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Husbands & Boyfriends in Prison For everyone who has a husband, boyfriend or male partner incarcerated.

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Old 06-29-2011, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by tc_strong
We met at my best-friends house in 1985. We were 14yrs old and I have never loved anyone the way I love him.
Haha thats cute.
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Old 06-29-2011, 05:31 PM
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We met in Sept of 1993, my mom was a caefteria lady and I had a migraine starting so I walked over to the middle school she was working out I was in 8th grade he was in 7th. He was the only kid sitting in there (he was in trouble lol). My mom told me to sit down and wait on her she'd take me home when she was done. He waved at me and smiled and I was crushing instantly he had the cutest blue eyes lol...He tried to get up to come talk to me but he wasn't allowed so I moved as close as I could he asked me my name, :P then my mom was like come on I asked her who he was she told me and told me to stay away that he was nothing but trouble. LOL..we were both 13 then, we are 31 now...didn't listen very good I guess and I"M GLAD I DIDN"T.

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I love you more with every breath truly madly deeply do
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I'll inject some uber nerd in here. My guy and I met on AIM in 2005 or 2006, through a mutual friend. The first time, me and my guy-to-be fought, because I was being annoying and telling him to type correctly; that was actually the mutual friend's intention. You could say I was sicced onto my guy-to-be.

About a year later (end of 2006, beginning of 2007), me and my guy-to-be began messaging each other again. I had just moved from Ohio to Nebraska and he (and our mutual friend) lived in Iowa.

A year after that in 2008, he and I met for the first time in Iowa, but he was dating my best friend and I was dating his. Once we met face to face, though, I kind of had the feeling that we were going to end up together. Made me feel bad, since our best friends were going to get screwed over (and I did what I could to avoid it), but those two "friends" also taught me that I shouldn't worry about hurting others if it means going after what will make me happy. =P They sure as hell didn't mind crushing my trust to serve themselves.

To this day, my guy still types horribly. Guess I shouldn't complain, since that's the whole reason why he and I even met, though.

To die and part is a less evil; but to part and live, there, there is the torment. ~George Lansdowne

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Old 06-29-2011, 05:52 PM
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I met my husband in sept of 2010 in a parenting class we ended up taking together. I didn't like him at first (thought he was a jerk). One night I gave him a ride home and we talked for about 3 hours and have been together ever since. We started dating oct 25th 2010. Found out we were expecting (a girl) in april of 2011. Were married april 23rd 2011 and he's been in jail since may 3rd 2011. He'll be out Oct 8. I knew he was the one when I first saw him. I had to remind myself to breath becuz he literally took my breath away.. I can not imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone but him. =) hope your guys homecoming comes super soon and quick!!
My forever begins *again* on 10-08-2011 <3
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Old 06-29-2011, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Hisoneandonly View Post
We met in Sept of 1993, my mom was a caefteria lady and I had a migraine starting so I walked over to the middle school she was working out I was in 8th grade he was in 7th. He was the only kid sitting in there (he was in trouble lol). My mom told me to sit down and wait on her she'd take me home when she was done. He waved at me and smiled and I was crushing instantly he had the cutest blue eyes lol...He tried to get up to come talk to me but he wasn't allowed so I moved as close as I could he asked me my name, :P then my mom was like come on I asked her who he was she told me and told me to stay away that he was nothing but trouble. LOL..we were both 13 then, we are 31 now...didn't listen very good I guess and I"M GLAD I DIDN"T.
Lol--that's so cute!
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Old 06-29-2011, 06:21 PM
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Default We won't ever let go

We first knew of each other through meetings, were both 22. he then started hanging out with my best friend. (for two weeks) we would all hang out and we instantly connected, our first time hanging out when he had ended it with my friend...we lasted all of one hour, we knew it was love. And it just gets stronger and stronger everyday.....right before he turned himself in June, we got married. We will have been together 5 months July 14th We know it wont be easy but were so in love, i never have felt this way in my entire life.

