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Old 05-06-2009, 01:01 PM
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Unity Makes Changes

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Smile This will be a Good Mothers Day!

Hi All,
Happy Mothers Day to each.
I dont think I have had a Mothers Day with a child in over 7 years. This year, My son is home and I am so Thankful. I dont want to shout with Joy to loud, as I know so many have hurt hearts. I have wanted to share and continued to write and delete instead of post. So sad when I think how happy I am with my son. How unhappy so many are without.
But, I just gotta share.
My son K, is doing Awesome. His Brother says, He has beat the odds. He has a full time job, he is paying his own rent, He works hard and other than a few things I think he shouldn't do. He is making Amazing Choices. I am very proud of him. He carried a whole load until his girl just got work in the Medical Field. Oh the Lord is good. Baby will be four in June and the Family is happy. Missy sure is a Fishergal. I had her for the day. Daddy got off early. Daddy calls says they going fishing. He comes back after several hours and says. Missy caught five fish. Im like really uh huh.. right.. He proudly puts his phone out with pictures and yep.. that little 3 year old caught those fish. When she said. "Im going fishing Mema, I hold the pole in the water." I said "Yes, and you must learn to be real paitent.. then when you feel a tug, you whip that line up and snag the fish. I so happy for her. What an exciting adventure. To catch not one but five? OUr little fishergirl.. Hehehe.. They bring so much Joy dont thay. Little ones. OH yeah got off subject. Ok where was I?
I beleive that they are meant to be together even though for so long I cringed.. I still have a little mistrust and find myself catching my words. K ask me to go with him yesterday to pick out a engagement ring for his Girl. We looked and Learned. We stayed on a budget. I told him to rest on it and decide. to not jump into a purchase like that. Wow they are expensive. Teaching him to do his Research. We Learned about Diamonds.. LOL. That was new for me too. Isn't the Internet Incredible? WE sounded like we knew something when we was shopping.
WELL when she was over we just happened onto a site with rings.. hehehehe. She picked out the ring he choose. Wow thats a boy who knows his woman. So he will be making payments this month and because we held out he got another 100 bucks off. He was given some incredible Customer Service the sales lady separated a wedding set for him and he choose the diamond. We shall go down in size a bit and hoping when he signs that the deal will be a good one. I'm thrilled he is ready to commit and I'm even more excited she is working full time, Happy and treating my son real good. He says he is happy and I'm happy. I pray each day for his life that God protects and keeps him on the outside as he seen some terrible things and will never speak of it. .A thing he said. But whatever he did, he learned survival skills and now that he chooses to not use drugs his life is so much better.
He was overwhelmed. Working overtime, barley getting by one income in the home. I saw him so tired, so stressed. He made it though and now they have two incomes.
I wish you all to know. With prayer. With FAITH... that all things are possible.
I do once in awhile let my mind wonder to that place What If? WEll if I teach my boy to stay positive and make sweet lemonade outta things then I best stay there too. I wont let my mind entertain any thought that will not give Peace, Joy and Love. I for too many years.. toooooooooo many years. Let my mind (and the mind can wonder.. OH my can it wonder...) wonder to places that were dark and painful.. No-one benefited.. WE lost. I look back and sheeeeeeeesh It was way worse in my mind then it was when I got the facts. So dont let that mind trick ya.. Its yours and only yours. Grab hold and stay in Charge.
I think of the song Mind Games by John Lennon. He was way beyond his years that is for sure.
I hope that with a little bit of hope that a light shines.
It was a long time for me to really be able to smile, laugh and feel comfortable around people. I had to learn to socialize once again. For my Dark World (closed windowns, head covered, in Bed)It abosorbed me.
As I allowed my mind to find the worst of the worst. For behind the walls, my Children took me. I didnt take me.. I have one son that is in transition, one of the hardest things. It has been drawn out, mistakes causing delays. So I must keep my mind in the light of things for when I travel in darkness I cannot see. When I travel in light I adjust.
May each of you and your Loved ones be filled with blessings.
Your all in my thoughts daily.
WE shall get through this.. There is hope.. There is change. Arm yourself with the wisdom to make Good decisions as we are teachers and the best teacher is a Good Example.
Biggggggggggggg Hugs...
Hoping with a read filled with Brightness that your day will be better.
"To Everything there is a Season and a Time to every purpose under Heaven." Ecc 3:1

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jancy (05-06-2009)
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Old 05-06-2009, 01:29 PM
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Congratulations 2008momof1 on a joy-filled Mother's Day for you at last.

