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Old 02-20-2005, 07:53 PM
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Default Prison Labor - Against Made in the USA

Prison Labour - Against:Made in the USA
by Jim Hightower

We have gone completely overboard on security. Everything has to be secured, jobs, wages, hours - although the ultimate in security is jail, the slave labour camp and the salt mine.
- Cola Parker

Psssst. Hey you, corporate honcho. Tired of paying American workers five or six bucks an hour, and them still complaining that it's not a living wage? Well, how would you like to get some of those nice, compliant, super-cheap Third-World workers - without even having to move your factories to some Hell-hole in China or El Salvador?
Let me whisper two little words to you: Prison Labour."
That's right, don't run ads or go to the unemployment agency for workers - go to your state prison! That's what J C Penney and Eddie Bauer are doing, getting jeans and toys made by Tennessee inmates; Ohio prisoners have produced car parts for Honda; prison labourers in Oregon make uniforms for McDonalds; and TWA even employs convicts to book reservations by phone.

A later version with slightly more detail:

The Next Best Thing to Slaves
by Jim Hightower

At last US industry has figured out how to compete with Third World wages right here at home. Hire prisoners! No need to mess with the want ads, employment agencies, or job fairs to find cheap workers, just bustle on down to your state prison and cut a deal for some convicts. Since 1990, 30 states have contracted out prison labour to private companies.

A Competing View:

Benefits Seen from Inmate Labour
by Christian Bourge

Washington - Jobs for prison inmates with private sector or state-run employers help reduce recidivism rates and, despite claims of opponents to the contrary, can provide a spur to the economy, according to a recent report from a Washington think tank.

And another article on the same subject:

Another Way Prisons Directly Influence the Economy
Full-Employment Prisons

A recent Times article about the economic woes of upstate New York towns dependent on prisons raises a nagging little fear about the future of criminal justice reform. As crime has been falling and jailhouse populations stabilising, towns that believed a prison was a recession-proof industry are beginning to worry about layoffs. Advocates who found it difficult enough to convince state legislators that drug treatment is better than incarceration for low-level offenders are wondering if they will also have to fight the perception that a vote for reform is a vote for unemployment.

America's Prison Habit
by Alan Elsner

After 25 years of explosive growth in the US prison system, is this country finally ending its love affair with incarceration? Perhaps, but as in any abusive relationship, breaking up will be hard to do. Since 1980 the US prison and jail population has quadrupled in size to more than 2 million. In the process, prisons have embedded themselves into the nation's economic and social fabric. A powerful lobby has grown up around the prison system that will fight hard to protect the status quo. There are some positive signs: fiscal pressures may indeed slow the growth of the vast US prison system. But reversing the trend of the past quarter-century is another matter.

**For articles on white collar and petty crimes, injustice, capital punishment, race, executioners, freedom of the press, cheating, private prisons, punishment, retribution, prison labour, appeals, instant justice, electronic tags, lepers and second chances click the "Up" button below to take you to the Table of Contents for this Prisons section**

All articles can be read in their entirity below:


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"...for this too shall pass..."

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Old 01-27-2012, 01:06 PM
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Default Something to think about.

I think the jobs are good for the inmates, but I do think they should be payed more for the work they do. Some get time cut in half or more for time served, but for them that are there for life should get more out of this then they are getting. They should be at let able to pay for there health care upkeep needs.
My son who is in prison just got to work in the fields. Let me tell you!!!
It beats sitting in a cell 24/7. Try sitting in your bathroom after you take out everything. You cant get food when you want or take a shower so remember the showers are off limites. Or no AC in the summer and most dont even have an window and if they do its closed and opened in the winter. I could go on and my son has been in prison 6 months and I know all this and sooooo much I dont know YET: But dont take away the little help they get to get away from an cell for awhile. You have no idea what hell you are asking them to return back to.
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Old 01-28-2012, 01:41 PM
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But the opposite end of the spectrum are the overcrowded dorms.

* 175 - 200 men crammed onto one floor in bunks not more than 2 feet apart from one another...
* Two bathroom sinks for the entire floor...
* Four toilets for the entire floor...
* Two microwaves for the entire floor (with constant replacement because of the inability of most to even know HOW to properly operate a microwave...
* One television blazing Jerry Springer and baby daddy shows, along with any other non-life enriching filth they can filter into the dorms...
* No ability to have your OWN television with a headset because there just aren't the power outlets...
* A washer and dryer that's nonstop noise 24/7, so the ability for any quiet and rest is gone...
* Mentally ill inmates talking to themselves day and night, urinating on the beds of other inmates or doorknobs or in the sinks...
* Those with obsessive compulsive disorder incessantly washing their hands or shaving their faces at all hours...
* A multitude of cross offenders from 18 to 70 - from petty theft to a drug offense to murderers who escaped the death penalty all thrown onto one floor.
* Those proud of their crimes and bragging of their intent to immediately re offend the minute they are released talking all day and all night at the top of their lungs...
* Porn peddlers trying to get you to trade envelopes for the filth they've smuggled in.
* The constant fear of some nut job bashing your head in during the middle of the night with a lock in a sock...

Those who can still think straight and who don't have a long time to be there would trade a cell for THIS nightmare ANY day!
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Old 01-28-2012, 01:58 PM
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And thats the point.... Who don't have along time prison sentence. I would go crazy in a cell if I was there 10 to 25 yrs alone and im not sure family support would matter at that point.
But im not here to judge anyones way of thinking. If your not locked up be happy. If you want to make changes for them that are get out and start voting and educate your friends and family about whats going on and how to help change laws.
You never know. How this country is going we all may end up behind bars before its over. Sad but true.
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Old 01-28-2012, 02:06 PM
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By the way Thank you for sharing whats going on behind prison walls. Please keep doing what your doing. Send out e-mails and post on facebook. We have to let people know whats going on. I only found this place because my son was locked up and I knew nothing about prison or prison life and I have no family suport. My son only has me and I wont roll over and play dead.
I wouldn't wish anyone to go through what most of us here has, but some times its hard when I talk to some people that are so cold. I just wonder how fast the words they spoke would come back and slap them in the face.
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