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Old 06-29-2011, 06:27 PM
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I first met Michael in 1978, when we were both in middle school. We were together from then until 1981 when we were 18, and then we had a horrible breakup, and I moved 800 miles away. After a short time, I started looking for him. I looked for 30 years, and just found him last August. Now we are back together, and will never be apart again.
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Old 06-29-2011, 08:08 PM
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I met my husband while he was incarcerated. He crocheted me a pair of slippers and it was on ever since.
... and in the end, there was just you and me. The way it's supposed to be. I love you. TPO & SLO. Always and forever. <3

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Old 06-29-2011, 08:12 PM
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When: 1987 we were in Elementary School!
Where: School Bus
Why: We were going to school!
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Old 06-29-2011, 08:39 PM
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I met Pat in July of 1986. I was 6, he was 10. My family moved into his neighborhood and he was part of the group of neighborhood kids that came to meet the new kids. He even taught me how to ride my bike! We saw each other off and on for the next 7 years, then we became best friends. He visited me in the hospital when I had both ankle surgeries, helped me thru breakups(including an abusive relationship) Now, he is my best friend, my lover, my husband, and my forever!
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when: june. 2006
where: we worked together at the the efore marriott
why: it was fate. We were both in relationships and had no intrest in dating. i thought he was cute but kinda cheesy. he told em the third time we ever talked that someday i would be his. lol we got schedualed to work weekends alone and when i told him i was excited but tried to hide it by saying "great, just try not to fall in love with me" lol he said i had him hook line and sinker. Every day i showed up to work, i was anxious and had butterflys. he thought I wasnt interested because I tried to hide it b-cuz I had a BF, but after a few weeks of long boring shifts, talking and flirtation, he invited me to go to the saturday market with him. we had fun and before you knew it,it was an everyday weekend thing.The first time he reached for my hand and we touched, I knew I was in love. it was electric and things went from slow to passionate over night. now 5 years, two kids, and millions of laughs later he is still the man who gives me butterflys and I can't wait to feel that excitement again when he finally can reach for my hand and i will be there melting like the first time we touched.

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Old 06-29-2011, 10:19 PM
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My man and I met in January of 2010. I had just come out of a bad divorce. I went out one night one night with a friend to distract myself of the stress I going through. She then asked my if she could invite a friend from high school (graduated in 06). So I said that was fine. He showed up at the bar we were at and instantly we had a strong connection. He helped me move on and was there whenever I needed him. We broke up 6 months later because I was afraid the relationship was going way to fast but mo matter how much I tried I couldnt be stop thinking about him. We got back together in Sept of 2010 and have been together since. He was arrested January of 2011 was sentenced will have to serve 2.5 years but im there for him like he was for me!!
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Old 06-29-2011, 10:35 PM
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I met him on 2-18-09. I had actually seen my husband for about three months before we officially met face to face...Let me explain this he worked for Jiffy lube and I drove past it everyday on my way home from work. So I would see him but he never saw me looking. When I finally got my tax return and had the money and the time to get my oil changed which it needed it anyway I went in and he dropped the car he was working on so he could work on mine. I had just gotten my tatt done on my arm and that gave him an excuse to talk to me and when I looked at his eyes and saw them clearly I about jumped on him to kiss him but I didn't. Right as I was leaving he ran to me and gave me his number I of course texted him right away and told him now you have my number. Our first date was that Friday night and as soon as we both got out of cars we just walked right up to eachother and kissed and from that moment I knew I would spend the rest of my life with him and I guess he went right after our date and told everyone he found his future wife. We were married 02-20-10 two days after our one year date of meeting...
True to my Love ALWAYS!!!!!

