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Old 10-19-2017, 10:31 PM
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Default Texas HB 2120 to be reintroduced in July 2018


In February of 2017 two Texas House of Representatives: Ms. Senfronia Thompson and Mr. Terry Canales, authored HB 2120 and introduced it to the Texas House of Representatives, specifically for the House Corrections Committee. In March of 2017, it was left pending in the Corrections Committee because hardly anybody knew about it. It only produced 26 people to speak against it and only 49 people to speak for it. All of those for it were offender family members. Though Houston's own Fox 26 did a story on it, it was one of half told truths and really not even a factual piece, because it told very little of what the Bill was really about and/or what it was really for. But, even with that Fox 26 news story, very few people in the public knew about this bill. Therefore, it did not generate the type of publicity it would have generated from either side, had it really been given the news that it deserves. Because there was not enough support for the bill to even get a vote on it, HB 2120 was left pending in the House while the House of Representatives recessed for the 2017 Legislative session. But, with the help of another wife of an offender, I am trying to get information on HB 2120 put back out there to the public; whether we generate support or opposition, because I believe the support will over power the opposition in the end and we will receive the signatures that are needed to get this bill recognized. It will just require offenders' family members and friends who will support this bill, to stand with us at the July 2018 session when it will be re-introduced. And I say it will be reintroduced because we have our 100 signatures needed for the bill to be recognized. We are not stopping at 100 signatures though!! We want as many as we can get! Furthermore, we are going to make an appointment to speak with Ms. Thompson and Mr. Canales, to show them we are in support of this bill and show them the signatures that we "WILL" have by the time we are ready to sit down with them. Both sides of the public have the misconception; those for HB 2120 and those against it, that 20K offenders will just suddenly be eligible for parole and will be released all at one time, to go home and party hard like they've just graduated college or something. Nothing could be further from the truth!! That is not at all how HB 2120 will work!!! Yes, HB 2120 will allow 3G offenders to be able to use their accrued good-time just like non-3G offenders get to use theirs when being considered for parole, but the 3G offenders still have to go before the parole board and be approved for parole! They are not just automatically paroled and released!! People need to read the bill and understand what they are reading, not make assumptions and/or jump to conclusions. I have two people incarcerated I love and care about very much and they both have worked very hard to turn their lives around and become the good men they can be proud to say that they are. There was a time when they couldn't say they were proud of themselves, even admitted they "wouldn't" say they were proud of themselves because of the life they lived prior to incarceration. But, when 3G offenders take the initiative on their own to work inside and learn a trade so they have some skill to utilize in the free world when they're released, THAT should be hope for those in the free world because having a trade of some kind gives a 3G offender a better outlook going out than the outlook he had on life entering TDCJ. When 3G offenders take it upon themselves to want to denounce and distance themselves from the gang affiliations they had grown into, knowing it could very well cost them their life, they deserve to be commended for taking that stand! They deserve to be commended when they enter into the GRAD program and actually graduate. That oath they take and make upon graduation many take very serious and many go on to take other courses that will make them more productive, including earning degrees so they have an education to start their new life with. It doesn't mean they will have it easy upon their release, because it's hard for felons to find jobs and even places to live, but they have more of a fighting chance and something to show for how they spent their time while incarcerated than just laying up doing nothing. People commit crimes because they have no pride in themselves and really nothing to work towards, and you will not understand that kind of mentality unless you who are reading this have been where a lot of these offenders have been; both men and women. When a life of crime is what you are raised up in; what you are taught to know, that is more than likely the same road you are going to go down. When you are raised in a family where both parents work and you are left to raise yourself, you are more than likely going to end up falling in with the wrong crowd because you have the attention from that crowd that you don't have at home. You have the wrong people guiding you to teach you what is right and wrong. And when you fall in with the wrong crowd, you are a part of whatever they're a part of whether you want to be or not. A lot of times you are guilty by association and guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time whether you did anything at all. Our criminal justice system is quite screwed up! The police are crooked, attorneys are