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Default Free or Cheap College Courses for Older Adults in All 50 States

Free or Cheap College Courses for Older Adults in All 50 States

En español | There are plenty of reasons to go back to school, even if it's been years or even decades since you last set foot in a classroom. You can pick up new job skills, learn a new language or simply dive into a subject — art, music, psychology, basket weaving — that has always fascinated you. Perhaps the best reason of all? It's free (or less costly) for older residents of every state and Washington, D.C., to take college courses.

Every state is represented in a clickable list that provides basic info for that state. All state-supported schools in Kentucky waive tuition for seniors 65+ Yes, this time next year I'll be taking college courses - the fun ones this stats, no finite math, no biology and nothing that has a "lab" component! I've looked forward to meeting eligibility requirements for quite a few years. It'll take me from now till August 2021 to whittle down the list of subjects I'd like to take

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