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Old 06-29-2011, 11:40 PM
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Ok I have a long story to tell. We met in 1988 I was dating his cousin and well me and the cousin married. We hung out with my now bf alot until we started a family and went our seperate ways. Would see each other at Christmas and family get togethers. Then after yrs of not seeing or really talking to him, he called in 2008 and asked if he could parole out to our house. We were the only family that lived in the county where he needed to parole out to...Well my husband his cousin was terminally ill at the time and was dying. My now bf came and helped me out with my husband and children during the process of my husband passing away. We became very close and considered each other best friends. He was with someone else at the time. Well he finally moved out of my house after being here for 5 months, by this time we had started to have feelings for each other, but felt weird about the whole thing. Because of him and my husband being cousins. One night after crying on his shoulder we were "together". We tried to stay apart and when he got picked up again in 2009 his girlfriend called and wanted to know why my number was on his phone so much...I told her that we were only friends and she knew how close we were. Well that was the truth we were only together that one time, and I moved on with my life and even started dating someone. Well he didn't contact me at all for the first 6 months he was in the county jail. But I found out his court date and showed up at it. When he seen me his mouth fell open and he got the biggest smile on his face of course she was there and instantly started in on me about why was I there and I had no business being there and all that...Well during recess she stepped out to smoke and I stayed in the courtroom. He looked at me and said I love you please go put time on the phone so I can call you. After that he started writing and he ended it with her. We still didn't decide to be together until Sept of 2010, he had been telling me he didn't want me to wait on him because he had gotten 10 yrs and knew he would probably serve most of it. I finally told him I didn't care and I would wait.. Well now here we are 10 months later and I couldn't be happier, I have custody of his son now too. We are hoping he will be out on parole in about a yr. Like I said it's a long story.
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Old 06-30-2011, 03:24 PM
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In june 2007 two weeks after i graduated high school my cousins bf took us to see sum cars at a car club as soon as we pulled up i saw him he looked soo good he was with his two brothers at first his oldest brother tried to talk to me but i didn't give him ne rap lol he was too clean cut for me than Deon came over i was so nervous i never been with a "thug" a hour later we were n his basement doin the nasty smh i never slept with someone that soon after meeting them but we were together everyday the rest of the summer i was 18 and i just assumed he was too i later found out he was only 15 but it didnt matter he is more mature than half the guys his age we officially became bf/gf 4th of july 2007 and been happily n love ever since. .we always talk abt how neither of us expected a one night stand to turn into wat we have now lol i love him so much

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We were in middle school, 5th grade, when my mom and cesar's mom became best friends. Cesar n i were both young and our moms used to drag us along bcuz we were the youngest. I never talked to him bcuz i was too shy. I started seeing him around at school when he asked me to hold his sweater then he would pick it up after school so we would sit out in the pourch n talk for a bit. It escalated to an every nite phone call. His mom would always tell my mom that one day we will marry n my mom would laugh. On his 15th birthday we made out, my first kiss. We hung out once in a while after that but later we parted ways.. He met another girl n i met someone else. We would still see eachother around (bcuz of our moms) like at birthday party's n we would say hello but that was all. We stood with our significant others for a very long time, atleast until he got locked up in 2001 then his chick split. By 2002 i began having problems with my boyfriend at the time so we split well sort of, we were off n on but not exclusive anymore.

In 2002 his mom invited us to a big celebeation so my fam attended... I was single n ready to start talking to cesar again, but to my suprise he was the only one not at the party. His mom came n hugged me n told me that he was sentenced to 13yrs!!! Imagine that! I was so sad... His mom gave me his address n beg that i write him bcuz his girl n friends abonded him. I didnt write him immediately it wook almost 6 months. Well when i build enough courage, he responded to my letter telling my "wut took u so long"? After a year of writting letters, i decided to visit, i soon found myself driving 3 hours on the weekends in 2004-2006 Then that was cut off the moment my mom had knee surgery in 2006, following my sisters three year battle with cancer 2007-2010. She continues to fight but there r better days now. Through out that time i hardly saw him n sometime write, but he knew that i had to be there for my fam. In early 2010 he wrote me to tell me that he was transfered to a camp 45min away n asked me to visit, so in April of that year i went to visit and by Dec 16th 2010 we were married! Never new wut i was missing....! I cant believe i waited so long!! Lol!

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My boyfriend and I met end of January of this year it was kind of funny how it worked out ,it was at my friends place she was having a party and I actually went to the party with another guy, but my date left to meet up with his friend and then he was coming back with him on his friends ski-doo, little did I know his friend would now be my boyfriend. When they got back, James asked me If I wanted to go for a ride on his ski-doo, I didn't even know who he was or anything but something about him when I saw him for the first time just drew me to him so I didn't hesistate i instanstly said yes. Now a few weeks after the party still no word from him I thought oh maybe he didn't feel what I felt but then he gets a hold of me, he asks me if I'd like to get together,and this so happen to be on Valentines day when he asked me. So we got together we got talking for hours and then finding out he's known me since I was 13 he use to see me walking around town plus he knew my ex. Since then we kept getting together pretty much every day doing stuff together in April is when I fell completely in love with him, how I knew he is the one for me, its that instant connection we have,I felt like I've always known him,he is also great wwith my 4 kids from a previous relationship and he treats them as his own,I just can't picture my life without him in it, he amazes me all the time,and I am here for him always,I love him so much <3 What he has done in the past I can't control, nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes and we learn from them. We both knew he'd be having to do some time for what has happened in the past, but that never stopped me from falling in love with him. I promised him that I'm not going anywhere and I keep my promises. My man has been away from me since June 14th and will be with me again October 14th 2012. James girl always and forever <3
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Old 07-03-2011, 08:49 AM
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We met during 1994-1996 Middle skoo during 7th & 8th grade. We were 12. He liked me for 2 years & i didn't really realize that till his friend told me how he felt about me. I tried to talk to him or walk up to him to talk to him & he was scared of girls that he didn't kno well back then so he ran away LOL! We never personally got to talk or get to kno each other b4 we went our seper8 ways to high skoo.

