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Old 03-27-2014, 04:23 AM
BydSarrett BydSarrett is offline
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Default Traveling abroad with a low-level record/probation .

I'd like to bring up the question of what I said above in the heading .
The amount of trouble that a person might get in trying to get from the USA to another country , especially a " well off "/" First World " country , may be " not as serious " as the trouble someone might face in trying to travel with major felonies...But as a matter of fact , it occurs to me that being kept out is being kept out no matter what the reason given is!
The way of dealing with possible getting through Customs/borders might be different for someone with " lower-level " time/a record behind them but I still think it's worth discussing for those who have to deal with it !
In my case , I'm on paper 'til late January next year , I've had it indicated to me that , at least while on paper , Canada and Australia are likely ruled out ~ What about the U.K. ? Ireland ? Western Europe ?
" You'll lose your mind and play/free games of May/See Emily play " - BYD

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Old 03-27-2014, 03:00 PM
cannot_clasp cannot_clasp is offline

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Default Well....

Canada is tough, UK and France is good, not sure about the other countries like Europe. My friend with a DUI tried going in and it was tough. It also matters on which entrance you are going through. There are lawyers who can take care of this stuff for you, not sure if you will shell out the coins
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Old 03-27-2014, 09:48 PM
BydSarrett BydSarrett is offline
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...Okay , thank you , if the UK and France are reasonably do-able , that would likely be where I'd like to go first anyway!
By " entrance " you mean " which airport/Customs " ?
Bluntly , since I was in for " being homeless " anyway (Well ~ A whole bunch of homeless camping tickets with hearings that I neither showed up for nor paid fines which I couldn't have paid anyway ~ Maybe a " crack-down on excess homeless " impulse on the part of Santa Cruz , too .) ~ I sort of hoped I could get some sympathy/" See what America's social system is like "/Woody Guthrie-Jack Kerouac-etc.-like " bohemian cred " anyway !
" You'll lose your mind and play/free games of May/See Emily play " - BYD
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Old 03-27-2014, 10:36 PM
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Route 66 only exists in pockets these days.......and The Times They Are a-change'n. I can't answer your questions specifically, but you may want to check into Greece. Mykonos Island is wonderful As is Glyfada and, of course, Athens.

patchouli, PTO Admin

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Old 05-14-2014, 09:13 PM
biafra biafra is offline
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Depends on the transportation, and what your record is. For example a girl I know in California was denied driving across the Canada border for DWI record, but could fly in because she wasn't in a vehicle. That and the border tends to employ green, right out of the academy new agents who jump at the chance to deny as many people as possible.

Whatever rules your country has regarding criminal records and entry will be reciprocated out of diplomatic spite by other countries. That's why Canada doesn't allow American's with DUI/DWI because the US passed a law preventing Canadians with records from entering. Same for petty drug possession charges.

Arab Emirates (dubai), Qatar and some other authoritarian countries will search your name upon entry, and if there's records of you being incarcerated they can find during a 2 minute google search of your name could be sent back on the next plane and denied entry. If somebody has a prostitution record (or website offering services) and they find it searching the phone number of the cell you are carrying same deal: denied. Also a single woman travelling to Thailand will have her name searched for prostitution records and denied entry if they find it since all these countries have their own sex worker rackets, and will assume you've come there to work.

France doesn't care, since many ex cons show up there to sign up for the foreign legion plus they don't have a full extradition treaty with the US so do not share information and would have no way of knowing you're a con. I think only Canada and Australia/New Zealand have access to US criminal records they can check at the border. Best way to find out is phone the nearest embassy and ask them if you can travel there.

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Old 06-04-2014, 01:10 AM
Wanderer77 Wanderer77 is offline
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Dubai is a pit, you don't want to go there anyway. But unless they have a link to the US criminal system, which I don't think they do - I got in, then you're fine. But once you're in, BE CAREFUL. All this stuff about being tolerant and western is BS.

They totally ignore drinking, party, prostitution and PDA laws - until they don't. And then you're in jail until they deport you. Their jails make ours look nice. Find somewhere else
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Old 06-05-2014, 08:42 PM
yourself yourself is offline

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you also want to check what other requirements a country has - many require you to have a ticket home on a definitive date. Many require you to register where you're going to be staying, even if it's traveling via Eurail to Youth Hostels.

On the Road is all well and good, but doing it these days requires a reinterpretation of travel in light of terrorism, nationalism, and a variety of other problems. It's not the '60's, the '50's, and a lot of countries frown on homelessness and anything that's not customary for vacation travel. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in the new millennium is difficult.
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The UK and Ireland can be difficult to get into depending on what your crime was. Countries in the European Union (most of Europe) are usually easier. As long as you have the relevant visa or visa waiver and a return ticket you can stay for 90 days as a normal tourist. Once you are in mainland Europe you have free access to the whole of Europe as their are no border crossings except for Switzerland/Liechtenstein which are not part of the European Union.
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Old 12-08-2017, 02:55 PM
IMissJosh IMissJosh is offline
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It's a thing you should think about way more than I did.

I have an adjudication withheld from Florida. I got a great job but I relocated.

I hadn't traveled for work in ten years and figured I never would again.


I practically lived out of town at remote plants and at shows.

The first one of them that was overseas was in Tokyo.

I was on the plane 11 hours when they said they were passing the embarkation cards around. Oops. I did some international travel before I got the felony and I should have remembered that.

It asked in a yes or no way. I didn't want to lie so I wrote in "not sure".

That last two hours was very uncomfortable, and so was the hour in line at Narita.

At the desk, the clerk put my fingerprint on the card, looked it and me over, and waved me through.

I had only my phone and bad wifi, so when I got home I looked things up.

Getting into Canada is the worst. The reason I was seeing was that Canada has instant access to US criminal records, at least enough to catch you on the spot. And they do.

I most likely got by in Tokyo because they stuck the card away and then, at most, batch processed it and I was back home before they knew anything if they ever did.

That could mean that if I go AGAIN I could be in THEIR system, and things might no go so swimmingly.

So when I saw all this I called the VP in las vegas and told them my detailed explanation was on the way in email, but the short story was no more international travel for me. Period.

Been 2 years and I'm still here.....btw, they knew about the felony the day they hired me.
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