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Originally Posted by yogired22
I completed the RDAP program. I was in before they changed the time requirements to get the time off. The change happened while I was in..

First let me tell you a little about the BOP. Inside we call them "backwards on purpose". A lot of things are stupid and make very little sense.

I was at Coleman Low. So, I cant tell you exactly how it is everywhere. You would think that since the BOP is one system that everything would be uniform across the board..well, it isnt....

Where I was, everyone that had a documented (PSI mainly) history of drug or alcohol abuse/addiction was eligible to participate in the program. However, if you had a violent crime in your past (even a misdemeanor in some circumstances) you were not eligible for the time off benefit. You did however qualify for the 6 months halfway house. A gun possession and a gun enhancement disqualify you. Even if you never in your life touched a gun, if in your case you got the enhancement, you are not getting the time off.

The BOP is completely in control of this program. They decided what crimes disqualify you. I know people that sent BP 8-12 or however high it goes all the way to Washington trying to fight some decisions...everytime they refer back to the policy statement where it clearly states "at the BOPs discretion".....

So.. if you have a history of drugs or alcohol you better tell them during your psi interview. Your sentence will not be any more or less because of it. If you smoked crack 5 days a week, tell them. Im not telling anyone to lie, but Im just saying to get in you have to have a history.

Its a pretty good program depending on your DTS. It covers a lot about drug and alcohol abuse but it also gives you tools for everyday living. I am college educated..I thought it would be a waste of time.. but with an open mind you will learn something, no matter who you are...

thats all I got to say about that....
The way his lawyer explained it to me was that if the firearm charges were not part of the crime he was being procedures for then he is still eligible for rdap. Past crimes dont count against him. Is this wrong information?