselor. All I know is she sets up the resources an inmate needs once they are released. I know that's vague, but when I talk to my sister about her job she doesn't normally give me any specifics. I do remember her at one time telling me she knows an inmate's release date before they do but she isn't allowed to mention it to them. I thought that was rather interesting.

Anyway, since I know my sister quite well (we get together often) I know that she is one of those rare TDCJ employees that really does care about the success of her inmates. I've heard her talk about her men with great compassion and concern. She will often run things by me about handling certain situations and her sincerity is really out there.

The funny thing about my sister is that when I was IN prison myself, every time I would come up for parole she would protest it and beg the board to keep me there!! I was angry and resentful. She was a family crisis social worker at the time so her protest were paid attention to. After I was released I was still very bitter toward her. As years went by, and both our parents passed away, we started to communicate once again. She saw how I had changed from the person I used to be and I began to understand why she protested my release opportunities. These days for every ounce of resentment I used to have for her I have a pound of love in its place.

She knows first hand how those men in front of her wanting to get out and change their lives are very capable of just that. She saw a hopeless case like myself turn around, and so she sees her whole case load having the same potential. She has never said so, but I would bet the reason she began working for TDCJ was because my story motivated her to do so.

My sister is one of the good ones. They are out there, and I have no doubt she's not the only good one in TDCJ with pure motives and compassion for offenders.
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Old 06-15-2014, 09:03 AM
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Good on you for giving up that bitterness in favor of love, Real Checker! Much more rewarding. And good on your sister for learning, keeping an open mind.
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Old 03-24-2016, 01:43 PM
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There are some good, carring COs out there too (they get almost as bad a deal as inmates from movies and the news..)
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