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Originally Posted by Niki View Post
I haven't heard any discussion about wanting to merge the two programs. The parents card program is a little different from this one in that we don't really do swaps. We just have a group of volunteers who will send birthday cards to some or all of the ones listed each month and then at Christmas everyone who wants to just decides how many they can handle and they are given that many names going down the list so that everyone gets about the same # cards. I'm not sure how many of the parents would feel comfortable sending cards out to other people's husbands or boyfriends but I'm going to try to recruit some of them to come to Elsa's project.

That would be nice if you could get some of them in here, My husband and his pod mates love cards. I don't care who sends him the cards because he feels thought of when he gets them and always feels so good. I love volunteers who help with these card projects!
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