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Old 10-12-2017, 09:29 PM
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Default Problems in FCI Dublin Satellite Camp

I know this is small problem compared the problems of the world. But it starts with one broken window. The world is round and what you do will come around a bite you. The Federal prison camps are place were the usa gov. put people that have committed crimes that have no violence or judge you not to be violence any more.
The federal system is made up of penitentiary ( very violence ), fci (not so violence and long sentence 10 years or more) and then there is the federal camps (no violence is tolerated, If you do you go to a fci, also for shorter sentence). There is also no one complains abut any thing because if you don't like it here we can take you to a fci or take some of you halfway time away or a variety of things can be done. It a prison never the less.
Most camps are very lay back and you can do your time with the minimal of the prison rules. Most problem are prisoners rule come from the inmates. You can do this like that you don't touch anyone, you can't reach over another prison to get something. etc its all about respect. The Gov. prison rules are the same thru out the system. no escaping, no fighting, be civil to everyone, in other go to get along. Don't get me wrong the rule of the bureaucrats for prisons has reg. book long but they always point to everyone to get along.
What i writing about a problem that does not accrue at many prison because it causes a lot of problem. Administrators, consular, and guards don't understanding their place in the system. the penitentiary a lot of control, fci much less control ( but in all cases the control is sensible) and the camps were the people and the guards are on the same level. you are here to do some time and the guards are there to make sure everyone is safe. Some people might disagree with me on the camps but it not to make sure you only have 2 blankets.
Here some a little history about Dublin California camp. when I first hear about it the camp was half a dozen old army barrack. It housed about 200 girls. I guess i did not tell you that this is a girls camp (women is what the gov calls them). The old camp a had 1\4 mile oval track an area out side for a weight room. i guess at one point the gov decided that this facility was out of date or to expense to repair( that a joke in gov speak). They clear out a section of the fci next door to the camp and turned into a camp. This change has a best I can see turn the camp into a small fci. Room with toilets in each room ( girls have problems with that), lights on all night (everyone would have problems with that) they took down a section of the fence on one side to make it feel like a camp ( that is another thing about a camps no fences). There is guard area in the living area. It's like the picture of a prison you see in the movie, center court yard 2 story rooms around and a guard at one end. Most camps have a guard and administration at some place in the camp but the prisoner are not watched at all as it is not needed this is not a camp. It is one of the only facility for the pacific north western as far as Montana (if someone expect a visit that is long way to go). All of these problem can be over come with understanding management (this is in short supply in the bop). one reason that the prisons get along is a lot of the rules are set up for guidelines to keep the prisoner under control. It works out very well because gov employees like a lot a worker today they are lazy and as long as it is running well don't fix it.
Before I start give a running story about this problem waiting to happen let me give you a little history of the writer. I am male. I served 12 month in a camp at boron ca. (a run down old army camp that the inmate with const experience keep repaired), and 6 month at a boot came in Lompoc ca. The boron camp was dozen or so old army barracks and a guard gate at the road coming into the camp, no fences. The guards were friendly and everyone try to get along. When they didn't the were moved to a fci, if you got violent. As long as you did't hit back you were ok. The different from a camp to a fci, the changes are night and day. We had tennis and basket ball, racket ball courts, and a weight room, they filled in the swimming pool (in the summer it was 120 in the shade) before i got there. we had a barber shop, library and a legal library. We had several divisions of uincor that guy worked at (8 hr a day). 2 bus loads of guy went to Neil’s airforce base and worked for the gov,. doing work that they were skilled to do.(they paid about $50 about a month). The living condition were very cold in the winter (old buildings) and very hot in the summer. Enough of that lets get to Dublin.