crooked and judges are crooked. Everyone has a price and can be bought and paid for with the almighty dollar. There are way too many cases of people serving 10, 20, 30 years and even "LIFE" sentences for crimes they never committed but were darn sure found guilty of just because they were the wrong skin color, the police didn't investigate the crime following the proper procedures or the offenders had a public defender for an attorney and he/she did NOT represent their clients to the best of their abilities; they just wanted them to accept a plea bargain and call it day. THESE are 3G offenders that deserve HB 2120 to be passed! How about the 17 year old in a relationship with a 15-year old girl and her parents knew all about it for the entire time they were together until the two kids break-up for whatever reason and all of a sudden the parents claim statutory rape on the boy for breaking their daughter's heart? He had their permission to date their daughter yet they want to ruin his life by hollering statutory rape when he breaks up with their daughter for whatever reason. This happens more often than people will ever know it does and those boys are given ridiculous sentences for "rape" when it wasn't even rape at all. Those boys... deserve the passage of HB 2120, if they have accrued good-time. The list could go on and on! The criminal justice system in Texas is one of punitive, not rehabilitative, when in fact it should be the other way around. Incarceration is meant to be punishment; a time for criminals to reflect on their mistakes and not want to repeat them upon their departure. However, if they do not have the necessary tools they need to be productive citizens to where they can make a living for themselves, then they will return to TDCJ because that is the only life they know and the only structure they've ever had. HB 2120 will NOT just open Pandora's Box and release just anyone, for anything. Offenders will have to go through the parole process and everything they've done to try to better themselves will be evaluated and considered, as well as the nature of the crime. But, those eligible for parole WILL eventually see parole and no amount of opposition will stop it! And if those of you that oppose HB 2120 think offenders will be released on parole and be living it up, you're sadly mistaken. They will be confined to their homes, where they can only go to and from work, to and from church or wherever their parole officer agrees they can go. Many will have electronic monitors. Offenders that would qualify for parole under HB 2120's passage would still be confined and under strict supervision. The only difference is their parole sentences will continue at home with their families: their spouses or significant others and their children or parents, because they earned that early release by being model offenders. Offenders' family members are not guilty of crimes and they shouldn't have to be made to suffer through being without their loved one, especially the children. HB 2120 would not only allow families to be healed and reconnected, but it would mean less children to be raised by the streets and what governs those streets, because their father and/or mother will be home with them. Those who oppose this bill think offenders will just get off scott-free and be allowed to walk around in public like they're free and clear; to do as they please, but that's just an ignorant way to think and speak because they will still be on parole, still be supervised and still be under the rules of TDCJ!! So, having said all of that up there, there are 141, 859 inmates in incarcerated in the state of Texas in the 108 units that make up TDCJ, according to the Texas Tribune. If every family member of the 141, 859 offenders signed the petition in favor of HB 2120, then it will be passed. I realize that not all 141,859 offenders incarcerated are 3G offenders and/or are even eligible for parole, but all family members can still show support for the bill if they feel a need to. My friend and I are going to be going out to other units within a day's driving distance from our homes beginning next weekend until it's time to bring this to the House and we are going to be gathering hand-written signatures for our petition while the ones online hopefully continue to accrue. And we are seriously going to take our fight and support for HB 2120 to the Texas House of Representatives in July of 2018, when we have our date to speak. We would like to have as many family members join us as we can possibly get to stand with us and show your support of HB 2120's passage. If you are interested in signing the petition and helping us get more signatures for HB 2120, you can find the petition online at change.org. In the top right hand corner you will find the search symbol. Click on it and type: HB 2120. The petition I am speaking of is the only petition that comes up for Good-time for 3G offenders. Please, forward the petition information once you've signed it. We need as many signatures as we can possibly get. Thank you for your time, consideration and help in advance!
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Old 10-20-2017, 11:32 AM
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Here is a clickable link to the petition:

2017 Holiday Issue of PTO Quarterly now available to download & print.

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Old 10-20-2017, 11:48 AM
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Thank you!!
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