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Default Denied Family/regular/non-contact Visits

Hey all, Can someone help me on how to appeal visitations, and please explain who and how the Obudmans work? Here is my complicated situation...........My husband is serving a 4 year sentence in San Luis Obispo, C.M.C. He is in Level 2 (medium security). Anyways, sent in my visiting questionaire, and I did get denied the first time because I am on probation. But they send me a form that indicated the documents I needed to submit before I would be allowed visits. So I sent what I needed to send, and I got approved. But than, me and my husband took it one step farther and applied for "Family Visits" a.k.a. "conjucal visits, and his counselor disapproved me because he investigated my husbands case (they do this if you apply for family visits), and found out that I was his co-defendant. So they sent me and my husband a notice stating that all my visits have been terminated because it's a rule that co-defendants cannot visit the inmate. I have took the next step in writing to the warden explaining that we need a chance, and that my husband has never been trouble, he is in low level security, and that his kids need to see him. But once again I got a denial form indicating those are the rules. This denial letter was sent by the Visiting Lt. Anyhow, I won't give up, and I was hoping that maybe someone in the same situation could give me a little advice. Or explain to me if the Obudsman can assist me in getting approved. Is it possible that even if thats the rules, can the Warden override it and allow me visits? How about if it's non-contact visits, I would still be satisfied. I havent seen my husband in a year now. I miss him so much and so does his kids. Please help, if it's not too much too ask could you email me a response to this thread, I would appreciate it since I don't check the thread postings too often.
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