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Congratulations on his home coming sweetie...that is wonderful news...

Here is the link that should help for release procedures...I hope this helps sweetie...

Release Procedure at DVI

Originally Posted by Eyeswife View Post
Hey everyone......... Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season!! I have a few questions..........

My husband has been given his release date of 02/17/09 and he has sent me a yellow paper for me to fill out and send back with his parole clothes. What can I send?

Does anybody know what happens on release day? I know that I will get there and tell them who I am and who I am there to pick up, and they will search my car and all that "good" stuff but what time will they release him? Will he know this before the day? Or do I just show up there and wait?

Any help would be great! Please let me know!

Thank you