We separ8ed after middle skoo. I gotten his fone # from my friend's sister who was best friends w/ his older sister to ask him out after i broke up w/ my 1st ex. @ the time he gave me an excuse, but he felt that he wasn't good enuff to go out w/ me. Wen I tried making a fone call to talk to him more dis was wen i heard he went to prison. I been worried & sad about it ever since cuz I had no idea wat happened to him. I thought he would've been killed or left 4 dead somewhere & i had no idea on how to search 4 him. I normally don't have feelings 4 a stranger that I dunno very well. 4 some odd reason I never 4gotten about him, i cared about him, & I have searched 4 him over the years. I didn't kno how long he was suppose to b serving, didn't kno where to start lookin 4 him, but i have tried searching 4 him & nothing. I pretty much gave up cuz I never would thought that there was a possibility of hearing from him again. He has spent a few years searchin 4 me & surprisingly he found me....I was so happy the day we found each other. Once we started learning everything about each other from our past, his prison sentence, his family & siblings, past relationships, & etc I realized I was slowly falling in love w/ him. From that moment, we already kno that we loved each other 4 a long time & didn't even kno it. He never spend more than a few minutes on the fone w/ n-e-body other than his parents. I was the only other reason he chose to talk to on the fone. Everybody else or girls that we're trying to get @ him were a waste of his time. He said there was a drive or force that made him search 4 me. In the past he never had a girl go up to him to tell him about their feelings b4 & in the past he knew i've attempted to go out w/ him twice. We started talking Sept 2010. I left my ex bf to b w/ him. He wasn't expecting to be in another relationship till @ least wen he's released. I never planned on marrying or having kids w/ n-e-body in my life. Our relationship changed that. We both agreed that we're both different from everybody else & he feels that i am so perfect 4 him. His parents never liked n-e of his ex gfs, but after the 1st day our parents met, they really liked me & preferred that he'd marry me. Hahah @ that time they didn't kno that we have already discussed marriage. He asked me how do i feel about marriage? I told him, "If I can't marry u, I don't marry @ all". He was shocked from that response, so we both agreed that it's our time 2 b 2gether & that we wanna spend the rest of our lives w/ each other & have children. He said in time even tho he knows that i don't really like kids, that i may eventually changed my mind after we have em.

We both feel that we're the 1s 4 each other cuz.....we definitly kno God has brought us back 2gether by destiny. Dis wasn't no coincidence. We both were born in the same hospital w/ the same doctor, lived in the same city for over 12 yrs, went to skoos loc8ed on the same street from the old city, moved up to another city & thats how we met @ our middle skoo. We been close to each other majority of the time growing up as kids & we didn't even kno it. Both of our parents have 4 children, him, his older brother, & 2 sisters. My parents have 4 children, me, my sister, & 2 brothers. He lost his older brother from gang violence shortly after he went to prison. I lost my older brother wen he was 4 yrs old from starvation during the Khymer Rouge. We both r hard working, simple people, we both don't care about going to bars/clubbing/parties, we had both drank & smoked in the past, we're both tatted up, we both like riding motorcycles & cars, we're total freaks w/ each other 4 some reason not as much so w/ our exes, our parents got along great, & the list goes on. He has made my dreams come true because i've always wanted to move out of the st8 i'm living in now & b out in a country farm land. I'm not only gonna b living w/ his parents after we get married, but i've always wanted to b by the beach & gonna have a lotta space in our property which was wat i wanted. There's a lot more but i'm not gonna ramble on too much.

