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I have never acually been addicted to meth but i once had an experience with it a few years ago. At that time i wasnt even sure excally what it was. I just happened to be with some ppl who were doing it and decided to try it, totally nieve to what it acually does to a person. I ended up staying on it for 5 days straight. Even tho i consider it 8 days bc it took me 3 more days to come off of it and acually be able to eat, sleep and fuction like a normal human being again. It was horrifying. There were times during those 8 days that i acually thought i was going to die and times that i thought i would never be quite 'right' again bc of the side effects. Not the mention my neglecting all the responsibilities in my life without even really noticing it. Needless to say, I will NEVER make that mistake again.
Congratulations to all of u who are beating the addiction although my experience was one that made me never want to touch it again, i do understand how many can become addicted and how hard it must be to become clean so congrats and good luck to all of u.

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