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Old 01-28-2005, 01:22 AM
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Default Article: Parole board grants mother's wish, keeps inmate in prison

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - The state's parole board granted a mother's wish Wednesday, voting to keep her son's killer behind bars.

Denise Wilson advertised earlier this month in local newspapers, asking people to urge the Nebraska Board of Parole not to release Antonio A. Lararvie.

Laravie was convicted of second-degree murder in the 1973 death of Wilson's son Chad, who was then 2 years old.

About 150 people wrote the panel to oppose Laravie's release, which was what Wilson wanted when she took out full-page ads in the Crofton Journal and her hometown paper, the Niobrara Tribune.

"I promised my little boy over his grave, that I would do everything I can to keep this man from having a life," Wilson said.

At the time of Chad's murder, Laravie was a teenager from South Dakota. Chad was stabbed while he slept in his bed, and Wilson said the killing was random. The family had never seen Laravie before the night of Aug. 18, 1973, she has said.

Laravie was paroled twice before in the late 1980s and early 1990s. But he was sent back each time, for drug and alcohol violations and for not complying with travel restrictions.

Laravie will come before the parole board in a year.

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Old 10-11-2009, 05:11 PM
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Arrow To whom it may concern

Is it her wish or the anger she holds in her heart...

Its understandable but unacceptable... so how has your life gone??
no better than mine i supose...so then this is the life we are stuck with..
FULL of pain, anger, misery, and loss...so is this what i am promised or what you as a mother has been pomised??

It would not be true if that is all we are givin. You lost your son and
i lost a father..and my father lost himself..I know what he did was horrible
and tragic..it made me sick when i heard..but what made me sick the most was the fact that i couldnt believe it..i couldnt believe this man who held me loved me and showed me himself over the years of my life could have been capable of this crime...

I know its hard to hear or listen to my words about this man you hate so much but really is this what you build you strength upon is the hate an anger toward this man or toward that boy that died so long ago the same day your son died??? That boy who committed that crime is long gone..
and now a man posses his soul mind and spirit...He no longer longs for drugs and to run from his pain. he longs to see my face more than once every two years....he longed to see my half sister grow up but wont ever get to see the changes of her face...

Its a little to late for him but is it to late for me and my baby??
must my child also miss apart of her as i do do to a lack of no father..
at least i had a grandfather she doesnt as of right now and she doesnt have a father either because her father is a no good drug addict..

so i can understand sum of the anger you hold on your heart because i hold anger in my heart for the pain my babys father has caused my baby..
although i wish i could dwell off of it i cant because that isnt how god would want me to raise my baby or even stand over her with that anger i held in my heart toward sumone who she is also half of no matter what i do because thats her father my point being i know you lost your son and i cant bring him back but does your anger toward him over power whats right hes served his time and will never fully learn his leason because he cannot fix what he caused but he has changed hes over come that part of his life and i believe he deserves another chance noones perfect..

if all everyone did was dwell off of anger and hate toward others are world would totally be corrupt and noone would see justice...i pray this isnt true...

you promised youd do everything in your power to stop him from having a life well i hate to break it to you he still has one but ive lost part of my life and so has my half sister and so has he...if your wish is for him not to have life that statement makes you no better than the next murderer. for along time i hated you because i felt like you were the reason i didnt have a father but i realized as i got older it was because of his choices and also i realized he is still there because of the anger and hatered that is stuck in this world an because of how much u despise him. i pray for you that god would help you forgive him before you pass on because in my way people who die with hate held on sumone else become lost to the darkness of the world and that persons spirit moves only on all the hatred in the world and i wouldnt want to spend eternity in that and wouldnt wish that upon even my worst enemy...

you reap what you sow..
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