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Husbands & Boyfriends in Prison For everyone who has a husband, boyfriend or male partner incarcerated.

View Poll Results: What Stands Out The Most Of Memories Shared With Ur Other Half Or Loved One
More Happy Times 82 80.39%
More Sad Times 4 3.92%
More Dark Times 4 3.92%
More Times Alone 11 10.78%
More Times Fighting 1 0.98%
Voters: 102. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11-21-2016, 07:53 PM
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Default Lets Look Back On Our Memories ...

What Stands Out The Most To You While Looking Back On Times You Shared With Your Other Half Or Loved One Rather You Met Them In Prison Or Out On The Streets ...
The most unexplainable connection!

The most unimaginable feelings!
The most unbelievable love!
I have found within you!!!
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Old 11-21-2016, 10:54 PM
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Thankfully I only have happy memories and experiences to look back on. That's what keeps me waiting the way I am.

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Old 11-22-2016, 07:07 AM
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My memories are happy ones. He makes me laugh, even now. There are so many things that bring me down, but he lifts me right back up. He's the one locked up. He, of all people, should be feeling what I feel. But he makes the best of his situation. He airways sees the good in things. That's why my memories are happy. He's very positive. ��
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Old 11-22-2016, 09:54 AM
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When I look back at memories we had so many great times together before he was locked up and some good memories with him inside. He had 2 festivals while inside and we had a good time at both. He always did really special things with me when he was home and just our regular days and family dinners are great memories. I hold on to those thoughts to help me get through this time with him away
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Old 11-23-2016, 01:10 PM
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All the fun we had together. We used to laugh so much. When I used to visit every week even the guards were amazed at how much fun we seemed to have together.
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Old 11-23-2016, 08:07 PM
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The times we laugh together are always good. My man doesn't laugh easily he's more about making me laugh. So when I get him to laugh out loud it's special to me.
The light at the end of the tunnel has finally arrived..
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Old 11-24-2016, 06:03 PM
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Definitely more happy times.

We did know each other before he went in, but we weren't together. We hardly paid any mind to each other, even though we both admit we were both equally curious about each other.

However, once he was picked up, and I sent that first letter... We have bonded immensely. He sure has broken my heart, with most of his time done not even being allowed visitation. Trouble finds him, I suppose.

And I will admit I have had dark times, thinking... How am I going to do this? But, I always come out knowing right where my heart is.

So, over all of these years - he has absolutely been an amazing addition to my life. He has improved it, and continues to do so. He makes me smile all of the time. Even when he doesn't want to get out of bed, he is encouraging me, supporting me, loving me even at his most exhausted moments.

I have enjoyed him and our relationship much more than I could have ever hoped. And I will continue to.

In my case, the good FAR outweighs the bad!

it's not too late to turn back home,
and we were never meant to be alone.
you know we've got each other.
it's not too late for two lost souls.
we're not the only ones to lose control.
we're in this together.

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Old 11-26-2016, 10:05 AM
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We had our ups and downs while she was at home but things were mostly good. Oddly I think we've gotten to know each other better since she's been inside. We still manage to share some happy times despite everything.
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Old 11-26-2016, 04:26 PM
beautifulbeau30 beautifulbeau30 is offline
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Good memories that I would love to relive. Kissing him in the rain as he walked me home. I just love my man��
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Old 11-29-2016, 05:20 PM
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We've been together for 24 years, so there's definitely been bad times. But there have been way more good times. [If there weren't, would I be here?]

One of my favorite memories is years ago when we were very broke. [Not that we aren't now! LOL] My b-day is right after Valentine's Day and he felt bad cuz he couldn't get me anything for either day. [Silly man!] He left for work before I got up and when I went downstairs, I found the most awesome, written in blue crayon [from g-daughters crayon box] on printer paper, valentine and a b-day cards on the kitchen table. *sniffle* But I laughed when I turned the cards over and saw he'd written "When you care enough to send the very best." [ala Hallmark]

Not only do I still have those cards, I've scanned them into my computer to make sure I don't ever lose them.

[Love you Babe]

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Old 11-29-2016, 09:14 PM
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Most of our time together has been apart. Like 90% since we met while he was incarcerated. Sadly. However, phone calls and the occasional visit keep me crazy in love with this man and I look forward to him getting out of prison.
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Old 12-08-2016, 08:58 AM
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I have to say that while we've had issues, arguments and moments when I've wanted to move to the town where the prison is at, train and become a guard just so I could smack him that I have had a blast with my little blue and orange wrapped bundle of silliness.

No matter what happens I can honestly say that having this man in my life has made me a better person. My perspective has changed, I think we all need to leave our comfort zones, and knowing this man has certainly pushed me to see things in a different light.

My vocabulary has become more colorful - although I admit that I sound very silly saying things like "pressing my rack".

Yeah, Happiness.
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Old 12-09-2016, 10:07 PM
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We went to Seattle together, to the lake, to the beach, we spent many nights cuddling in my bed and ordering DoorDash. We watched Ace Ventura, Pet Detective at my place, on my couch like a couple of high schoolers. I made him terrible lasagna, but amazing garlic bread. We went shopping for my sister's new baby boy - he picked out the Shark's onesies. He took me all around, introducing me to his friends, showing me off. He bought me my first piece of nice jewelry while he was visiting friends in LA. He texted me memes throughout the day - mostly funny... my favorites were the sweet ones though. We had dinner with his family. He met mine. He was a true gentlemen, all the time. Never once asking anything of me. He lent me his comics, took me to the doctor when I threw out my back. Brought me food when I was "sick" ie hung over. Listened to my heart. Drove me NUTS with his crazy ideas. He told me "I'd love to see you in that dress" while we were window shopping in town on our first date....so I went out and bought it, but they took him away before I could wear it. I hope it fits in 5 years

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Old 05-22-2019, 02:59 PM
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I have so many happy times I can look back on and say it was all worth it! At the end. Even though I met him while incarcerated. This man has been here for me in the darkest of times and he's surrounded around negativity and drama on a daily. But he would do anything to bring more light to my dark areas in my life. He has made me laugh, smile, cry happy tears, motivated me in so many ways, listen to me and given all sorts of advice, he has comfort me on loss of love ones and plenty more things. It's a feeling that I'll forever keep in my memories. These are my good times and that makes me look forward to everything with this man! Everything he has given to me. I'll always give it back to him 40x more.
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