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wow...i havent had a chance to catch up with all the threads ,but i hope the one who started this is doing better.....all i can say is through all my drug addictions (and there were many ) i never saw the light and was suicidal...until i hit bottom and cried out for GOD. i have detoxed off many things plenty of times..was mainly a heroin addict/ speed balls...anything i could cook in a spoon (pills ect..) and then wehn i would come off all that on my inbetween NON ADDICT RUNS I SLAMMED SPEED INTO MY HANDS..MY POINT being..alot of never thought /or think we have a problem w/one drug as long as we can stop/but we usually substitute...and beyond any sense of reality.. LIKE I SAID I HAD BEEN LIVING IN A HELL...but nothing like the one i got a glimpse of or ever want to see again..i thank the lord for my recovery thru him everyday...nothing else has ever worked for me personally until i decided to be set free by his blood. its an effort in the beginning..a warfare,,but it is possible...and im here to prove it..after many o.d/s and suicide attmpts.. i hope u all find the peace in your life you can have and deserve to have , no matter what you have ever believed about yourself........YOUR WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

''let he who is without sin cast the first stone''

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