This a new building fci fencing and cantina wire everywhere. No guards at the entrance because there is a army facility in back of the fci. As i said the camp was torn down and part of the fci was converted to a camp. The camp is being run as a fci. The administration is a fci mentality. They have too many guards for a camp, The guards station is manned 24 hours a day. Since the fci is right there no one even things about the cost. This is a camp; all this supervision is not needed. If they need it, the girl should be at a fci. Parts of the camp buildings are cool in the winter and hot in the summer. This not for lack of good facility, the air conditioning is fine it just isn't balance so some girls are to cold in summer and to hot in the winter (no one knows how to fix it but not a new problem it is everywhere in the world. Answer get some one to balance the system.) The light in the main area are on all the time. I would bet there is a dimmer. That could dim dim the light so the light wouldn't shine in the rooms all night long. One of the ice machine broke down and it too 3 week to get fixed ( a service man could fix it in 24 hrs.).The hot water heater went out so they got 6 showers after a week and fixed a water heater 3 weeks later ( 6 shower outside for 200 girls. What are they smoking). The machine that makes iron on labels on the girls clothing (their name and number an every piece of clothing including their panties) broke down. a month later someone realized that about 1\3 of the girls did have number so they got it fixed( when i was in camp we didn't put names or number on anything. Everyone at work new who you were any way who cares. (I don't remember having a number I use at all). One of the reason you don't need a name or number is you are counted about every 4 hours.. If the count doesn't come up right they do a book count. This a book that has everyone’s picture on it to check who is missing or out of place in most cases. These girls are called out of their room and made to stand at attention while they count to 200. In most cases you can't be out of your room out being fully clothed. So if you finish work a 3pm and want to get in your sweats you can't because the want to be in your uniform for 4pm count include your 3 pounds work boots (they weight 3 pounds. people with foot, knee and hip problems can't get a soft shoe permit because you are over weight, or just lazy (the bop doesn't realized that they make tennis shoes with steel toes. But they buy shoes buy the pound so there). One girls was told she couldn't get a soft shoe permit so she said you can imprison me but can't tougher me. She is waiting in to be caught and be punished. She probably has many year to serve. Because no one that has less than a year wound not wear them till the couldn't walk any more.
The guard a had a problem with a couple of girls and they discovered that they had some drugs. So they went to confinement, it is call the shoe. The administration took the running track and weight area from the whole camp. The girls were not allowed to leave the building with out singing out and in and you were only allowing out for 2 hours. This rule was counter manned by the warden. He is retired and the asst warden is working to get these rules back in place. Camps are not run this way. (some girls should have reported it? I sure reporting would gone over real well for the person reporting it). They tossed whole camp and when i mean tossed they threw every thing on the floor including the bedding and made the girl clean it up. This is a standard on individual method of this like for some slight infraction (like they don't like how you made your bed). 2 week later these girl were let back into the camp. These girls are not very nice and the whole camp being punished for their infraction doesn't make for good environment. When I was in camp and a drug infraction you would never be let back in. I was told that you went to a fci. That why we had almost no drug problem. These girls should never been allow to return to the camp. What does say about discipline? As these rules got to be a problem this caused extra work for the administration they went away. But they didn't get their track back because it level and design as a track. The administration took a piece of equipment and bladed out new track, maybe 500' round area, not level and said here is your track. Anyone who has foot, knee, or hip problem has problems walk on the track (a easy way to burn up a lot of energy and frustration).
I can go on for hours. A couple more then I will get to the point. The girls have on tall locker and a short one for everything that they have ( at least the fci has made a place to hang your close up along with the lockers. The administration need to fill some empty storage place so when this all went down they took the small locker out (that is one way to fill some storage. I been around women all my life they need more room then men not less). Since the toilets don't have tanks and there is no toilet paper holder the girls buy a small plastic tub to keep their toilet paper and tampons next to the toilet.( good place to use it). Those were taken away fire hazard.( the is no smoking and everything will burn. lets not stop there.).You don't to put your toilet paper down on the floor. The bop will not tell you but hepatitis, hiv, and aids are a real problems in prisons.(who thought it would be a life sentence). You can’t enough of this on a so small amount paper
if this were a men’s camp you would be having a lot of problems. But it seems that all the girls just scream at each other. The person that I love is in this mess and only has a month to halfway house ( another about this administration work that out) so she does want to make waves. 2 girls have all ready run off and been caught (lets tougher they for a couple more years. this is a life changing experience but it could be life. ps I heard the main 8 inch water line to the fci broke ( someone probably broke it digging for something) and it took 8 days to fix it. This is 1200 girls without water to go to the bath room ( how many temp toilets do you need and were do you put them. This not a 3hr concert but 24 hrs for 8 days.) to clean the buildings them self cook est. I thing we are talking about tougher as we get in this county
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