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Hello, and congradulations on quiting. I too had a meth problem, i did it for 9 years and got mixed up with a lot of the wrong people and started doing crimes. I got so sick and tired of all the people places and things and was so desprit to quit i sent myself to prison ( I had a warrent out for my arrest, turned myself in and when the judge said probation and drug court i told him i do to many drugs for drug court, so i went to prison for 2 years. It was drastic but i knew if i didn't seperate myself totally from it all i wouldnt be able to quit. I was clean for 3 years and last week i fell off the wagon and got high, but let me tell you it was totally diffrent! It wasnt "fun" like it used to be and made me sick, but it did make it possible for me to be able to say without a shadow of a doubt that i will NEVER touch the stuff again!! It isnt worth it. Keep your head up!! YOU CAN DO IT!
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