Sending much love and warm (((hugs))) to you and your family ~
"Learn from yesterday, Live today, Hope for tomorrow ~~
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2008momof1 (05-10-2009)
Old 05-06-2009, 05:49 PM
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I am happy for you, and glad that your son is living right. My son too is well and has a good woman, and invited me to dinner this weekend for mother's day.

a few years back that would have never happened.

I nearly dropped the phone when he called to say he had reservations made.

God is awesome and loves our kids even more than we do.

never give up.
God bless us every one

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2008momof1 (05-10-2009), angel mathews (05-06-2009)
Old 05-06-2009, 10:47 PM
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I enjoyed your post, thanks for the update and I am so happy your son is doing well and your name has dropped a number. Hopefelly it will be mom of 0. Best wishes.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead ~
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2008momof1 (05-10-2009)
Old 05-06-2009, 10:55 PM
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Bless you 2008momof1. I am so happy for you, hon! Just enjoy the special day together with everything you got!
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2008momof1 (05-10-2009)
Old 05-07-2009, 06:55 AM
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Awesome! I Love to read happy posts even if mine are somewhat depressing Knowing there is happiness in your life makes me happy for you. I am glad your son is doing so well and I hope with the others that soon you will post with the name of mother of 0.
Enjoy your day!

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2008momof1 (05-10-2009)
Old 05-07-2009, 11:24 AM
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Unity Makes Changes

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Thank you all so much. I read these with tears in my eyes. Your gladness for me is overwhelming when so many are hurting with Loved ones still behind the walls. Your all so appreciated. It is hard to sometimes share delight when so many are hurting so deeply. I pray for each of your loved ones and you. I thank you all so much for supporting me because on some days, I didnt think I could get through another day. Bless PTO for giving us a place we can come with such understanding, with so many words, meant so many ways, so many times.. We are fortunate to not be alone.
For so many years I remember that feeling of being so alone and no one really knew what I was feeling inside. I would lock my heart with my pain and write in my journals. Not telling because when I did. They just acted like it was nothing and a repeat of the same words over and over again. My best friends tried to understand. They didnt. Not because they didnt want to but because they hadnt experienced it. I came here and the words I have read, the guidance. So Precious.
We have so many options and choices when others share in one big thinking pot.... Our soups have come out good and sometimes bitter. We still love and do not give up. That is the admirable thing about this Forum. I see everyone NOT giving up. When someone is at the end of the rope feeling like its the end. Others come along and hold each other up. That is so special.
I hope all your Mothers have a special something happen this Mothers Day. Thank you for all you do for me.. It is so appreciated. I am so Thankful.
(((((((((((((((((BiG)))))))))))))))))((((((((((HUG S))))))))))))))))))))))\

Thank you all again for feeling a bit of joy for me, with me. Allowing me to express.
"To Everything there is a Season and a Time to every purpose under Heaven." Ecc 3:1
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aquiltter (05-07-2009), awesumdove (05-15-2009)
Old 05-07-2009, 04:08 PM
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2008momof1, AWESOME, WONDERFUL, OUTSTANDING, UPLIFTING! Thank you so much for posting how great K is doing! I miss your posts ... always gave me a new perspective on issues! So very happy to hear things are moving forward in a very positive light. GOD IS AWESOME ... and as you have said so many times, "Everything according to God's timing, let go and let God." Please keep in touch. Give K a big hug for all of us ... ! ((((hugs))))

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