God brought us 2gether @ dis time 4 a reason. He's gonna b getting out very soon & we have reunited knowing that i could've been hurt if we were 2gether then w/ him starting his prison sentence would've been hard 4 me. Who knows how our relationship could've been if we got 2gether back then, but we both wouldn't change the term of events @ all. We wouldn't have n-e-thing happen n-e other way. We're now 29.

~][Love Can Remain Even After Death][~

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We met at an AA meeting October 17 , 2007. I couldn't stand him ! He looked like a werewolf and he was disgusting and filthy !!! I asked all my AA friends not to let that creature near me !!! As time went on, he cleaned up both physically and emotionally. He stopped drinking and smoking pot and was getting with the program . We became friends and I don't know how or why, but I ended up falling head over heels in love with him !!! I fought it like crazy because the last thing I wanted was to be in another relationship at that point in my life. But no matter how hard I fought those feelings, I failed miserably ! He ended up going to prison in November of 2008 on a VOP and he served two years and four months and was released on parole on March 20 of this year.I waited faithfully for him and I'm soooooo glad I did. He just picked up a four year medallion for being drug and alcohol free for four years and I'm soooo very proud of him. We are growing closer and more in love each passing day and I couldnt be more happier even if I tried to. I'll be celebrating 21 years of sobriety in November of this year and I really believe the key to our successful relationship is due to the fact that he and I BOTH are clean and sober,ONE DAY AT A TIME !!
Our Journey continues.....💞
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Summer 1998. I was driving down the road. He caught my eye. With a little flirting we both pulled in to a parking lot. Talking led to a # exchange. We hung out in the beginning we were just friends. The more time we spent together the more head over heels I was for him. I just couldn't get enough!~ I shared my heart with him. He had been feeling the same. We have been together ever since. Through the years we have had our trials and tribulations. All relationships do. In the end we still feel the same way for one another. Love is a powerful word. Love never fails. I truely believe we crossed paths for a reason. We are sperated by thousands of miles, I still feel his love everyday.
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We met when we were 15. My high school sweetheart was his best friend. He was apparently heartbroken when we started dating, but he had never talked to me (he was too nervous). He moved to FL soon after, and the next time we saw eachother we were 17 and he came home because a friend of ours died in a car accident. He was in town for awhile, and I started to really notice we had something. He kissed me on my birthday (scandalous) and went back to FL. We stopped talking because my HS boyfriend was PISSED.

Fastforward 7 years later and Facebook asked me if I knew him. I just laughed, and friend requested him. That was it. Within a week he was telling his family he was going to marry me, I set up Skype, we were on the phone for hours daily and I flew him to NY. I nicknamed him trouble because I knew he was. I was stuck on him, and as he says - he's lost me before and will never again. We're engaged and plan to marry Fall 2013.

Oh and my HS boyfriend? Yeah, he's pissed. Neither of us talk to him but through the grapevine I heard he was livid. We're planning on sending him a wedding announcement ;-)
May*17th*2013 If he behaves himself! <3

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We met at a park while I was at m softball practice. I was 12 and in 7th grade and he was 14 and a freshman in high school. He would ALWAYS show up for my games and practices( before we started dating) & make fun of me ALL the time! It was sooo annoying & embarassing! lol! But now, we laugh because he says all the laughing was because he was really into me. We have been together ever since. I am now 22 & hes 24.
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we had grew up together as kids and our father's grew up together we were like couisns growing up but there is not realtion in between us .
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I met him May 1999 at a Chinese restaurant. I actually had been crushing on him for YEARS. I would see him in the neighborhood and just stare like some sort of freak lol. It seems when we finally met, we fell for each other really fast talking about marriage the same day we met as crazy as it sounds. I was only 17 at the time. 12 years later were still here.
He's home!!!
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We met in 1999 at work, he didn't like the job and quit.. We began dating and dated for 2 years. During that time, we found out that we were in the same kindergarten class. It was def fate <3..We had a child in 2001 and broke up a year later.. We both were in other relationships and only spoke about our daughter for the next 7 years. He was incarcerated in 2008 and we began writing letters to each other and I began to visit him and enjoy the visits with my daughter. He was released in 2009 and We have been back together ever since and I couldn't b happier. I love him and miss him sooo much
Missing my love more and more each day
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